Piyomon (Savers)

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For the Piyomon in Digimon Savers: Another Mission, see here.
Kanji/Kana ピヨモン
Dub Name Biyomon
Human Partner Daimon Chika (befriended)
Voice Actor Japanese Terada Haruhi (寺田 はるひ)
English Terrence Stone

Piyomon is a Digimon that befriended Daimon Chika in Digimon Savers.


Baby I Puwamon
Baby II ?
Child Piyomon
Adult Aquilamon
Perfect Garudamon
Ultimate ?




Digimon Savers[edit]

Piyomon realized as a DigiTama to Sayuri and Chika while they were doing laundry and hatched into a Puwamon. After and attack from Falcomon trying to find the DigiTama, he evolved into Piyomon, happily telling Chika that he evolved to protect her. Since Piyomon realized as a DigiTama, he was to be a partner digimon for DATS and Chika was to be checked if she had a compatible DigiSoul. If Chika and Piyomon were compatible, she would be scouted into DATS. Piyomon promised to always protect Chika.

Masaru didn't want his sister to be put into danger because of DATS, so he brought Piyomon out to a field to fight "Man-to-Man" to send Piyomon back to the Digital World so his sister couldn't join DATS. Falcomon intervenes in the battle and tries to attack Chika after Piyomon refuses to return to the Digital World with him.

Mercurimon realizes, blocking an attack against Falcomon. Seeing that the members of DATS can't win, Piyomon sacrifices himself in an attempt to send Mercurimon back to the Digital World, but he reverts into a DigiTama.

After hatching again back at Mercurimon's lair, Piyomon is delusional, constantly asking where Chika is when he should have no memory of her. He evolves to Aquilamon and goes to the real world, wreaking havoc on the city, eventually making his way to an oil refinery where he fights Masaru and Geo Greymon. After a direct attack, he evolved again, this time to Garudamon and after struggling with himself, attacks Chika, the attack blocked by Geo Greymon. Masaru then learns to use the full digisoul charge and Geo Greymon evolves to Rise Greymon, easily overpowering Garudamon and returning him it was not said what was done with it.

In DS43, Piyomon returns, but he looses all his memories such like Gotsumon, but soon regains them and helps Masaru and his friends by staying to defend the human world. After Ikuto and Yoshino decided to head back to the Digital World in search of Masaru, He stayed behind in order to protect Chika and Sayuri and the other Baby Digimon there. When Craniummon appeared he thought he was a threat and attempted to defeat him. However, after being swatted away on numerous occasions, Chika urged him not to continue fight, but Piyomon refused to do so. When Chika intervened, her DigiSoul emerged, causing Piyomon to evolve to Garudamon. Still no match for Craniummon, but he soon realized that Craniummon was actually there to help Bantyo Leomon, who then reveals to them that Bantyo Leomon is Daimon Suguru. When Yggdrasil enters the Real World, Piyomon helps out to prevent it from destroying both world as they were on the verge of colliding. Soon after Yggdrasil's defeat, he returns to the Digital World along with the other Partner Digimon.

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