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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Glory Weapon
グローリーウェポン Gurōrī Uepon Titan Laser Points his hands and back cylinders in the enemy's direction and shoots a giant laser beam.
Phantom Screen
ファントムスクリーン Fantomu Sukurīn Fantasmic Bomb Radiates a blue shock wave
God Punish
ゴッドパニッシュ Goddo Panisshu GAIA Gear A very powerful counter-attack strike from its hand.
Phantasma Wall
ファンタスマウォール Fantasuma Uōru Fantasmic Ray A larger, more powerful version of Phantom Screen.
Cylinder Flail
シリンダーフレイル Shirindā Fureiru Tubular Attack Strikes one enemy with his back cylinders, or all enemies when in counter-attack.
Infant Ray
インファントレイ Infanto Rei Reduction Ray Fires a green ray that lowers an enemy's attack power.
God Hand Left
ゴッドハンド・レフト Goddo Hando Refuto Left Hand Attacks with a concussion from its left hand.
God Hand Right
ゴッドハンド・ライト Goddo Hando Raito Right Hand Attacks with a concussion from its right hand.
Last Gun
ラストガン Rasuto Gan Light Gun GAIA's last attack after its hands are defeated. Unleashes a very powerful beam of yellow energy that blasts a single target.
Land Disruption
ランドディスラプション Rando Disurapushon Destabilizer Ray Slams the ground with its hand and unleashes a yellow energy that lowers the defense of its enemies.


Video Games[edit]

Digimon World 2[edit]

GAIA is the final boss of the main storyline. The Directory Continent is deemed saved upon its defeat. It has a massive amount of HP and will wipe the floor with your team.

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