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Lists of Digimon
List of Digimon (Japanese)
List of Digimon by Image
List of Dub Names (English)

List of Appmon (Japanese)
List of Appmon by Image

List of Digital Lifeforms (Japanese)
List of Digital Lifeforms by Image


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Aegiochusmon   Aegiochusmon
Aegiochusmon Blue   Aegiochusmon Blue
Aegiochusmon Dark   Aegiochusmon Dark
Aegiochusmon Green   Aegiochusmon Green
Aegiochusmon Holy   Aegiochusmon Holy
Aegiomon   Aegiomon
Aegisdramon   Aegisdramon
AeroVeedramon   Aero V-dramon
Agnimon → see Agunimon
Agumon Augumon Agumon
Agumon X   Agumon (X-Antibody)
Agumon (2006 Anime Version)   Agumon (2006 Anime Version)
Agumon Burst Mode   Agumon Burst Mode
Agumon Expert Agumon Hakase Agumon Hakase
Agumon Hakase → see Agumon Expert
Agunimon Agnimon Agnimon
Aircraft Carrier Whamon   Aircraft Carrier Whamon
Airdramon   Airdramon
Akatorimon   Akatorimon
Aldamon Ardhamon Aldamon
Allomon   Allomon
Allomon X   Allomon (X-Antibody)
Alphamon   Alphamon
Alphamon Ouryuken   Alphamon Ouryuken
Amon   Amon
AncientBeetlemon   Ancient Beetmon
AncientGarurumon   Ancient Garurumon
AncientGreymon   Ancient Greymon
AncientKazemon   Ancient Irismon
AncientMegatheriummon   Ancient Megatheriumon
AncientMermaidmon   Ancient Mermaimon
AncientSphinkmon → see Ancient Sphinxmon
AncientSphinxmon AncientSphinkmon Ancient Sphinxmon
AncientTroiamon AncientTroymon Ancient Troiamon
AncientTroymon → see AncientTroiamon
AncientVolcanomon Volcanomon Ancient Volcamon
AncientWisetmon   Ancient Wisemon
Andromon   Andromon
Angemon   Angemon
Angewomon   Angewomon
Ankylomon   Ankylomon
Antylamon   Andiramon
Antylamon (Deva)   Andiramon (Deva)
Anubismon   Anubimon
Apemon Hanumon Hanumon
Apocalymon Apokarimon
Apoclymon → see Apocalymon
Apokarimon → see Apocalymon
Apollomon   Apollomon
Apollomon Darkness Mode   Apollomon Darkness Mode
Apollomon Whispered   Apollomon Whispered
Aquilamon   Aquilamon
Arbormon   Arbormon
Arcadiamon Arkadimon Ultimate Arkadimon Ultimate
Archelomon   Archelomon
Ardhamon → see Aldamon
Argomon   Algomon
Argomon Mega   Algomon Ultimate
Arkadimon Baby   Arkadimon Baby
Arkadimon Child   Arkadimon Child
Arkadimon Adult   Arkadimon Adult
Arkadimon Perfect → see Arukadhimon
Arkadimon Ultimate → see Arcadiamon
Arkadimon Super Ultimate   Arkadimon Super Ultimate
Armadillomon   Armadimon
Armageddemon   Armagemon
Armed MadLeomon MadLeomon Mad Leomon: Armed Mode
Armormon Assaultmon Assaultmon
Arresterdramon   Arresterdramon
Arresterdramon Superior Mode   Arresterdramon Superior Mode
Arukadhimon Arkadimon Perfect Arkadimon Perfect
Arukenimon   Archnemon
Aruraumon   Alraumon
Assaultmon → see Armormon
Astamon   Astamon
Asuramon   Asuramon
Atamadekachimon   Atamadekachimon
AtlurBallistamon   Atlur Ballistamon
Augumon → see Agumon
Aurumon   Owlmon
AvengeKidmon   Avenge Kidmon
AxeKnightmon DarkKnightmon Dark Knightmon
Axemon   Deadly Axemon
Azulongmon   Qinglongmon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Babamon   Babamon
Babydmon → see Bebydomon
Bacchusmon   Bacchusmon
Bagramon Baguramon Bagramon
Baguramon → see Bagramon
Baihumon   Baihumon
Bakemon   Bakemon
Bakomon   Bakomon
BalliBeastmon   Balli Bastemon
Ballistamon   Ballistamon
Ballistamon MC   Ballistamon MC
Ballistamon SR   Ballistamon SR
Balongshou → see Baronmon
BanchoGolemon   Bancho Golemon
BanchoLeomon BantyoLeomon Bancho Leomon
Bantyo Liomon
BanchoLeomon Burst Mode   Bancho Leomon Burst Mode
Bantyo Liomon Burst Mode
BanchoLillymon   Bancho Lilimon
BanchoMamemon   Bancho Mamemon
BanchoStingmon   Bancho Stingmon
BantyoLeomon → see BanchoLeomon
BaoHackmon   Bao Hackmon
Barbamon   Barbamon
Baromon → see Baronmon
Baronmon Baromon
Bastemon → see Persiamon
Batterymon   Batterymon
Battle Armament Trailmon   Battle Armament Trailmon
Bearmon → see Kumamon
Beastmon → see Persiamon
Bebydomon Babydmon Babydmon
Beetlemon   Blitzmon
Beelzemon Beezlemon Beelzebumon
Beelzemon Blast Mode Beelzemon Bluster Mode
Beezlemon Blast Mode
Beelzebumon Blast Mode
Beelzemon Bluster Mode → see Beelzemon Blast Mode
Beelzemon X   Beelzebumon X
Beelzebmon (2010 Anime Version) → see Beelzemon (2010 Anime Version)
Beelzemon (2010 Anime Version) Beelzebmon (2010 Anime Version) Beelzebumon (2010 Anime Version)
Beelzemon + Deputymon   Beelzebumon + Revolmon
Beelzemon + Starmons   Beelzebumon + Starmons
Beezlemon → see Beelzemon
Beezlemon Blast Mode → see Beelzemon Blast Mode
BelialVamdemon → see MaloMyotismon
BelleStarmon   Beel Starrmon
Belphemon Rage Mode   Belphemon Rage Mode
Belphemon Sleep Mode   Belphemon Sleep Mode
Beowolfmon Beowulfmon Beowolfmon
Beowulfmon → see Beowolfmon
Betamon   Betamon
Betamon X   Betamon (X-Antibody)
Betsumon   Betsumon
BigMamemon   Big Mamemon
BioDarkdramon   Bio Darkdramon
BioQuetzalmon   Bio Coatlmon
BioRotosmon   Bio Lotusmon
BioStegomon   Bio Stegomon
BioSupinomon   Bio Spinomon
BioThunderbirdmon   Bio Thunderbirmon
Birdramon   Birdramon
BishopChessmon (Black)   Bishop Chessmon (Black)
BishopChessmon (White)   Bishop Chessmon (White)
Biyomon   Piyomon
