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Director Itou Naoyuki
Screenwriter Yamaguchi Ryouta
Character Design Animator
Character Designer Aoi Sayo
Animation Director Asanuma Akihiro
Producer Umezawa Atsutoshi
Shibata Hiroaki
Planning Assistant
Composer Oku Keiichi
Studio Toei Animation
Network Fuji TV
Duration Jap.png April 2, 2006 – March 25, 2007
Usa.png October 1, 2007 - November 2, 2008
Official Site Digimon Savers Official Site
Next Series Digimon Xros Wars
Previous Series Digimon Frontier

Digimon Savers (デジモンセイバーズ Dejimon Seibāzu) is the fifth series of Digimon. (Dub: Digimon Data Squad). This series aired 48 episodes, making it currently the shortest Digimon series, which were broadcasted on Sundays at 9:00 AM UTC+9 on Fuji TV, replacing Konjiki no Gash Bell!! (金色のガッシュベル!!) which previously replaced Digimon Frontier, commencing on April 2, 2006 and ending on March 25, 2007. It was replaced by the 2007 TV remake of Gegege no Kitaro (ゲゲゲの鬼太郎).


News about this first came at the Jump Festa 2006 where it was called "New Digimon Project in 2006". The silhouette of the new Child Digimon was shown. But the title was released in the March 2006 edition of the V-Jump released on 21 January, 2006. In the same edition there were rough sketches of the characters, immediately indicating that the animation style would be different to that of previous series.


It is a story set in the near future, when the existence of "Digital Monster" is confirmed because of the discovery of a Net world, the "Digital World". Daimon Masaru is a rowdy 2nd year junior high school student who spends all of his time fighting and utterly fails at computers. His father, Suguru, is a professor and scientist who was the No.1 leading authority on researching the Digital World and has been missing for ten years. The government establishes a private national organization, "Digital Accident Tactics Squad" or DATS, to especially handle the virulent Digimon. One day, Masaru meets an escaped Agumon that DATS has labeled as "Substandard" and was to dispose of. They become friends after a fight, and DATS recruits Masaru. Together with their DATS teammates, Thoma H. Norstein and Gaomon and Fujieda Yoshino and Lalamon, Masaru and Agumon go on to resolve various incidents that Digimon causes and protect the human world from the virulent Digimon.


Digimonsavers vjump 2.jpg

After the team battle several Digimon realizing in the area, Thoma later hypothesizes that Digimon have been appearing in the real world through human emotions, particularly the seven deadly sins. He also presents information that the barrier between the Earth and the Digital World had rapidly disintegrated during the ten years since the Digital World Exploration.

When Mercurymon, a member of the Olympus Twelve and one of the rulers of the Digital World, realizes in the Real World along with Falcomon, this provokes the DATS team to begin the hunt down for them after the damage they incurred in the area through Piyomon. This embarked the beginning of their adventure in the Digital World. While in the Digital World, the team encounter a young boy named Ikuto, who has seemingly developed a hatred towards humans as well the real world, and on several occasions attacks the team, along with his partner Digimon Falcomon. On the brink of annihilation during a confrontation with Mercurymon, the team are saved from disaster by Commander Yushima and his partner, Kamemon. Discovering that the palace has a Digital Gate, Yushima tells to team to take Ikuto back to the real world. While there, Satsuma reveals that Ikuto is the son of two former work colleagues of his - the Noguchi Family, telling them how Ikuto managed to end up in the Digital World and how they took the effort in finding him. He tells the team to go up to the Japanese Alps and return him to his parents.

It is eventually revealed that the real enemy was Kurata Akihiro, a former member of the Digital World Exploration Party, who began a Digimon massacre years prior to the current events of the series. This was the pivotal catalyst invoking Ikuto's hatred for humans as his adoptive mother, Yukidarumon, was amongst one of the victims of Kurata's atrocity.

