Bio-Hybrid Digivice

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Bio-Hybrid Digivice
Bio-Hybrid Digivice
Kanji/Kana バイオハイブリッド デジヴァイス
Dub Name Bio-Link Digivice
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The Bio-Hybrid Digivice (バイオハイブリッド デジヴァイス, Baio Haiburiddo Dejivaisu) is a digivice created by Kurata Akihiro in Digimon Savers.


  • Uses DigiSoul to allow modified humans to transform into specialized Digimon forms.


Owner Front plate Base/Body Screen Ring
Tsubasa Kouki blue dark gray silver gray
Nanami burgundy dark gray silver gray
Ivan brown dark gray silver gray



Digimon Savers[edit]

Image Gallery[edit]

Biohybrid digivice kouki.png Biohybrid digivice nanami.png Biohybrid digivice ivan.png
Kouki's Digivice Nanami's Digivice Ivan's Digivice