BlackAgumon   Agumon (Black)
Black Agumon
BlackAgumon (2006 Anime Version)   Agumon (Black) (2006 Anime Version)
Black Agumon (2006 Anime Version)
BlackExVeemon   XV-mon (Black)
BlackGabumon   Gabumon (Black)
Black Gabumon
BlackGargomon   Black Galgomon
BlackGarurumon   Garurumon (Black)
Black Garurumon
BlackGatomon   Black Tailmon
BlackGreymon   Greymon (Black)
Black Greymon
BlackGrowlmon   Black Growmon
BlackGuilmon   Black Guilmon
BlackKingNumemon   Black King Numemon
BlackMegaGargomon   Black Saint Galgomon
BlackMetalGarurumon   Metal Garurumon (Black)
Black Metal Garurumon
BlackRapidmon   Black Rapidmon
BlackSeraphimon → see ShadowSeraphimon
BlackSeraphimon   Black Seraphimon (DW3)
BlackShoutmon X7   Black Shoutmon X7
BlackVeedramon   V-dramon (Black)
BlackWarGreymon   Black War Greymon
BlackWarGreymon X   Black War Greymon (X-Antibody)
BlackWarGrowlmon   Black Megalo Growmon
BlackWereGarurumon → see ShadowWereGarurumon
BladeGarurumon → see KendoGarurumon
BladeKuwagamon   Blade Kuwagamon
Blastmon   Blastmon
Blikmon   Tinmon
Blimpmon → see Brimpmon
Blizzamon → see Korikakumon
Blizzarmon → see Korikakumon
Blossomon   Blossomon
BlueMeramon   Blue Meramon
Boarmon   Boarmon
Bokomon   Bokomon
Boltmon   Boltmon
BomberNanimon Citramon Bomber Nanimon
Bombmon   Bombmon
Bommon   Bommon
Boogeymon   Boogeymon
Botamon   Botamon
Brachiomon   Brachimon
Brakedramon → see Breakdramon
Breakdramon Brakedramon Breakdramon
Brimpmon Blimpmon Blimpmon
Bucchiemon Pucchiemon Pucchiemon
Bucchiemon (Green) Pucchiemon (Green) Pucchiemon (Green)
Puchiemon (Green)
Budmon   Budmon
Bukamon Pukamon Pukamon
Bulbmon   Valvemon
Bullmon   Bullmon
Bun   Bun
Buraimon   Buraimon
Burgermon   Burgamon
Burgermon Champion   Burgamon Adult
BurningGreymon Vritramon Vritramon
Burpmon   Burpmon
BushiAgumon   Bushi Agumon
Butenmon   Butenmon
Butterflymon   Butterflymon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Callismon   Callismon
Calumon   Culumon
Calmaramon Karumarramon Calmaramon
Candlemon   Candmon
CannonBeemon   Cannonbeemon
CannonBeemon (Aircraft Carrier)   Cannonbeemon (Aircraft Carrier)
Cannondramon   Cannondramon
CaptainHookmon   Captain Hookmon
Cardmon C1   Cardmon C1
Cardmon C2   Cardmon C2
Cardmon R1   Cardmon R1
Cardmon R2   Cardmon R2
Cardmon S1   Cardmon S1
Cardmon S2   Cardmon S2
Cardmon U1   Cardmon U1
Cardmon U2   Cardmon U2
CatchMamemon   Catch Mamemon
Caturamon   Caturamon
Centarumon   Centalmon
Cerberumon Cerberusmon Cerberumon
Cerberumon Werewolf Mode   Cerberumon Jinrou Mode
Cerberumon X   Cerberumon (X-Antibody)
Cerberusmon → see Cerberumon
Ceresmon   Ceresmon
Ceresmon Medium   Ceresmon Medium
Chackmon → see Kumamon
Chameleonmon   Chamelemon
Chaosdramon Chaosdromon Chaosdramon
Chaosdramon X   Chaosdramon (X-Antibody)
Chaosdromon → see Chaosdramon
ChaosGallantmon   Chaos Dukemon
ChaosGallantmon Core   Chaos Dukemon Core
ChaosGrimmon   Chaos Grimmon
Chaos Lord   Chaos Lord
ChaosMetalSeadramon   Chaos Seadramon
Chaosmon   Chaosmon
Chaosmon Valdur Arm   Chaosmon Valdur Arm
ChaosPiedmon ChaosPierrotmon Chaos Piemon
ChaosPierrotmon → see ChaosPiedmon
ChaosWarGreymon   Chaos Greymon
Chapmon   Chapmon
Cherrymon   Jyureimon
Cherubimon (Evil) → see Kerpymon (Virus)
Cherubimon (Good) → see Kerpymon (Vaccine)
Chibickmon   Chibickmon
Chibikamemon → see Chibitortomon
Chibitortomon Chibikamemon Chibi Kamemon
Chibomon   Chicomon
Chicchimon   Chicchimon
Chikurimon   Chikurimon
Chirinmon → see Tyilinmon
Cho Hakkaimon   Cho·Hakkaimon
Choromon MetalKoromon Choromon
Chronomon Destroy Mode   Chronomon Destroy Mode
Chronomon Holy Mode   Chronomon Holy Mode
Chrysalimon → see Kurisarimon
Chuchidarumon → see MudFrigimon
ChuuChuumon → see Tyutyumon
Chuumon   Chuumon
Citramon   N/A[N 1]
ClavisAngemon   Clavis Angemon
ClearAgumon   Clear Agumon
Clockmon   Clockmon
Coelamon   Coelamon
Commandramon   Commandramon
Conomon   Cocomon
Coredramon (Blue)   Coredramon (Blue)
Coredramon (Green)   Coredramon (Green)
Coronamon   Coronamon
Crabmon   Ganimon
Crabmon X   Ganimon (X-Antibody)
Craniummon   Craniummon
Creepymon → see Daemon
Crescemon   Crescemon
Crowmon Yatagaramon Yatagaramon (2006 Anime Version)
Crusadermon LoadKnightmon Lord Knightmon
Cutemon   Cutemon
CuteShoutmon   ShouCutemon
Cyberdramon   Cyberdramon
Cyberdramon (2010 Anime Version)   Cyberdramon (2010 Anime Version)
Cyclonemon   Cyclomon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
D-Reaper   D-Reaper
D-Reaper ADR-01   D-Reaper ADR-01
D-Reaper ADR-02   D-Reaper ADR-02
D-Reaper ADR-03   D-Reaper ADR-03
D-Reaper ADR-04   D-Reaper ADR-04
D-Reaper ADR-05   D-Reaper ADR-05
D-Reaper ADR-06   D-Reaper ADR-06
D-Reaper ADR-07   D-Reaper ADR-07
D-Reaper ADR-08   D-Reaper ADR-08
D-Reaper ADR-09   D-Reaper ADR-09
Darcmon   Darcmon
Daemon Creepymon
Daemon Super Mega   Demon Super Ultimate
Daipenmon   Daipenmon
Damemon   Damemon
Darkest AxeKnightmon   Dark Knightmon (Bagramon)
DarkKnightmon → see AxeKnightmon
DarkKnightmon (Blastmon)   Dark Knightmon (Blastmon)
DarkKnightmon (Duskmon)   Dark Knightmon (Duskmon)
DarkKnightmon (Gulfmon)   Dark Knightmon (Gulfmon)
DarkKnightmon (Lilithmon)   Dark Knightmon (Lilithmon)