Digimonsavers vjumpapr06.jpg

After Kurata escaped back to the real world, he tricked Chief Hashiba that Masaru and the other members of DATS were traitors. Through this, he had most of the group's memories erased, and had Ikuto, Satsuma, and all other members of the DATS branch were put under statutory arrest. However, thanks to their partners, Masaru, Thoma and Yoshino regained their memories. Moments later Kurata blew up the DATS HQ building and escaped to the Digital World. In answer to Masaru and the others' pursued efforts in attempt to stop his plans, he sent his henchmen - Kouki, Ivan, and Nanami - to deal with them.

While on the hunt for Kurata, the DATS team encounter Bancho Leomon, who takes out a group of Gizmon: XT sent by Kurata. He later trains them on how to master their Digisouls and after they successfully do so, he points them in the direction of the Holy Capital. Tracking down Masaru and the others' whereabouts in episode at the Holy Capital/El Doradimon, Kurata decides to plan an invasion. Concurrently, Kurata gave his henchmen Bio Hybrid upgrades in order to defeat Masaru. It is shown that he is collecting Digimon Life Energy to revive Belphemon: Sleep Mode, concealed in his lab.

He planted space-time oscillation bombs within the Holy Capital and detonated them with a device he had at a base, transporting El Doradimon to the real world. The government pledged full support in Kurata in order to get rid of the potential threat. He destroyed El Doradimon and discretely absorbed its Life Energy.

Kurata persuades Thoma's father to join forces with him, promising that he will cure his ill daughter, Relena, Thoma's (half)sister. He later revealed to Thoma Belphemon: Sleep Mode and how he found his DigiTama and was using the Life energy to revive him. He planned to use the Demon Lord not only to subjugate the other Digimon and the Digital World, but for his bid for dominating the real world as well.

Kurata asked Thoma to manufacture a device to maintain full control of Belphemon. In the end, Thoma destroys the device so that Belphemon would remain immobile and that he could no longer control it. It is revealed at this point that Kurata was secretly holding Relena hostage with a charge planted in her necklace. Thomas had only pretended to be on Kurata's side in order so that Kurata would let his guard down and proceed with "curing" Relena and remove the necklace shortly before the operation (which never took place). Angered by Thoma's sudden betrayal, he enters a chamber, in which he digitizes himself and his data is projected towards Belphemon: Sleep Mode's clock via a satellite dish on top of a vehicle and merges with it, enabling it to transform into Belphemon: Rage Mode. When Shine Greymon evolved to Shine Greymon: Burst Mode, Belphemon was destroyed and Kuata separated from it.

Kurata presses a trigger, which detonates a space-time oscillation bomb floating in the air, ensuing a massive explosion, significantly weakening the inter-dimensional barrier between both worlds. Kurata gets caught in a secondary explosion and disappears. On the verge of destruction, the collision between both worlds was put on a temporary stand-still by the courageous efforts of Bancho Leomon who then ordered Masaru to search for Yggdrasill.

After reaching Yggdrasill's location, the DATS team encounter Craniummon, along with many of the other Royal Knights, and learn of Yggdrasill's decision to destroy the Human World by dispatching the Royal Knights as an attempt to eliminate the humans, who it believes are a major threat to Digimon. After defeating some of the Royal Knights, the DATS team confront Yggdrasill, who after being expelled from Suguru's body attained a newer form determined to completely destroy the Human World.


Main Characters[edit]

