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  • Characters in the various digimon series can be found by searching:
    • Original (Japanese) name: Surname first, Given second (ex: Yagami Taichi)
    • Original name: Given name only (ex: Taichi)
    • Dub name: Given name first, Surname last: (ex: Tai Kamiya)
    • Dub name: Given name only (ex: Tai)

Episodes & Chapters[edit]

  • Episodes/Chapters can be found by searching the following abbreviations:
Series Abbreviation Format Example
Digimon Adventure DA## Digimon Adventure - Episode 01
Digimon Adventure 02 ZT## Digimon Adventure 02 - Episode 01
Digimon Tamers DT## Digimon Tamers - Episode 01
Digimon Frontier DF## Digimon Frontier - Episode 01
Digimon Savers DS## Digimon Savers - Episode 01
Digimon Xros Wars XW## Digimon Xros Wars - Episode 01
Movies M-## Digimon Adventure (Movie)
Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 V-# V-1
Digimon D-Cyber CY## CY01
Digimon Chronicle Pendulum X #.# Pendulum X 1.0
Digimon Next Battle ## Battle 01
Digimon Xros Wars (Manga) XWM## Digimon Xros Wars - Chapter 01

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In brief, in Modern Japanesse there are 3 main writing styles, all of which are used interchangeably - Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. The Hiragana and Katakana both belong to the same phonological syllabary alphabet and are both independent kana systems - each consisting of 46 base characters, but have different linguistic utilities:

  • Kanji: Ideographic/logogrammatic characters originating from China that have a base meaning and can be combined with other kanji to create new meanings.
  • Hiragana: Simple characters, mainly used for words for which there are no kanji, including particles and suffixes.
  • Katakana: In modern Japanese, katakana are mainly use for transcription of words from foreign languages (ie English) and occasionally kanji words, onomatopoeia, technical and scientific terms amongst others.

Because Katakana and Hiragana are both used prominently within the Digimon franchise, a table of both Hiragana and Katakana characters is listed below in order to facilitate fabricating transcripted text when editing on Wikimon and as a local source of interpretation of how the writing system operates for some individuals.

Hiragana List

a i u e o ya yu yo
ka ki ku ke ko きゃ kya きゅ kyu きょ kyo
sa shi su se so しゃ sha しゅ shu しょ sho
ta chi tsu te to ちゃ cha ちゅ chu ちょ cho
na ni nu ne no にゃ nya にゅ nyu にょ nyo
ha hi fu he ho ひゃ hya ひゅ hyu ひょ hyo
ma mi mu me mo みゃ mya みゅ myu みょ myo
ya yu yo
ra ri ru re ro りゃ rya りゅ ryu りょ ryo
ga gi gu ge go ぎゃ gya ぎゅ gyu ぎょ gyo
za ji zu ze zo じゃ ja / jya じゅ ju / jyu じょ jo / jyo
da ji zu de do
ba bi bu be bo びゃ bya びゅ byu びょ byo
pa pi pu pe po ぴゃ pya ぴゅ pyu ぴょ pyo

Katakana List

a i u e o ya yu yo
ka ki ku ke ko キャ kya キュ kyu キョ kyo
sa shi su se so シャ sha シュ shu ショ sho
ta chi tsu te to チャ cha チュ chu チョ cho
na ni nu ne no ニャ nya ニュ nyu ニョ nyo
ha hi fu he ho ヒャ hya ヒュ hyu ヒョ hyo
ma mi mu me mo ミャ mya ミュ myu ミョ myo
ya yu yo
ra ri ru re ro リャ rya リュ ryu リョ ryo
ga gi gu ge go ギャ gya ギュ gyu ギョ gyo
za ji zu ze zo ジャ ja / jya ジュ ju / jyu ジョ jo / jyo
da ji zu de do デュ dyu
ba bi bu be bo ビャ bya ビュ byu ビョ byo
pa pi pu pe po ピャ pya ピュ pyu ピョ pyo