DarkLizardmon → see Darkrizamon
Darkmon → see Devimon
Darkrizamon DarkLizardmon Dark Lizarmon
DarkSuperStarmon   Dark Super Starmon
DarkTyrannomon   Dark Tyranomon
DarkVolumon   Dark Volumon
Darkdramon   Darkdramon
DarknessBagramon   Darkness Bagramon
Datirimon   Pipimon
Deathmon (C'mon Digimon Version)   Deathmon (C'mon Digimon Version)
DeathAirdramon   Death Airdramon
DeathDevimon   Death Devimon
DeathMetalGreymon   Death Metal Greymon
DeathTyrannomon   Death Tyranomon
DeathXmon → see Dexmon
Demon → see Daemon
DexDorgoramon → see DexDorugoramon
DexDorugamon   Death-X-DORUgamon
DexDorugoramon DexDorgoramon Death-X-DORUgoramon
DexDoruGreymon   Death-X-DORUguremon
Dexmon DeathXmon Death-X-mon
DeckerGreymon   Decker Greymon
Deckerdramon   Deckerdramon
Deltamon   Deltamon
DemiDevimon   Pico Devimon
DemiMeramon   Peti Meramon
Petit Meramon
DemiVeemon   Chibimon
Deramon   Delumon
Depthmon   Depthmon
Deputymon   Revolmon
Destromon   Destromon
Devidramon   Devidramon
Devimon Darkmon Devimon
Devitamamon   Devitamamon
Diaboromon   Diablomon
Dianamon   Dianamon
Diatrymon   Diatrymon
DigiGnome Diginom DigiGnome
Diginom → see DigiGnome
Diginorimon   Diginorimon
Digitamamon   Digitamamon
Digmon   Digmon
DinoBeemon   Dinobeemon
Dinohumon → see Dinohyumon
Dinohyumon Dinohumon Dinohumon
DinoRexmon   Dinorexmon
DinoTigermon   Dinotigermon
Divemon → see Divermon
Divermon Scubamon
Dobermon   Dobermon
Dobermon X   Dobermon (X-Antibody)
Dodomon   Dodomon
Doggymon Dogmon Dogmon
Dogmon → see Doggymon
Dokugumon   Dokugumon
Dokunemon   Dokunemon
Dolphmon   Rukamon
Dominimon   Dominimon
Dondokomon   Dondokomon
Donshoutmon   Donshoutmon
Dorbickmon   Dorbickmon
Dorbickmon Darkness Mode One   Dorbickmon + Dragon Army
Dorbickmon Darkness Mode Two   Dorbickmon Darkness Mode
Dorbickmon Darkness Mode + Flare Lizarmon   Dorbickmon Darkness Mode + Flare Lizarmon
Dorimon   Dorimon
Dorugamon   DORUgamon
Dorugoramon   DORUgoramon
Dorugreymon   DORUguremon
Dorulumon + Starmons   Dorulumon + Starmons
Dorulumon   Dorulumon
Dorumon   DORUmon
DotAgumon   Dot Agumon
DotFalcomon   Dot Falcomon
DotMirageGaogamon   Dot Mirage Gaogamon
DotShineGreymon   Dot Shine Greymon
Doumon   Doumon
Dracomon   Dracomon
Dracomon → see Dracmon
Dracmon Dracomon Dracmon
Dragomon   Dagomon
Drimogemon   Drimogemon
Dunusmon → see Dynasmon
Duskmon   Duskmon
Dynasmon Dunusmon Dynasmon
Dynasmon X   Dynasmon (X-Antibody)


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Eaglemon   Crossmon
Earthdramon   Earthdramon
Eater (Humanoid Mode)   Eater (Humanoid Mode)
Eater (Purebreed Mode)   Eater (Purebreed Mode)
Eater Adam   Eater Adam
Eater Eve   Eater Eve
Ebemon   Ebemon
Ebemon X   Ebemon (X-Antibody)
EbiBurgamon   Ebi Burgamon
Ebonwumon   Xuanwumon
Ekakimon   Ekakimon
ElDradimon   El Doradimon
Elecmon   Elecmon
Elephantmon   Elephamon
EmperorGreymon   Kaiser Greymon
Endigomon → see Wendigomon
Etemon   Etemon
Evilbeast Laylamon   Majuu Lilithmon
ExTyrannomon   Ex-Tyranomon
Examon   Examon
Ex-Eraser α   Ex-Eraser α
Ex-Eraser β   Ex-Eraser β
Ex-Eraser γ   Ex-Eraser γ
Ex-Eraser Ω   Ex-Eraser Ω
ExoGrimmon   Exo Grimmon
ExVeemon   XV-mon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Fairimon → see Kazemon
Fake Agumon Expert   Nise Agumon Hakase
Falcomon   Falcomon
Falcomon (2006 Anime Version)   Falcomon (2006 Anime Version)
FanBeemon   Funbeemon
Fanglongmon Huanglongmon Huanglongmon
Fangmon   Fangmon
Feresmon   Phelesmon
Ferrarimon → see Prairiemon
Firamon   Firamon
Flamedramon Fradramon Fladramon
Flamemon   Flamon
FlameWizardmon   Fla Wizarmon
FlareLizardmon → see Flarerizamon
Flarerizamon FlareLizardmon Flare Lizarmon
Flaremon   Flaremon
Floramon   Floramon
Flybeemon   Flybeemon
Flymon   Flymon
Footmon   Footmon
Fradramon → see Flamedramon
Frigimon Yukidarumon Yukidarumon
Frimon   Frimon
Frogmon   Frogmon
Fufumon   Fufumon
Fugamon   Fugamon
Fujinmon   Fujinmon
FusedAncientVolcanomon   Gattai Ancient Volcamon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
G-Cutemon   G-Cutemon
Gabumon   Gabumon
Gabumon X   Gabumon (X-Antibody)
Gaiamon   Gaiamon
Gaiomon Samudramon Gaioumon
Galacticmon   Ragnamon
Gallantmon   Dukemon
Gallantmon Crimson Mode   Dukemon Crimson Mode
Gallantmon X   Dukemon (X-Antibody)
Ganemon   Ganemon
Gankoomon   Gankoomon
Gaogamon   Gaogamon
Gaomon   Gaomon
Gaossmon   Gaossmon
Garbagemon   Gerbemon
Gardromon → see Guardromon
Gargomon   Galgomon
Gargomon → see Gargoylemon
Gargoylemon Gargomon Gargomon
Garudamon   Garudamon
Garudamon X   Garudamon (X-Antibody)
Garurumon   Garurumon
Garurumon X   Garurumon X-Antibody
Gatomon   Tailmon
Gatomon X   Tailmon (X-Antibody)
Gawappamon → see Gwappamon
Gazimon   Gazimon
Gazimon X   Gazimon (X-Antibody)
Gekomon   Gekomon
Generamon   Generamon
GeoGreymon   Geo Greymon
Geremon   Geremon
Gesomon   Gesomon
Gesomon X   Gesomon (X-Antibody)
GigaBreakdramon   Giga Breakdramon
Giga Devast   Giga Devast
Gigadramon   Gigadramon
Gigantic Numemon   Gigantic Numemon
GigaSeadramon   Giga Seadramon
Gigasmon   Gigasmon
GigaWaruMonzaemon   Giga Waru Monzaemon
Gigimon   Gigimon
Ginkakumon   Ginkakumon