Daimon Masaru
大門 大
Daimon masaru 3.jpg Voice Actor Partner Digimon
Jap.png Hoshi Souichirou Agumon
Usa.png Quinton Flynn
A junior high student who prefers to fight over a 3rd serving of rice. When he meets one who looks strong, he can't help but challenge them to a fight. Because of his latent powers which allowed Agumon to evolve, he joins DATS in search of stronger opponents. Even though Masaru is the son of the No.1 authority on Digimon research, Professor Daimon Suguru, he is completely hopeless with computers and machines.
Koromon Agumon Geo Greymon Rize Greymon Shine Greymon Shine Greymon: Burst Mode
Thoma H. Norstein
Thoma h norstein 3.jpg Voice Actor Partner Digimon
Jap.png Nojima Hirofumi Gaomon
Usa.png Crispin Freeman
A coolheaded child genius who graduated from Stockholm University at 13. His intelligence is highly valued, even within DATS. He executes his missions based on data and theories, so his personality frequently clashes with Masaru's, who relies more on emotions. His mother is Japanese and his father is a prominent Austrian aristocrat. He also has a younger half-sister, Relena, who suffers from a strange disease.
Gaomon Gaogamon Mach Gaogamon Mirage Gaogamon Mirage Gaogamon: Burst Mode
Fujieda Yoshino
藤枝 淑乃
Fujieda yoshino 3.jpg Voice Actor Partner Digimon
Jap.png Aragaki Yui Lalamon
Usa.png Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Masaru and Thoma's older colleague. Yoshino mediates the team and acts like a big sister. She is shrewdly respectful, she considers it her job to push Masaru and Thoma. Her ability level is very high, and she has a strong trust for her companions. Her favorite phrase is "This is the worst".
Budmon Lalamon Sunflowmon Lilamon Rosemon Rosemon: Burst Mode
Noguchi Ikuto
野口 郁人
Noguchi ikuto.png Voice Actor Partner Digimon
Jap.png Kugimiya Rie Falcomon
Usa.png Brianne Siddall
A young boy raised in the Digital World by the Olympian God Digimon Mercurymon. Mercurymon has been molding Ikuto to despise humans and has been overall successful. Now Ikuto fights alongside Masaru and friends. He has a different variation of Falcomon that is more ninja-esque as a Digimon Partner.
Falcomon Peckmon Yatagaramon Ravmon Ravmon: Burst Mode


DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad) is a secret government organization whose objective is to monitor Digimon activity in the real world and capture and send back any digimon that pose as a potential threat to the general public.

Captain Satsuma Rentarou
薩摩 廉太郎 (薩摩廉太郎 大尉)
Satsuma rentarou 2.jpg Voice Actor Partner Digimon
Jap.png Kusunoki Taiten Kudamon
Usa.png Jamieson Price
An Ex-Cop, now Captain of DATS, partnered with Kudamon.
Kudamon Reppamon Tyilinmon Sleipmon
Commander Yushima Hiroshi
湯島 浩 (湯島浩 所長)
Yushima hiroshi.png Voice Actor Partner Digimon
Jap.png Nagashima Yuuichi Kamemon
Usa.png Kirk Thornton
The Commander of DATS Japan, Mr. Yushima is very knowledegable when it comes to Digimon. He gave Masaru his Digivice iC when Cockatrimon attacked. He also usually gives Masaru advice to aid him in his missions. He lead the expedition into the Digital World.
Kamemon Gawappamon Shawujinmon
Kurosaki Miki & Shirakawa Megumi
黑崎 美樹 & 白川 惠
Kurosaki shirakawa 2.jpg Voice Actor Partner Digimon
Jap.png Ai Nagano, Yukiko Hanioka Pawn Chessmon (Black) & Pawn Chessmon (White)
Usa.png Kate Higgins, Stephanie Sheh
They are both computer operators over at DATS HQ. Their Partners are Child Level Digimon named Pawn Chessmon. The first words in their surnames - Shiro and Kuro (白 & 黒) - correspond to the color of their Pawn Chessmon respectively; Megumi has the white one while Miki has the black one. Their job at DATS is like that of Ootori Reika's and Onodera Megumi's jobs in Hypnos. They are real fangirls of Thoma.
Pawn Chessmon (Black) Knight Chessmon (Black) Rook Chessmon (Black)
Pawn Chessmon (White) Knight Chessmon (White) Bishop Chessmon (White)

Other Characters[edit]

Daimon Family[edit]

  • Daimon Sayuri: Sayuri is Masaru's mother. She lives with her two children, while her husband disappeared 10 years previously. She is complemented of her fried eggs, particulary by Agumon.
  • Daimon Chika: Masaru's younger sister, Chika is sometimes embarassed by her older brother's rudeness. She had a "partner" of sorts in a Piyomon.

