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Kanji/Kana デジメモリ
Dub Name DigiCards

A DigiMemory 「デジメモリ Dejimemori」 (Dub: DigiCards) is an item which resembles a Memory Stick that appears in Digimon Xros Wars. The data of "legendary Digimon" are stored on them and can be used with the Digimon Xros Loader to summon those Digimon. They depict an official Bandai image of a Digimon along with their name, the character for "Technique" 「技 Waza」 written inside a green hexagon, and one of their Special Moves displayed at the bottom. They are the stored data of the legendary guardian knights of the Digital World who fought against Bagramon in the past with the attempt to prevent him from ruling both the Real and Digital World.

Summoning Digimon[edit]

Taiki summoning Leviamon

When summoning legendary Digimon, the user inserts a DigiMemory into their Xros Loader and shouts out the name of the technique displayed on the DigiMemory followed by "Activate!" 「発動! Hatsudou!」. Digital screens appear either side of the user, containing information such as Special Move descriptions[1], in addition to a rotating magic circle that appears above the user. The middle circle is inscribed with a random sequence of Greek letters (ξοακωοξλξωκθοριξκααεϕχιοθπ,εϕχιοθπ,ξκλ), together with the outlines of the yellow and silver Pickmon at opposite ends and the Digimon's name written in katakana. After all of this pursues, a hologram of the Digimon stored on the DigiMemory then appears. Once used, the image of the Digimon on the DigiMemory becomes a silhouette temporarily.

Digimon Xros Wars & The Evil Death General and the Seven Kingdoms[edit]

Ocean Love

While Shoutmon X2 fights against Ebidramon, Whamon informs the group of the existence of another "treasure" besides the Code Crown, the "memories of the legendary heroes", hoping that they will help them. After Chibi Kamemon retrieves the case containing five DigiMemories from an underwater shrine, Taiki selects Leviamon's DigiMemory and activates its Rostrum attack, causing one of Ebidramon's pincers to be severed as a result and leading up to its deletion by Shoutmon X2. ("DigiMemory, Shine!")

Triple Baby Flame
Fox Fire

Following Ebidramon's defeat, Neptunemon summons an army of Seadramon that surround the island in order to obtain Island Zone's Code Crown. Upon Kiriha's arrival at the scene, Mail Birdramon defeats several Seadramon and afterwards, Taiki selects Marin Angemon's DigiMemory, activating its Ocean Love attack, causing the other Seadramon as well as Neptunemon to lose their fighting spirit. Taiki takes this opportunity to rescue Archelomon while at an advantage. ("X4, Crisis Breakthrough)

Heaven's Gate
Rock 'n' Roll Breaker

In Sand Zone, Taiki chose Guilmon's DigiMemory and activated its Rock 'n' Roll Breaker attack to drill a hole in a rock wall, allowing him and Baalmon to pass.

Air Gust
Cocytus Breath
Gigastick Lance
Pillar of Fire
Neko Scratch

While in a protective barrier, Examon and War Greymon explain to Taiki and his friends that long ago, Bagramon became aware of the existence of the Real World and attempted to rule it along with the Digital World. In order to stop this, Omegamon and the others fought against him, but as the growth of human digital technology was also involved, it caused the two worlds to draw closer together. The energy produced from this caused the Core to become unstable, and the Digital World became scattered, forming the Code Crown fragments as a consequence. The resulting shock wave caused the DigiMemories to separate, with Examon and War Greymon being hurled into the space between dimensions.

Digimon Xros Loader[edit]

DigiMemory memory cards, based on the ones that appear in Digimon Xros Wars, can be used to summon legendary Digimon. They usually come packaged with merchandise, in particular the models from the Digimon Xros Wars Sofubi Digital Monster Series, which include DigiMemories based on the Digimon of a specific figure, and the Digimon Xros Figure Series, which include DigiMemories that appear in the series. They also have AR codes on the back of them that can be scanned by the Digimon X Arena.

List of DigiMemories[edit]

Image Name Technique Released With Super Digica Taisen
Shoutmon digimemory.png Shoutmon Rowdy Rocker 01 - Shoutmon Dm6-01 front.jpg
Ballistamon digimemory.png Ballistamon Horn Breaker 02 - Ballistamon
Dorulumon digimemory.png Dorulumon Drill Buster 03 - Dorulumon
Greymon digimemory.png Greymon Mega Flame 04 - Greymon Dm5-03 front.jpg
Mailbirdramon digimemory.png Mail Birdramon Plasma Cannon 05 - Mail Birdramon Dm7-02 front.jpg
Shoutmonx4 digimemory.png Shoutmon X4 Burning Star Crusher 06 - Shoutmon X4 Dm7-01 front.jpg
Darkknightmon digimemory.png Dark Knightmon Undead Soldier 07 - Dark Knightmon Dm5-04 front.jpg
Image Name Technique Released With Super Digica Taisen
Agumon digimemory.png Agumon Triple Baby Flame 01 - Shoutmon & Starmons Set Dm3-01 front.jpg
Guilmon digimemory.png Guilmon Rock 'n' Roll Breaker 02 - Ballistamon Dm5-02 front.jpg
Leviamon digimemory.png Leviamon Rostrum 03 - Greymon Dm4-05 front.jpg
Garurumon digimemory.png Garurumon Fox Fire 04 - Dorulumon Dm6-03 front.jpg
Marinangemon digimemory.png Marin Angemon Ocean Love 05 - Mail Birdramon Dm3-04 front.jpg
Impmon digimemory.png Impmon Pillar of Fire 06 - Beelzebumon Dm4-01 front.jpg
Tailmon digimemory.png Tailmon Neko Scratch 07 - Skull Knightmon & Deadly Axemon Set Dm4-03 front.jpg
Metalgarurumon digimemory.png Metal Garurumon Cocytus Breath 08 - Cyberdramon Dm4-04 front.jpg
Vmon digimemory.png V-mon V-mon Cluster Head 09 - Sparrowmon Dm5-05 front.jpg
Wargreymon digimemory.png War Greymon Gaia Force 10 - Deckerdramon Dm4-02 front.jpg
Examon digimemory.png Examon Avalon's Gate 11 - Tuwarmon Dm6-02 front.jpg
Image Name Technique Released With Super Digica Taisen
Shoutmonx4 golddigimemory.png Shoutmon X4 Three Victorize Digimon Xros Loader (Pre-Order)
Holyangemon digimemory.png Holy Angemon Heaven's Gate Digimon Xros Loader Dm3-03 front.jpg
Patamon digimemory.png Patamon Air Gust Digimon Catch Ganbare Monitamon! Dm3-02 front.jpg
Darkdramon digimemory.png Darkdramon Gigastick Lance Digimon Xros Loader Blue Flare Side Dm3-05 front.jpg
Shoutmonx4b digimemory.png Shoutmon X4B Chaos Flare Jump Festa 2011 D-Slinger (two consecutive wins)
Metalgreymon digimemory.png Metal Greymon Giga Destroyer Jump Festa 2011 D-Slinger (five consecutive wins)
Omegamon Grey Sword N/A
DORUmon Metal Cannon N/A

Super Digica Taisen[edit]


  • Strangely, although a DORUmon DigiMemory is in the anime, it was never used even after the DigiMemory Digimon were revived.


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