Ginkakumon Promote   Ginkakumon Promote
Ginryumon   Ginryumon
Giromon   Giromon
Gizamon   Gizamon
Gizumon   Gizmon
Proto Gizmon
Gizumon AT   Gizmon: AT
Gizumon XT   Gizmon: XT
Gladimon   Gladimon
Goatmon → see Oryxmon
Goblimon → see Goburimon
Goblinmon → see Goburimon
Goburimon Goblimon
Gokuwmon   Gokuwmon
GoldenRapidmon → see Rapidmon Armor
Goldramon   Goddramon
Goldramon X   Goddramon (X-Antibody)
GolemJijiKamemon   Golem Jiji Kamemon
Golemon Rockmon Golemon
GoldNumemon   Gold Numemon
GoldVeedramon   Gold V-dramon
Gomamon   Gomamon
Gomamon X   Gomamon (X-Antibody)
Gorillamon   Gorimon
Gotsumon   Gottsumon
Gotsumon X   Gottsumon (X-Antibody)
Ghoulmon   Deathmon
Ghoulmon (Black)   Deathmon (Black)
Grademon   Grademon
GrandGeneramon   Grand Generamon
GranDracmon   Gran Dracmon
Grand Dracumon
GranKuwagamon   Gran Kuwagamon
GrandisKuwagamon   Grandis Kuwagamon
GrandisKuwagamon Honeybee Mode   Grandis Kuwagamon Honey Mode
GrandLocomon → see GranLocomon
GranLocomon GrandLocomon
Grand Locomon
GrapLeomon   Grappu Leomon
Gravimon   Gravimon
Gravimon Darkness Mode   Gravimon Darkness Mode
GreyKnightsmon   Grey Knightsmonmon
Greymon   Greymon
Greymon X   Greymon (X-Antibody)
Greymon (2010 Anime Version)   Greymon (2010 Anime Version)
Greymon O   Greymon O
Grimmon   Grimmon
Grizzlymon Grizzmon Gryzmon
Grizzmon → see Grizzlymon
Grottemon → see Grumblemon
GroundLocomon → see GranLocomon
Groundramon   Groundramon
Growlmon   Growmon
Growlmon X   Growmon (X-Antibody)
Growlmon (Orange)   Growmon (Orange)
Grumblemon Grottemon Grottomon
Gryphomon → see Gryphonmon
Gryphonmon Gryphomon Griffomon
GuardiAngemon SlushAngemon
Slash Angemon
Guardramon → see Guardromon
Guardromon Guardramon
Guardromon (Gold)   Guardromon (Gold)
Guidemon   Guidemon
Guilmon   Guilmon
Guilmon X   Guilmon (X-Antibody)
Gulfmon   Gulfmon
Gumdramon   Gumdramon
Gummymon   Gummymon
Gundramon   Gundramon
Gururumon   Gururumon
Gwappamon Gawappamon Gawappamon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Hackmon   Hackmon
Hagurumon   Hagurumon
Hagurumon X   Hagurumon (X-Antibody)
Halsemon Holsmon Holsmon
Hanumon → see Apemon
Harpymon   Harpymon
Hawkmon   Hawkmon
HerculesKabuterimon   Herakle Kabuterimon
HerculesKabuterimon X   Herakle Kabuterimon (X-Antibody)
Hermmon   Hermmon
HiAndromon   Hi Andromon
HiMachineDramon   Hi Mugendramon
Hisharumon → see Hisyarumon
Hisyarumon Hisharumon Hisya Ryumon
Hi-VisionMonitamon   Hi-Vision Monitamon
Holsmon → see Halsemon
HolyAngemon → see MagnaAngemon
HolyDigitamamon   Holy Digitamamon
Honeybeemon   Honeybeemon
Hookmon   Hookmon
Hopmon   Hopmon
Hououmon → see Phoenixmon
Huanglongmon → see Fanglongmon
Hubmon   Hubmon
Huntermon   Huntermon
HustleNanimon   Hustle Nanimon
Hyogamon   Hyougamon
Hyokomon   Hyokomon
Hippogriffomon HippoGryphonmon Hippogriffomon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
IceDevimon IceWingmon Ice Devimon
IceDevimon   Ice Devimon Enhancement Absorbent
IceDevimon-Daipenmon Enhancement   Ice Devimon Daipenmon Enhancement Absorbent
IceLeomon Panjyamon Panjyamon
IceLeomon X Panjyamon X Panjyamon (X-Antibody)
Icemon   Icemon
IceWingmon → see IceDevimon
Ignitemon   Ignitemon
Ikkakumon   Ikkakumon
Imperialdramon   Imperialdramon
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode   Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode   Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
Impmon   Impmon
Indramon   Indaramon
Infermon   Infermon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
J-Mojyamon   Jungle Mojyamon
JagerDorulumon   Jäger Dorulumon
JagerLoweemon KaiserLeomon Kaiser Leomon
Jesmon   Jesmon
JetMervamon   Jet Mervamon
JetSilphymon   Jet Silphymon
JewelBeemon   Jewelbeemon
Jijimon   Jijimon
JijiShoutmon   Jiji Shoutmon
Jokermon   Jokermon
JumboGamemon   Jumbo Gamemon
Junomon   Junomon
Junomon Hysteric Mode   Junomon Hysteric Mode
Jupitermon   Jupitermon
Jupitermon Wrath Mode   Jupitermon Wrath Mode
Justimon   Justimon
Jyagamon   Jyagamon
Jyarimon   Jyarimon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Kabukimon   Kabukimon
Kabuterimon   Kabuterimon
KaiserLeomon → see JagerLoweemon
Kamemon   Kamemon
Kangarumon   Kangalmon
Kapurimon   Caprimon
Karatenmon   Karatenmon
KaratsukiNumemon ShellNumemon Karatuki Numemon
Karatsuki Numemon
Karumarramon → see Calmaramon
Kazemon Fairimon Fairimon
KendoGarurumon BladeGarurumon Garmmon
Kenkimon   Kenkimon
Kentaurosmon Sleipmon Sleipmon
Keramon   Keramon
Kerpymon (Black) → see Kerpymon (Virus)
Kerpymon (Vaccine) Cherubimon (Good) Cherubimon (Virtue)
Kerpymon (Virus) Cherubimon (Evil)
Kerpymon (Black)
Cherubimon (Vice)
Ketomon   Ketomon
Kiimon   Kiimon
Kimeramon   Chimairamon
King Drasil → see Yggdrasill
King Whalemon → see King Whamon
King Whamon King Whalemon King Whamon
KingChessmon   King Chessmon
KingEtemon   King Etemon
KingSukamon   Scumon Daiou
Kinkakumon   Kinkakumon
Kiwimon   Kiwimon
KnightChessmon (Black)   Knight Chessmon (Black)
KnightChessmon (White)   KnightChessmon (White)
Knightmon   Knightmon
Knightmon Wise Sword Mode   Knightmon Wise Sword Mode
KoDokugumon   Kodokugumon