Norstein Family[edit]

  • Thoma's Mother: At one time, young Thoma with lived with her in Japan and she a strong cultural influence and bond with him as a child. She died in the tragic road accident shown in DS15.
  • Franz Norstein: He is Thoma and Relena's father and he is an Austrian aristocrat. He lives with Relena and a butler presumably in Europe. He is disappointed in Thoma for going back to DATS Japan from Europe. He sides with Kurata as he is desperate for his daughter to be cured.
  • Relena Norstein: She is Thoma's younger sister. Due to her illness, she is in a wheelchair most of time, although she is not confined to it. She often refers to her brother as "Onii-sama" rather than just Thoma.
  • Grandmother Norstein: She is Thoma and Relena's paternal grandmother, Franz's Mother. Being part of the Norstein Family, she is very aristocratic. She was head of the Norstein Household.

Noguchi Family[edit]

  • Professor Noguchi Kenji: He is Ikuto's biological father and was once a member of the Digital World Exploration Party.
  • Noguchi Misuzu: She is Ikuto's biological mother and was once a member of the Digital World Exploration Party.

Other Humans[edit]

  • Chief Hashiba: Chief Hashiba is a representative from the National Governmental Confidentiality Ministry, and the actions of DATS are under his jurisdiction.
  • Hanamura Hitoshi: A childhood schoolmate of Yoshino, who was often mocked by his weight by his fellow schoolmates. Later, he became a well-known pop singer, under the name Neon Hanamura.
  • Shiratori Kouichiro: One of Masaru's schoolmates, whose ambition was to follow in his father's footsteps as the owner of his family's store, famous for selling its confectioneries.
  • Tsubasa Hayase: He was a famous boxer who was an inspiration to Thoma when he was younger.


  • Gottsumon/Insekimon (12-23, 40-48): Originally a servant of Mercurymon. Killed by Rize Greymon, but has returned. However, Gotsumon has no memory of his previous life and now helps Masaru and his friends in fighting Yggdrasill.
  • Yukidarumon: Ikuto's foster mother. Killed by the Gizmon.
  • Jyureimon (14, 28): Protector of a forest in the Digital World.
  • Rhythm: Her status as human is debatable since she identifies herself as a Digimon and the fact she didn't go into an eternal sleep like all the other humans.
  • Yggdrasill (39-48): the God of the Digital World assigned the Royal Knights to destroy the Human World in order to save the Digital World. It used Suguru's weakened/dying body as a host explaining why it assumed the form of Suguru. However at the end after being defeated it accepted it had lost and realised the power of humans and digimon standing together and thus can't be called evil simply misguided in its intentions (which were to protect the digital world and its inhabitants).
  • Royal Knights (39-48): They are part of the Digital World Network Security.
    • Craniummon (39-48): Claims to be Yggdrasill's most loyal knight. Is defeated by Shine Greymon, Mirage Gaogamon, Rosemon and Ravmon in their Burst Modes and by Masaru, realizes that Masaru and his friends wish to protect the Digital World as well as their world and takes Bancho Leomon's place to stop both worlds from destroying each other.
    • Dukemon (40-48): Defeated by Sleipmon and continues to remain frozen with him until they are released through Sleipmon's DigiSoul, joining Craniummon, Masaru and the others in stopping Yggdrasill.
    • Magnamon (40-48): Along with Dynasmon, Magnamon questioned Yggdrasill's motives, and later joining Craniummon, Masaru and the others in stopping Yggdrasill.
    • Dynasmon (40-48): Dynasmon attacked New York, and in the finale questioned Yggdrasill's motives, later joining Craniummon, Masaru and the others in stopping Yggdrasill.
    • Ulforce V-dramon (40-48): Ulforce V-dramon attacked Egypt, and later joined Craniummon, Masaru and the others in stopping Yggdrasill.
    • Duftmon (43): Defeated by Rosemon and Ravmon in their Burst Modes.
    • Lord Knightmon (40-42): Defeated by Mirage Gaogamon: Burst Mode.
    • Omegamon (40-48): Leader of the Royal Knights, later joins Craniummon, Masaru and the others in stopping Yggdrasill.


