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Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Dark Knightmon, who had already absorbed Gulfmon, had Shademon (as Shademon (Nene Ver.)) Force DigiXros him with Blastmon, taking advantage of his weakened state after a battle with Shoutmon X6, in "Xros Alliance! The Final Battle in Odaiba!!". He's shown in this form in "Xros Warrior!! The Released Demon!!", where he intruded in Shoutmon X7's battle with Tactimon and Lilithmon and took the latter on, while claiming he'd bring the peace and death of darkness to the Digital World by defeating his brother, Bagramon. After defeating Lilithmon, Dark Knightmon thought about his brother creating Tactimon's Jatetsufūjin-maru, revealing their connection, how his brother was born as an archangel while he was born as an imp only to be despised, and how it caused him anger before but now it was only a bittersweet memory as he'd obtain power and glory by becoming the absolute king that ruled over the Digital World. To do so, he ordered Shademon to Force DigiXros him with Lilithmon, but she adviced him not to as he had just absorbed Blastmon the day before and had not stabilized yet so he could lose self-control. Dark Knightmon grabbed Shademon and ordered her not to talk back as she was just an accessory to create the Darkness Loader and self-control didn't matter, showing a far more violent behaviour than his usual and how much his mind had been affected by the continuous Force DigiXrosses.

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