Koemon → see Monmon
Kohagurumon   Kohagurumon
KoKabuterimon   Kokabuterimon
Kokatorimon   Cockatrimon
Kokuwamon   Kokuwamon
Kokuwamon X   Kokuwamon (X-Antibody)
Kongoumon   Kongoumon
Korikakumon Blizzamon
Koromon   Koromon
Kotemon   Kotemon
Kogamon   Kougamon
Kozenimon   Kozenimon
Kudamon   Kudamon
Kudamon (2006 Anime Version)   Kudamon (2006 Anime Version)
Kumamon Bearmon Bearmon
Kumamon Chackmon Chackmon
Kumbhiramon   Kumbhiramon
Kunemon   Kunemon
Kuramon   Kuramon
Kurisarimon Chrysalimon Chrysalimon
Kuwagamon   Kuwagamon
Kuwagamon X   Kuwagamon (X-Antibody)
Kuzuhamon   Kuzuhamon
Kyaromon   Kyaromon
Kyokyomon   Kyokyomon
Kyubimon   Kyubimon
Kyubimon (Silver)   Kyubimon (Silver)
Kyukimon   Kyūkimon
Kyupimon   Cupimon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Labramon   Labramon
LadyDevimon   Lady Devimon
Lalamon Raramon Lalamon
Lampmon   Lampmon
Lanamon → see Ranamon
Lanksmon → see Lynxmon
Laylamon → see Lilithmon
Laylamon Combined   Gattai Lilithmon
Leafmon   Leafmon
Lekismon Rekisumon Lekismon
Leomon   Leomon
Leomon X   Leomon (X-Antibody)
Leopardmon   Duftmon
Leopardmon X   Duftmon (X-Antibody)
Leopardmon Leopard Mode   Duftmon Leopard Mode
Leviamon   Leviamon
Lighdramon → see Raidramon
Lilamon   Lilamon
Lilimon → see Lillymon
Lillymon Lilymon
Lilymon X   Lilimon (X-Antibody)
Lilithmon Laylamon
Lilymon → see Lillymon
Liollmon   Liollmon
LoaderLeomon   Loader Liomon
LoadKnightmon → see Crusadermon
Lobomon   Wolfmon
Locomon   Locomon
Lopmon   Lopmon
Lotosmon   Lotusmon
Loweemon Lowemon Löwemon
Lowemon → see Loweemon
Lucemon   Lucemon
Lucemon Chaos Mode Lucemon Fallen Mode
Lucemon Wild 1st Mode
Lucemon Falldown Mode
Lucemon Fallen Mode → see Lucemon Chaos Mode
Lucemon Larva Lucemon Rival Lucemon Larva
Lucemon Rival → see Lucemon Larva
Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode Lucemon Satan Mode
Lucemon Wild 1st Mode → see Lucemon Chaos Mode
Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode → see Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode
Luminamon   Luminamon
Lunamon   Lunamon
Lykamon   Lykamon
Lynxmon Lanksmon Lynxmon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
MachGaogamon   Mach Gaogamon
Machinedramon   Mugendramon
MachLeomon   Mach Leomon
MadLeomon   Mad Leomon
MadLeomon → see Armed MadLeomon
MadLeomon (Final Mode)   Mad Leomon (Final Mode)
MadLeomon (Orochimode)   Mad Leomon (Orochi Mode)
MagnaAngemon HolyAngemon Holy Angemon
Magnadramon   Holydramon
Magnadramon X   Holydramon (X-Antibody)
MagnaGarurumon   Magna Garurumon
MagnaKidmon   Magna Kidmon
Magnamon   Magnamon
Magnamon X   Magnamon (X-Antibody)
MailBirdramon   Mail Birdramon
Maildramon   Maildramon
Makuramon   Makuramon
MaloMyotismon BelialVamdemon Belial Vamdemon
Mamemon   Mamemon
Mamemon X   Mamemon (X-Antibody)
MameTyramon   Mametyramon
Mammothmon   Mammon
Mammothmon X   Mammon (X-Antibody)
Manbomon   Manbomon
Mantaraymon   Mantaraymon
Mantaraymon X   Mantaraymon (X-Antibody)
MarinAngemon → see MarineAngemon
Marineanegemon → see MarineAngemon
MarineAngemon Marineanegemon
Marin Angemon
MarineDevimon   Marin Devimon
Marsmon Marusumon Marsmon
Marusumon → see Marsmon
Mastemon   Mastemon
MasterTyrannomon   Master Tyranomon
MasterVeedramon   Master V-dramon
Matadoramon → see Matadormon
Matadormon Matadoramon
Matadramon → see Matadormon
MedicalGallantmon → see MedievalDukemon
MedievalDukemon MedicalGallantmon
Medieval Dukemon
MegaDeckerGreymon   MegaDeckerGreymon
MegaGargomon SaintGargomon Saint Galgomon
MegaKabuterimon (Blue)   AtlurKabuterimon (Blue)
MegaKabuterimon (Red) MegaKabutierimon (Red) Atlur Kabuterimon (Red)
MegaKabutierimon (Red) → see MegaKabuterimon (Red)
MegaSeadramon   Mega Seadramon
MegaSeadramon X   Mega Seadramon (X-Antibody)
Megadramon   Megadramon
Megidramon   Megidramon
Megidramon X   Megidramon (X-Antibody)
Meicoomon   Meikuumon
Mekanorimon   Mechanorimon
Mephistomon   Mephismon
Meramon RedMeramon Meramon
Mercurymon Mercurmon Mercuremon
Mercurimon → see Merukimon
Mercurmon → see Mercurymon
Mermaidmon → see Mermaimon
Mermaimon Mermaidmon Mermaimon
Merukimon Mercurimon Mercurymon
Mervamon   Mervamon
Mervamon Wide Hi-Vision Sword   Mervamon Wide Hi-Vision Sword
Metal Greymon + Cyber Rancher → see MetalGreymon Cyberdramon
MetalEtemon   Metal Etemon
MetalPhantomon   Metal Fantomon
Metal Phantomon
MetalGarurumon MetalGururumon Metal Garurumon
MetalGarurumon X   Metal Garurumon (X-Antibody)
MetalGreymon   MetalGreymon
MetalGreymon Cyberdramon Metal Greymon + Cyber Rancher
MetalGreymon + Cyberdramon
Metal Greymon + Cyber Launcher
MetalGreymon X   Metal Greymon (X-Antibody)
MetalGreymon (2010 Anime Version)   Metal Greymon (2010 Anime Version)
MetalGreymon (Virus)   Metal Greymon (Virus)
MetalGreymon + Cyberdramon → see MetalGreymon Cyberdramon
MetalGururumon → see MetalGarurumon
MetalKabuterimon   Bolgmon
MetalKoromon → see Choromon
MetalMamemon   Metal Mamemon
MetalMamemon X   Metal Mamemon (X-Antibody)
MetalPiranimon   Metal Piranimon
MetalSeadramon   MetalSeadramon
MetalTyrannomon   Metal Tyranomon
MetalTyrannomon X   Metal Tyranomon (X-Antibody)
MetallifeKuwagamon   Metallife Kuwagamon