  • Belphemon: Rage Mode (36-38): One of the Legendary Seven Great Demon Lords, Belphemon in Rage Mode proved to be more of a challenge than his Sleep Mode. It was terminated by the combined efforts of Masaru and Shine Greymon: Burst Mode.
    • Professor Kurata Akihiro (21-36, 38): Kurata Akihiro is a professor who was one of the people who went on the exploration to the Digital World, along with Satsuma, Yushima, Daimon and the Noguchi's. Although a genius, he's extremely bitter and cowardly, seeing Digimon as a menace and seeks to destroy them mercilessly. He also created artificial Digimon, Gizmon, to assist him with destroying countless numbers of Digimon.
    • Belphemon: Sleep Mode (25-36): When Kurata originally found Belphemon's Digitama at an ancient ruin within the Digital World, sealed within a sacred chest. He planned to revive the DigiTama and successfully enables it to hatch into Belphemon: Sleep Mode. When Belphemon Sleep Mode was revived, Kurata ordered it, through the use of a control device created by Thoma, to destroy the city. After Thoma betrayed him and destroyed the control device, Kurata later digitized himself, and with the utility of a mobile satellite dish, his data was fired at Belphemon: Sleep Mode's clock causing it to change from Sleep Mode to Rage Mode.
      • Kurata's Henchmen (26-33, 48): In order to continue his schemes, especially when obtaining Digimon Life Energy in the Digital World for Belphemon's revival, knowing that Masaru and the others would try to intervene and put an end to it, Kurata sent three humans, capable of becoming Digimon themselves, to intercept them. After being defeated on various occasions, Kurata upgraded them so that they can transform into more powerful Digimon, at Ultimate Level. Upon their defeat, they would revert back to their human form and a DigiTama as separate entities. They made brief cameos in the finale to help stop Yggdrasill:
        • Nanami/Bio Coatlmon/Bio Lotusmon (26-31, 48): Another one of the Kurata's henchmen. She carries a black umbrella, and wears clothing in the style of a Gothic Lolita, she can transform into Bio Coatlmon via Hyper Bio Evolution and Bio Lotusmon via Hyper Bio Extra Evolution. Defeated by Mirage Gaogamon.
        • Ivan/Bio Stegomon/Bio Spinomon (26-32, 48): The stereotypical strong Russian man of the group. Ivan seems to have difficulty containing his inner thoughts, and tends to blurt out what he's thinking without realizing it. After meeting Yoshino for the first time, he has developed some sort of attraction towards her. He can transform into Bio Stegomon via Hyper Bio Evolution and Bio Spinomon via Hyper Bio Extra Evolution. Defeated by Rosemon.
        • Kouki/Bio Thunderbirmon/Bio Darkdramon (26-33, 48): The leader of the group of Kurata's henchmen sent to attack Masaru and the others. He seems to have a big grudge against Masaru, he can transform into Bio Thunderbirmon via Hyper Bio Evolution and Bio Darkdramon via Hyper Bio Extra Evolution. Defeated by Shine Greymon.
      • Artifical Digimon created by Kurata (22-36):


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Digimon Savers The Movie: Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!![edit]

Digimon Savers The Movie: Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!! focusses on an evil Digimon called Algomon, who is attempting to put humans into an eternal sleep. A new character, Rhythm will appear to help the Digimon save their partners by infiltrating the villain's castle. The movie also holds the debut of Shine Greymon: Burst Mode.


