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"Power of Knowledge"
Japanese "Power of Knowledge"
Kanji/Kana 知の力
Romanization "Chi no Chikara"
English "The Power of Knowledge"
Release Date Japan May 2, 2023
English November 5, 2023
"The World of 0 and 1"

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"Terrifying Demon's Shout"

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Chapter #20 of Digimon Dreamers


Child Pulsemon
Adult Tailmon, Wizarmon
Perfect Phelesmon


Phelesmon wondered how Wizarmon managed to resist their Demon's Shout. Wizarmon demonstrated it, summoning various magic circles, then making them smaller and sending them into Pulsemon's and Tailmon's ears. Tailmon realized that, by equipping themselves with the magic shield, Demon's Shout became ineffective. Pulsemon tried to name that technique but this only annoyed Tailmon. Phelesmon thought about how Wizarmon's command of his shield was proof of his abnormal potential and wondered if he was an X. Wizarmon then conjured clouds around Phelesmon while proclaiming the fight over. Phelesmon was confused about the clouds while Kodou Ritsu and Pulsemon knew it was the move he had used to defeat Dagomon, Thunder Cloud. Ritsu, Pulsemon and Tailmon thought the fight was over, but Phelesmon merely laughed, unhurt. Ritsu wondered if Phelesmon had evolved, which Tailmon found impossible, because their shape had suddenly changed, with them being equipped with black armour all over their body now. The colour made Tailmon realize that Phelesmon had combined their techniques. Phelesmon praised Tailmon's cleverness and how well-learned she was in the ways of magic, and Tailmon explained that Phelesmon's Black Statue turned their enemies into stone, which they combined with Demon's Shout to create their black armour. Phelesmon confirmed this, explaining it was advanced magic that used the power of the vast knowledge held within Brocken Magic Academy's walls, a power that was theirs and theirs alone. Wizarmon tried attacking Phelesmon with an electrically-charged staff, but it did nothing and Wizarmon was sent flying with a strike from Phelesmon's trident, as they boasted that the armour enhanced their power as much as an evolution and that it also enhanced the power of their attacks, which they demonstrated by using Demon's Shout on Wizarmon again, ordering him to use Thunder Cloud on Tailmon. The mind-controlled Wizarmon then turned to his allies. Pulsemon tried to stop him with an Elec Rush but Wizarmon merely smacked him with his staff to stop him. Ritsu realized that Wizarmon was completely under Phelesmon's control and the clouds appeared around Tailmon. Pulsemon ordered Wizarmon to stop, but Phelesmon pointed out it was useless as he had completely succumbed to their Demon's Shout. Pulsemon tried to shoo and blow the clouds away to no avail. Phelesmon ordered Wizarmon to hit them with double the electricity that felled Dagomon, which he did, but the attack was fully absorbed by Pulsemon, who was now sparking.

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