Metamormon   Metamormon
Mihiramon   Mihiramon
Mikemon   Mikemon
Millenniummon   Millenniumon
Minervamon   Minervamon
Minidekachimon   Minidekachimon
Minomon   Minomon
Minotarumon   Minotaurmon
Minotarumon Champion   Minotaurmon Adult
Minotarumon Adult
MirageGaogamon   Mirage Gaogamon
MirageGaogamon Burst Mode   Mirage Gaogamon Burst Mode
Missimon   Missimon
Mistymon   Mystimon
ModokiBetamon   Modoki Betamon
Mojyamon   Mojyamon
Mokumon   Mokumon
Monimon   Monimon
Monitamon   Monitamon
Monochromon   Monochromon
Monochromon X   Monochromon (X-Antibody)
Monodramon   Monodramon
Monzaemon Teddymon Monzaemon
Moon=Millenniummon   Moon Millenniumon
Moonmon   Moonmon
Moosemon   Moosemon
MoriShellmon   Mori Shellmon
Mother D-Reaper   Mother D-Reaper
Mother Eater   Mother Eater
Mothmon   Mothmon
Motimon   Mochimon
Muchomon   Muchomon
MudFrigimon Chuchidarumon
Mummymon   Mummymon
Murmuxmon   Murmuxmon
Mush-Upped MachLeomon   Mush-Upped Mach Leomon
Mushroomon   Mushmon
MusoKnightmon   Muso Knightmon
Musyamon   Musyamon
Myotismon   Vamdemon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Nanimon   Nanimon
Neemon Ne-mon Neamon
Ne-mon → see Neemon
Nefertimon   Nefertimon
Nefertimon X   Nefertimon (X-Antibody)
NeneShademon   Nene Shademon
NeoCrimson   Neo Crimson
NeoDevimon   Neo Devimon
NeoMyotismon   Neo Vamdemon
NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode One   Neo Vamdemon + Devimon + Lady Devimon
NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode Two   Neo Vamdemon Darkness Mode
NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode + Shoutmon   Neo Vamdemon Darkness Mode + Shoutmon
Neptunemon Neptunmon Neptunemon
Neptunmon → see Neptunemon
Ninjamon   Igamon
NiseDrimogemon   Nise Drimogemon
Nohemon   Nohemon
Numemon   Numemon
Nyaromon   Nyaromon
Nyokimon   Nyokimon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
OchiMusyamon   Ochi Musyamon
Octomon   Octmon
Ogremon   Orgemon
Ogudomon   Ogudomon
Ohakadamon   Ohakadamon
Oinkmon   Būmon
Okuwamon Ookuwamon Okuwamon
Okuwamon X   Okuwamon (X-Antibody)
Olegmon   Olegmon
Omekamon   Omekamon
OmegaArmamon BM   Omega Armamon BM
Omnimon Omegamon Omegamon
Omegamon Alter-B   Omegamon Alter-B
Omnimon X Omegamon (X-Antibody) Omegamon (X-Antibody)
Omnimon Zwart Omegamon Zwart Omegamon Zwart
Omegamon Zwart D   Omegamon Zwart D
OmniShoutmon   Omega Shoutmon
Ookuwamon → see Okuwamon
Ornismon   Ornismon
Ophanimon Orphanimon Ofanimon
Ophanimon Core   Ofanimon Core
Ophanimon Falldown Mode   Ofanimon Falldown Mode
Opossumon   Opossummon
Orcamon   Orcamon
Orochimon   Orochimon
Orphanimon → see Ophanimon
Oryxmon Goatmon Goatmon
Otamamon   Otamamon
Otamamon X   Otamamon (X-Antibody)
Otamamon (Red)   Otamamon (Red)
Ouryumon → see Owryumon
Owryumon Ouryumon Ouryumon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Pabumon   Bubbmon
Pafumon   Pafumon
Pagumon   Pagumon
Paildramon   Paildramon
Pajiramon   Pajramon
Palmon   Palmon
Palmon X   Palmon (X-Antibody)
Panbachimon   Panbachimon
Pandamon   Pandamon
Panimon   Panimon
Panjyamon IceLeomon Panjyamon
Panjyamon X IceLeomon X Panjyamon (X-Antibody)
Paomon   Paomon
Parallelmon   Parallelmon
Parasimon   Parasimon
Parrotmon   Parrotmon
Patamon   Patamon
PawnChessmon (Black)   Pawn Chessmon (Black)
PawnChessmon (White)   Pawn Chessmon (White)
PawnShoutmon   Pawn Shoutmon
Peacockmon   Peacockmon
Peckmon   Peckmon
Pegasmon → see Pegasusmon
Pegasusmon Pegasmon Pegasmon
Penguinmon   Penmon
Persiamon Beastmon
Petaldramon   Petaldramon
Petermon   Petermon
PetitMamon   Petit Mamon
Petitmon   Petitmon
Petranamon → see Pteramon
Phantomon   Phantomon
Pharaohmon   Pharaohmon
Phascomon   Phascomon
Phoenixmon Hououmon Hououmon
Piximon   Piccolomon
Pickmon   Pickmon
Piddomon   Pidmon
Piedmon Pierrotmon Piemon
Pierrotmon → see Piedmon
PileVolcamon → see PileVolcanomon
PileVolcanomon PileVolcamon Pile Volcamon
Pinamon   Pinamon
Pipismon   Pipismon
Pitimon   Pichimon
PlatinumNumemon   Platinum Numemon
PlatinumSukamon   Platinum Scumon
Platiunum Sukamon
Platina Sukamon
Plesiomon Preciomon Plesiomon
Plesiomon X Preciomon X Plesiomon (X-Antibody)
Plotmon → see Salamon
Plutomon   Plutomon
Pokomon → see Viximon
Ponchomon   Ponchomon
Popomon   Popomon
Porcupamon   Porcupamon
Poromon   Poromon
Poyomon   Poyomon
Prairiemon Prariemon
Prariemon → see Prairiemon
Preciomon → see Plesiomon
Preciomon X → see Plesiomon X
PrinceMamemon   Prince Mamemon
PrinceMamemon X   Prince Mamemon (X-Antibody)
Psychemon   Psychemon
Pteramon Petranamon Pteranomon
Puteranomon X   Pteranimon X-Antibody
Pukamon → see Bukamon
Pukumon   Pukumon
Pumpkinmon Pumpmon Pumpmon
Pumpmon → see Pumpkinmon
PunchNarabimon   Punch Narabimon
Punimon   Punimon
Puppetmon   Pinocchimon
Pupumon   Pupumon
Puroromon   Puroromon
Pururumon   Pururumon
Puttimon   Puttimon
Puwamon   Puwamon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Quartzmon   Quartzmon
QueenChessmon   Queen Chessmon
Quetzalmon   Coatlmon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Rabbitmon   Bitmon
Raidenmon   Raidenmon
Raidramon Lighdramon Lighdramon
Raijinmon   Raijinmon
