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"The World of 0 and 1"
Japanese "The World of 0 and 1"
Kanji/Kana 0と1の世界
Romanization "0 to 1 no Sekai"
English "The World of Zeroes and Ones"
Release Date Japan June 2, 2023
English November 12, 2023
"Wizarmon's Future"

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"Power of Knowledge"

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Chapter #21 of Digimon Dreamers


Child Pulsemon
Adult Bulkmon, Tailmon, Wizarmon
Perfect Phelesmon
Adult Greymon
Perfect Mistymon


Kodou Ritsu happily pointed out how Pulsemon was now super-charged. Pal attributed it to his training, which Ritsu believed had made his body strong enough to absorb electricity, which made him kind of like an electric eel - a comparison Pal disliked. Pal then evolved his head, which surprised Phelesmon, and used Thunder Dread on Wizarmon to snap him out of Phelesmon's Demon's Shout, to Tailmon's shock. This was successful, though it ended Pal's super charged state. Phelesmon wondered what was up with a Pulsemon whose head alone could evolve into Bulkmon's. Pal put his nose to the ground and explained that it was a curse that was cast on Asunaro Village, then rushed at Phelesmon by biting the ground as he demanded them to tell him how to undo it, which scared them and caused them to repel him with a strike from their trident. With his head devolved, Pulsemon demanded Phelesmon to let Witchelny go, as they couldn't keep its knowledge to themself. Phelesmon explained that dominating Witchelny was only a stepping stone in his plan, to merge the Digital World with the Real World. Ritsu pointed out that was impossible as the Real World was not made out of 1s and 0s like the Digital World was, and at best they could hack into digital devices to throw it into chaos. Phelesmon then asked Ritsu if he knew about elementary particles, which Ritsu answered were the tiny specks that made up everything and were even smaller than elements and atoms. Phelesmon corrected him, as they were not specks but strings that could exist in two states: closed and open. Ritsu was confused about this and Phelesmon told him to visualize both states, and Ritsu realized that they were similar to 1s and 0s. Phelesmon laughed at the fact that, if this theory was true, then the Real World was just as based on a binary system as the Digital World was and therefore they could be merged, with the knowledge needed for such a feat held within Witchelny, which they'd use to merge them and rule over the merged world. Pulsemon tried to attack Phelesmon with an evolved arm, but he just got punched in response, as Phelesmon told him that fools like him without any intelligence should just accept subjugation. They then asked everyone if they had any thirst for knowledge in the first place. Ritsu accepted he didn't like schoolwork but realized it was important, while Pal just confessed he hated studying. Phelesmon praised his honesty, but Pal added that he still had the freedom to choose whether he'd study or not, and he hated that freedom being taken away more than studying, and therefore, he really hated Phelesmon. Phelesmon just asked him what he'd do to defeat them. Tailmon thought there was no way through their black armour, while Ritsu realized that, if the armour was another form of Phelesmon's Demon's Shout, then they could maybe cancel it with a super-charged electric attack like Pal did to Wizarmon earlier. Tailmon denied that, as even Thunder Cloud wasn't enough, but Wizarmon pointed out they still had Bolt Break, which Tailmon rejected. Ritsu asked what Bolt Break was, and Tailmon explained that some Digimon were able to draw from the power that slept within their Digicore, including Wizarmon, who could use it for the legendary electric attack, Bolt Break. However, his body would not be able to take that much electricity. Pal criticized Tailmon's worrying, pointing out she did the same with him earlier, but Tailmon just screamed at him that that electrical energy surpassed even that of Thunder Cloud, so it was too dangerous. Phelesmon said they could do nothing against their black armour and they'd bury them all, and Wizarmon answered that Phelesmon'd be the one getting buried. Tailmon tried to stop him, but Wizarmon was willing to do anything to protect the world. Instead, it was Ritsu who stopped him, pointing out he had an idea.

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