Position Name Kanji/Kana
Original Concept Hongo Akiyoshi 本郷 あきよし
Series Director Itou Naoyuki 伊藤 尚往
Series Composition Yamaguchi Ryota 山口 亮太
Character Design Aoi Sayo 青井 小夜
CG Director Noguchi Kouichi 野口 光一
Chief Animation Director Asanuma Akihiro 浅沼 昭弘
Animation Directors Yajima Yoshitaka 八島 喜孝
Deguchi Toshio 出口 としお
Itou Satoko 伊藤 智子
Ueno Ken 上野 ケン
Kiyoyama Shigetaka 清山 滋崇
Nobuzane Setsuko 信実 節子
Takeda Kinhiro 竹田 欣弘
Aoi Sayo 青井 小夜
Naka Kumi 仲條 久美
Chief Art Director Watanabe Yoshito 渡辺 佳人
Art Directors Shimizu Tetsuhiro 清水 哲弘
Tokushige Ken 徳重 賢
Color Key Itasaka Yasue 板坂 泰江
Music Oku Keiichi 奥 慶一
Scenario/Script/Screenplay Yamaguchi Ryouta 山口 亮太
Yokote Michiko 横手 美智子
Inari Meihiko 稲荷 明比古
Yamatoya Akatsuki 大和屋 暁
Yamada Kenichi 山田 健一
Editing Katagiri Kouichi 片桐 公一
Episode Directors Itou Naoyuki 伊藤 尚住
Fukazawa Toshinori 深澤 敏則
Sasaki Kenyo 佐々木 憲世
Yamada Tooru 山田 徹
Tsuchita Yutaka 土田 豊
Hatano Morinama 畑野 森生
Nakao Sachihiko 中尾 幸彦
Tetsuo Imazawa 今沢 哲男
Kadota Hidehiko 門田 英彦
Sonoda Makoto 園田 誠
Production Manager Okada Shousuke 岡田 将介
CG Producer Himi Takeshi 氷見 武士
Producers Kaneda Koji 金田 耕司
Takase Atsuya 高瀬 敦也
Ikeda Shin'ichi 池田 慎一
Umezawa Atsutoshi 梅澤 淳稔
Shibata Hiroaki 柴田 宏明
Online Editing TOVIC
Recoring Studio Tavac
CG Production Cooperation Office Purion
Design Cooperation WiZ Co., Ltd ウィズ
Music Cooperation Index Music インデックスミュージック
Fuji Pacific Music Publication フジパシフィック音楽出版
Toei Animation Music Publication 東映アニメーション音楽出版
Production Cooperation Toei Co., Ltd 東映
Serialization V-Jump (Shueisha) Vジャンプ (編集部)
Production Fuji TV フジテレビ
Yomiko Advertising, Inc. 読売広告社
Toei Animation Co., Ltd. 東映アニメーション