RampageGreymon   Rampage Greymon
Ranamon Lanamon Ranamon
Rapidmon Armor GoldenRapidmon Rapidmon Armor
Rapidmon Ultimate   Rapidmon Perfect
RaptorSparrowmon   Raptor Sparrowmon
Raramon → see Lalamon
Raremon   Raremon
Ravemon   Ravmon
Ravemon Burst Mode   Ravmon Burst Mode
Reptiledramon   Raptodramon
Reaper   Reaper
Reapermon   Gokumon
Reapmon   Baalmon
RedMeramon → see Meramon
RedVeedramon   Red V-dramon
RedVegiemon   Red Vegimon
Regulumon   Regulumon
Rekisumon → see Lekismon
Relemon   Relemon
Renamon   Renamon
Reppamon   Reppamon
ReverseWeddinmon   Reverse Weddinmon
Rhihimon   Raihimon
RhinoKabuterimon   Rhino Kabuterimon
Rhinomon   Rhinomon
Rhinomon X   Rhinomon (X-Antibody)
Rinkmon   Linkmon
Rirismon → see Lilithmon
RiseGreymon → see RizeGreymon
RizeGreymon RiseGreymon Rize Greymon
Roachmon   Gokimon
Rockmon   Golemon (PS)
Rockmon → see Golemon
RookChessmon (Black)   Rook Chessmon (Black)
RookChessmon (White)   Rook Chessmon (White
Rosemon   Rosemon
Rosemon X   Rosemon (X-Antibody)
Rosemon Burst Mode   Rosemon Burst Mode
RustTyranomon   Rust Tyranomon
Ruthless Tuwarmon   Deadly Tuwarmon
Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode   Deadly Tuwarmon Hell Mode
Ryudamon   Ryudamon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
SaberLeomon   Saber Leomon
Saberdramon Sabirdramon Saberdramon
Sabirdramon → see Saberdramon
Sagittarimon   Sagittarimon
SaintGargomon → see MegaGargomon
SakutekiMonitamon   Sakuteki Monitamon
Sakuyamon   Sakuyamon
Salamandermon   Salamandamon
Salamon Plotmon Plotmon
Salamon X   Plotmon (X-Antibody)
Samudramon → see Gaiomon
SandYanmamon   Sand Yanmamon
Sandiramon   Sandiramon
Sangloupmon   Sangloupmon
SantaAgumon   Santa Agumon
Sanzomon   Sanzomon
Savior Hackmon   Savior Hackmon
Scorpiomon   Anomalocarimon
Scorpiomon X   Anomalocarimon (X-Antibody)
Scorpionmon → see SkullScorpiomon
Scubamon → see Divermon
ScudMissimon   Scud Missimon
Seadramon   Seadramon
Seadramon X   Seadramon (X-Antibody)
Seahomon Seahormon Seahomon
Seahormon → see Seahomon
Sealsdramon   Sealsdramon
Searchmon   Searchmon
Seasarmon   Shīsamon
Sephirothmon → see Sakkakumon
Sakkakumon Sephirothmon Sephirotmon
Sepikmon   Sepikmon
Seraphimon Seraphymon Seraphimon
Seraphymon → see Seraphimon
Sethmon   Setmon
Shademon   Shademon
ShadowSeraphimon BlackSeraphimon Black Seraphimon
ShadowToyAgumon   Toy Agumon (Black)
ShadowWereGarurumon BlackWereGarurumon Were Garurumon (Black)
Black Were Garurumon
Shadramon   Shadramon
Shakkoumon   Shakkoumon
Shamamon → see Sharmamon
Shamanmon → see Sharmamon
Shanitamon → see Shounitamon
Sharmamon Shamanmon
Shaujinmon → see Shawjamon
Shawjamon Shaujinmon Shawujinmon
Sheepmon   Sheepmon
Shellmon   Shellmon
ShellNumemon → see KaratsukiNumemon
ShimaUnimon   Shima Unimon
ShineGreymon Ruin Mode   Shine Greymon Ruin Mode
ShineGreymon Burst Mode   Shine Greymon Burst Mode
ShogunGekomon   Tonosama Gekomon
Shortmon   Shortmon
Shounitamon Shanitamon Shonitamon
Shoutmon   Shoutmon
Shoutmon SH   Shoutmon SH
Shoutmon X2   Shoutmon X2
Shoutmon X2 Plus M   Shoutmon X2 Plus M
Shoutmon X3   Shoutmon X3
Shoutmon X3GM   Shoutmon X3GM
Shoutmon X3SD   Shoutmon X3SD
Shoutmon X4   Shoutmon X4
Shoutmon X4B   Shoutmon X4B
Shoutmon X4K   Shoutmon X4K
Shoutmon X4S   Shoutmon X4S
Shoutmon X5   Shoutmon X5
Shoutmon X5B   Shoutmon X5B
Shoutmon X5S   Shoutmon X5S
Shoutmon X7   Shoutmon X7
Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode   Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode
Shoutmon + Dorulu Cannon   Shoutmon + Dorulu Cannon
Shoutmon + Jet Sparrow → see Shoutmon + Supersonic Sparrow
Shoutmon + Star Sword   Shoutmon + Star Sword
Shoutmon + Supersonic Sparrow Shoutmon + Jet Sparrow Shoutmon + Jet Sparrow
Shurimon   Shurimon
Shutsumon → see Zephyrmon
Shutumon → see Zephyrmon
Silphymon   Silphymon
Sinduramon   Sinduramon
Sirenmon   Sirenmon
Sistermon Blanc   Sistermon Blanc
Sistermon Blanc (Awaken)   Sistermon Blanc (Awaken)
Sistermon Noir   Sistermon Noir
Sistermon Noir (Awaken)   Sistermon Noir (Awaken)
SkullBaluchimon SkullBarukimon Skull Baluchimon
SkullBarukimon → see SkullBaluchimon
SkullGreymon   Skull Greymon
SkullKnightmon   Skull Knightmon
SkullKnightmon: Arrow Mode   Skull Knightmon: Arrow Mode
SkullKnightmon Mighty Axe Mode   Skull Knightmon: Big Axe Mode
SkullKnightmon: Naginata Mode   Skull Knightmon: Naginata Mode
SkullMammothmon   Skull Mammon
SkullMammothmon X   Skull Mammon (X-Antibody)
SkullMeramon   Death Meramon
SkullSatamon   Skull Satamon
SkullScorpiomon SkullScorpionmon
SkullScorpionmon → see SkullScorpiomon
Slayerdramon   Slayerdramon
Sleipmon → see Kentaurosmon
SlashAngemon → see GuardiAngemon
SlushAngemon → see GuardiAngemon
Snimon   Snimon
SnowAgumon   Yuki Agumon
SnowAgumon (2006 Anime Version)   Yuki Agumon (2006 Anime Version)
SnowBotamon YukimiBotamon Yukimi Botamon
SnowGoburimon   Snow Goburimon
Snow Goblimon
Socerimon → see Sorcermon
Solarmon   Solarmon
Sorcermon Sorcerimon
Sorcerimon → see Sorcermon
Sorcerimon → see Sorcermon
Soulmon   Soulmon
Spadamon   Spadamon
Sparrowmon   Sparrowmon
Spinomon   Spinomon
Starmon   Starmon
