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Kanji/Kana イワン
Dub Name Ivan
Digivice Brown/Gray Bio-Hybrid Digivice
Family Many brothers and sisters (all unnamed)
Voice Actor Japanese Hoshino Takanori (星野 貴紀)
English Christopher Darga

Ivan is an antagonist working for Kurata Akihiro in Digimon Savers.

Bio Hybrid Evolution[edit]

Adult Bio Stegomon
Ultimate Bio Spinomon


Ivan seemed to be a stereotypical strong Russian and one of Kurata's henchmen. Ivan seems to have difficulty containing his inner thoughts, and tends to blurt out what he's thinking without realizing it. After meeting Yoshino (calling her his "Beloved Honey") for the first time, he developed some sort of attraction towards her. After being defeated by Rosemon, it was revealed the he worked for Kurata to earn money for his family. He was last seen in the finale with his siblings, trying to help stop the real world and the Digital World from colliding.



Digimon Savers[edit]

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