Seiyuu Kanji/Kana Character Voice Actor
Hoshi Souichirou 保志 総一朗 Daimon Masaru Quinton Flynn
Matsuno Taiki 松野 太紀 Agumon Brian Beacock
Nojima Hirofumi 野島 裕史 Thoma H. Norstein Crispin Freeman
Satou Yuuko 佐藤 ゆうこ Young Thoma Mona Marshall
Nakai Kazuya 中井 和哉 Gaomon Skip Stellrecht
Aragaki Yui 新垣結 衣 Fujieda Yoshino Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Yukana ゆかな Lalamon Dorothy Fahn
Kugimiya Rie 釘宮 理恵 Noguchi Ikuto Brianne Siddall
Koujiro Chie 神代 知衣 Falcomon Steven Blum
Kusunoki Taiten 楠 大典 Satsuma Rentarou Jamieson Price
Katsuragi Nanaho 葛城 七穂 Kudamon Sam Regal
Nagashima Yuuichi 長島 雄一 Yushima Hiroshi Kirk Thornton
Takahashi Naozumi 高橋 直純 Kamemon Jeff Nimoy
Nagano Ai 永野 愛 Kurosaki Miki Kate Higgins
Hanioka Yukiko 埴岡 由紀子 Shirakawa Megumi Stephanie Sheh
Gouda Hozumi 郷田 ほづみ Daimon Suguru Jeff Nimoy
Takemoto Eiji 竹本 英史 Bancho Leomon Wally Wingert
Kouda Mariko 國府田 マリ子 Daimon Sayuri Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Kikuchi Kokoro 菊池 こころ Daimon Chika Melissa Fahn
Terada Haruhi 寺田 はるひ Piyomon Terrance Stone
Fukami Rika 深見 梨加 Yggdrasill Jonathan David Cook
Kikuchi Masami 菊池 正美 Kurata Akihiro Brian Palermo
KENN/Ohashi Kenichirou 大橋 賢一郎 Kouki Dave Wittenberg
Ono Ryoko 小野 涼子 Nanami Philece Sampler
Hoshino Takanori 星野 貴紀 Ivan Christopher Darga
Hirota Kousei 廣田 行生 Mercurymon Richard Epcar
Maeda Ken 前田 健 Gotsumon Michael Lindsay
Kimura Masafumi 木村 雅史 Jureimon Michael McConnohie
Yamaguchi Ken 山口 健 Metal Phantomon Paul St. Peter
Ohta Tetsuharu 太田 哲治 Blossomon Melodee Spevack
Hanawa はなわ Hagurumon
Bifu Hitoshi 仁資 上別府 Saber Leomon Paul St. Peter
Naka Hiroshi 中 博史 Noguchi Kenji
Kumagaya Niina 熊谷 ニーナ Noguchi Misuzu Michelle Ruff
Yasumoto Hiroki 安元 洋貴 Franz Norstein
Ichimura Oma 壱智村 小真 Relena Norstein Kari Wahlgren
Aida Sayaka 相田 さやか Thoma's Mother Philece Sampler
Sasaki Daisuke 佐々木 大輔 Butler Kirk Thornton
Fukumatsu Shinya ふくまつ 進紗 Baromon Michael Sorich
Haraguchi Akimasa 原口 あきまさ Bomber Nanimon Kirk Thornton
Ohtsuka Tomoko 大塚 智子 Yukidarumon Mona Marshall
Chiba Isshin 千葉 一伸 Hayase Tsubasa Tom Fahn
Seki Tomokazu 関 智一 Neon Hanamura Yuri Lowenthal
Kojima Kazunari 小嶋 一成 Dynasmon Chris Edgerly
Tsuruoka Satoshi 鶴岡 聡 Chief Hashiba Doug Stone
Drimogemon Lex Lang
Ulforce V-dramon Joe Ochman
Kamiya Hiroshi 神谷 浩史 Craniummon Henry Dittman
Nozawa Masako 野沢 雅子 Dukemon Brad Sherwood
Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木 達央 Magnamon Brian Fairlee
Chiba Susumu 千葉 進歩 Lord Knightmon Dave Bushnell
Tanaka Hideyuki 田中 秀幸 Omegamon Lex Lang
Murozono Takehiro 室園 丈裕 Duftmon Beau Billingslea

Theme Songs[edit]

Opening Theme:

Opening Theme #2:

  • Title: Hirari
  • Artist: Wada Kouji
  • Songwriter: Wada Kouji
  • Composer: IKUO
  • Arranger: SPM@

Ending Theme:

  • Title: One Star
  • Artist: Ito Yousuke
  • Songwriter: Sakakibara Tomoko
  • Composer: POM
  • Arranger: Oono Hiroaki

Ending Theme #2:

  • Title: Ryuusei
  • Artist: MiyuMiyu
  • Songwriter/Composer: Yukiko
  • Arranger: Miyake Kazunori

Insert Song:

  • Title: Believer
  • Artist: IKUO
  • Songwriter: Yamada Hiroshi
  • Composer/Arranger: Ohta Michihiko


Rental DVD Box Art[edit]

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Digimon Savers promo art
Digimon Savers promo art
Digimon Savers promo art
Digimon Savers promo art
Digimon Savers promo art
Digimon Savers promo art
Digimon Savers promo art
Digimon Savers project

TV Magazine[edit]

Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster
Digimon Savers TV magazine poster

Digimon Savers Trading Card Collection Light[edit]

Digimon Trading Collection Light
Digimon Trading Collection Light
Digimon Trading Collection Light
Digimon Trading Collection Light
Digimon Trading Collection Light
Digimon Trading Collection Light
Digimon Trading Collection Light
Digimon Trading Collection Light
Digimon Trading Collection Light

V-Jump Magazine[edit]

See Gallery:Digimon Savers/V-Jump.
Digimon Savers V-Jump promo

Digimon Savers Complete Encyclopedia[edit]

See Gallery:Digimon Savers Complete Encyclopedia.

DigiFes 2019 Booklet[edit]

DigiFes 2019 Booklet


Digimon Savers size comparison
Digimon Savers size comparison
Digimon Savers size comparison
Digimon Savers size comparison

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