Starmon X   Starmon (X-Antibody)
Starmons   Starmons
Stegomon   Stegomon
Stingmon   Stingmon
Strabimon   Strabimon
Strikedramon   Strikedramon
Submarimon   Submarimon
Suijinmon   Suijinmon
Sukamon   Scumon
Sunflowmon   Sunflowmon
Sunmon   Sunmon
SuperStarmon   Super Starmon
Surfymon   Surfymon
Susanomon → see Susanoomon
Susanoomon Susanomon Susanoomon
Swanmon   Swanmon
Swimmon   Swimmon
Syakomon   Shakomon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Tactimon   Tactimon
Tanemon   Tanemon
Tankdramon   Tankdramon
Tankmon   Tankmon
Taomon   Taomon
Taomon (Silver)   Taomon (Silver)
Tapirmon Bakumon Bakumon
Technodramon   Technodramon
Teddymon → see Monzaemon
Tekkamon   Tekkamon
Tentomon   Tentomon
Terriermon   Terriermon
Thunderballmon → see Thundermon
Thundermon Thunderballmon Thunderballmon
Thundermon X   Thunderballmon (X-Antibody)
Thunderbirdmon   Thunderbirmon
TigerVespamon   Tiger Vespamon
Tinkermon   Tinkermon
Titamon   Titamon
TobuCatmon   Tobucatmon
Togemogumon   Togemogumon
Togemon   Togemon
Togemon X   Togemon (X-Antibody)
Tokomon   Tokomon
Tokomon X   Tokomon (X-Antibody)
TonosamaMamemon   Tonosama Mamemon
TorikaraBallmon   Torikara Ballmon
Tortomon   Tortamon
Toucanmon   Toucanmon
ToyAgumon   Toy Agumon
Trailmon   Trailmon
Trailmon Angler   Trailmon Angler
Trailmon Ball   Trailmon Ball
Trailmon Battle Form   Trailmon Battle Form
Trailmon Buffalo   Trailmon Buffalo
Trailmon C-89   Trailmon C-89
Trailmon Franken   Trailmon Franken
Trailmon Kettle   Trailmon Kettle
Trailmon Mole   Trailmon Mole
Trailmon Raccoon Dog   Trailmon Raccoon Dog
Trailmon Worm   Trailmon Worm
Trailmon of Darkness   Trailmon of Darkness
Triceramon   Triceramon
Triceramon X   Triceramon (X-Antibody)
Troopmon   Troopmon
Truiemon → see Turuiemon
Tsubumon   Tsubumon
Tsuchidarumon → see MudFrigimon
Tsukaimon   Tukaimon
Tsumemon   Tsumemon
Tsunomon   Tsunomon
Turuiemon Truiemon Turuiemon
Tuskmon   Tuskmon
Tyilinmon Chirinmon Tyilinmon
Tylomon Tyromon Tylomon
Tylomon X   Tylomon (X-Antibody)
Tyrannomon   Tyranomon
TyrantKabuterimon   Tyrant Kabuterimon
Tyromon → see Tylomon
Tyutyumon ChuuChuumon Tyutyumon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
UlforceVeedramon   Ulforce V-dramon
UlforceVeedramon Future Mode   Ulforce V-dramon Future Mode
UlforceVeedramon X   Ulforce V-dramon (X-Antibody)
UltimateBrachimon   Ultimate Brachimon
UltimateKhaosmon   Ultimate Khaosmon
Umon   Umon
Unimon   Unimon
Upamon   Upamon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Vademon   Vademon
Vademon X   Vademon (X-Antibody)
Vajramon Varjamon Vajramon
Valdurmon → see Varodurumon
Valkyrimon   Valkyrimon
Varjamon → see Vajramon
Varodurumon Valdurmon Valdurmon
Veedramon   V-dramon
Veemon   V-mon
Vegiemon   Vegimon
Velgemon Velgrmon Velgrmon
Velgrmon → see Velgemon
Vemmon   Bemmon
VenomMyotismon VenomVamdemon Venom Vamdemon
VenomVamdemon → see VenomMyotismon
Vermilimon   Vermillimon
VictoryGreymon   Victory Greymon
Vi-Elecmon   Elecmon (Violet)
Vilemon   Evilmon
Vikaralamon   Vikaralamon
Vikemon   Vikemon
Vitium Baby   Vitium Baby
Vitium Adult   Vitium Adult
Vitium Ultimate   Vitium Ultimate
Volcamon → see Volcanomon
Volcanomon Volcamon Volcamon
Volcanomon → see AncientVolcanomon
Volcdramon   Volcdramon
VR-Apocaly   VR-Apocaly
VR-BWarGrey   VR-BWarGrey
VR-CDuke   VR-CDuke
VR-Duke   VR-Duke
VR-Imperial   VR-Imperial
VR-SaintGalgo   VR-SaintGalgo
VR-Omega   VR-Omega
VR-Sakuya   VR-Sakuya
VR-Venom   VR-Venom
VR-WarGrey   VR-WarGrey
Vritramon → see BurningGreymon
Vulcanusmon   Vulcanusmon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Wanyamon   Wanyamon
WarGreymon   War Greymon
WarGreymon X   War Greymon (X-Antibody)
WarGrowlmon   Megalo Growmon
WarGrowlmon X   Megalo Growmon (X-Antibody)
WaruMonzaemon   Waru Monzaemon
WaruSeadramon   Waru Seadramon
Waspmon   Waspmon
Weddinmon   Weddinmon
Weedmon   Zassoumon
Wendigomon Endigomon Wendimon
WereGarurumon   Were Garurumon
WereGarurumon X   Were Garurumon (X-Antibody)
Whamon   Whamon
Whamon Ultimate   Whamon Perfect
Wingdramon   Wingdramon
Wisemon   Wisemon
Witchmon   Witchmon
Wizardmon   Wizarmon
Woodmon   Woodmon
Wormmon   Wormmon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
XeedMillenniummon → see ZeedMillenniummon
Xiaomon   Xiaomon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Yaamon   Yaamon
Yakiimon   Yakiimon
Yaksamon   Yasyamon
Yanmamon   Yanmamon
Yasyamon Yaksamon Yaksamon
Yatagaramon → see Crowmon
Yatakaramon   Yatagaramon
Yggdrasill King Drasil Yggdrasilll
Yggdrasill_7D6   Yggdrasilll_7D6
Yo!Yo!mon   Yo!Yo!mon
Yokomon   Pyocomon
Youkomon   Youkomon
Yukidarumon → see Frigimon
YukimiBotamon SnowBotamon Yukimi Botamon
Yuramon   Yuramon


Name Alternate Name(s) Japanese Name
Zamielmon   Zamielmon
Zanbamon   Zanbamon
ZeedGarurumon   Z'd Garurumon
ZeedMillenniummon XeedMillenniummon Zeed Millenniummon
ZekeGreymon   Zeke Greymon
Zenimon   Zenimon
Zephyrmon Shutsumon
Zerimon   Zerimon
Zhuqiaomon   Zhuqiaomon
Zudomon   Zudomon
Zurumon   Zurumon

Additional Information[edit]

References Notes
  1. Character was heavily redrawn from Bomber Nanimon in Digimon Data Squad