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Digimonworld2 logo.png

Box Art
Digimon World 2 Box Art
Digimon World 2 Box Art
Name Digimon World 2
Usa.png Digimon World 2
System PlayStation
Release Date July 27, 2000
May 19, 2001
Language Japanese English

Digimon World 2 (デジモンワールド2, Dejimon Wārudo 2) is a video game.


Akira lives in Digital City, a town located in Directory Continent, a land where Digimon used to live peacefully. However, wild Digimon began attacking Akira's hometown, and Akira joins a Guard Team (ガードチーム) that is charged with protection peace and security of the region.

Akira finishes his last Training Mission from Zudokan to become a Guard Tamer and joins one of the Guard Teams. Akira has the option of choosing between the teams of the Blue Falcon (ブルーファルコン), the Silver Cross (シルバークロス, dub: Gold Hawk), or the Black Sword (ブラックソード). Akira receives missions from the Team Leader, such as hunting down and battling wild Digimon, finding important people, and encountering and defeating Tamers belonging to the Blood Knights (ブラッドナイツ), an evil and malicious team that revolt against Digital City 30 years ago and used various Digimon to do their bidding.


Unlike its previous game, Digimon World, Digimon World 2 is a traditional turn-based RPG with dungeon crawl as the exploration element. The player's exploration in the dungeons involves around DigiBeetle, a digital vehicle equipped with various cannons, armors, batteries, and additional engines. DigiBeetle is the main tool to perform important actions such as destroying obstacles and hidden traps, assisting the Digimon allies in the battle, as well as luring and befriending wild Digimon to increase the player's party. However, there is a limit number of items and Digimon that can be brought during the mission, which can be increased by upgrading the DigiBeetle.

Evolution and Jogress play an important role as the grinding experience system. Digimon's evolution is determined by the Jogress Points (JP), while Jogress is heavily required to progressing the level limit. A Child Digimon may evolve to Adult Digimon at LV 11, an Adult Digimon may evolve to Perfect Digimon at LV 21, and a Perfect Digimon may evolve to Ultimate Digimon at LV 31. Unlike in the anime, Jogress is the process of combining 2 Digimon with high Level into a Digimon with lower Level. However, the Jogressed Digimon is potentially stronger and can learn many Techniques from its parents. The result of Digimon by Jogress is determined by the parent Digimon's genetic and Attribute.

Battle Mechanics[edit]

The battle system in this game is 3-VS-3 Digimon battle that revolves around 2 Digimon traits: Attributes (Data, Vaccine, and Virus) and elements (Water, Fire, Nature, Machine, Darkness). A Digimon has stats that consist of HP, MP, Offense, Defense, and Speed. Speed is the most difficult stat to be raised, but Digimon with slightly lower Speed has a chance of act faster than the higher ones.

Attribute Chain

  • ... → Data → Vaccine → Virus → ... (strengthened by)
  • ... → Data → Virus → Vaccine → ... (weakened by)

Elemental Chain

  • ... → Water → Fire → Nature → Machine → Darkness → ... (strengthened by)
  • ... → Water → Nature → Darkness → Fire → Machine → ... (weakened by)

The battle also involves Techniques, mostly by using Digimon's MP to lower opponent's HP to 0. Depending on those Digimon's stats, damage calculation is always fixed in this game, but they can be strengthened or weakened by the corresponding elemental Tile. A Digimon may also able to Guard, which reduces the damage taken and restores its MP a bit.

Naturally, a Digimon species can only have 1 signature Technique, but it can learn up to 12 Techniques. There are 4 types of Technique:

  • Attack (アタック): Basic/regular attack that sometimes deals additional effect.
  • Counter (カウンター): Always goes after Attack, but deals additional effect only when the user is attacked.
  • Interrupt (インタラプト): Always executed before any target's action, but can be only used when the target's Tech is not Interrupt.
  • Assist (アシスト): Non-damaging Techs that usually support the allies and/or disrupt the opponents.


Any Digimon that raised in the Pocket Digimon World series can be transferred to Digimon World 2 by using a Memory Card that emulates Pocket Digimon World. This is the only legitimate way to obtain Chimairamon in this game. Digimon World 2 is also compatible with WonderSwan/WonderSwan Color by using D-1 Grand Prix feature.

However, these compatibilities were removed in the English version.


Main Characters[edit]

Akira 2.jpg
Akira is the protagonist of the game and the character that the player controls. Although his default name is Akira, the player can choose whatever name they like. His DigiBeetle's default name is Zero Gunner (ゼロガンナー Zero Gannā, dub: Gunner), but can also be changed. Akira is an aspiring Guard Tamer and at the start of the game, is about to complete his final training mission. After successfully completing his first mission, he is free to join one of the three Guard Teams.
Akira's rival and always attempts to surpass Akira with little success.
Gabumon, Garurumon, Gizamon, Delumon, Devidramon, Digitamamon, Flare Lizamon, Patamon, Penmon, Raremon, Tailmon, Tankmon, Toy Agumon, Vegimon
Rinrin Shao
Rinrin shao.png
Bertran's best friend and is always around him, trying to calm him down when he gets frustrated with Akira.
Angemon, Angewomon, Bakumon, Etemon, Ganimon, Monzaemon, Mushmon, Igamon, Kiwimon, Kunemon, Lilimon, Raremon

Other Characters[edit]

Silver Cross[edit]

Leader of the Silver Cross Guard Tamers
Mamemon, Metal Mamemon, Prince Mamemon
A Silver Cross Tamer who appears to be a gentle girl.
Bakumon, Birdramon, Pidmon, Piyomon, Tentomon, Unimon
Arc Schultz
Arc schultz.png
A generous Silver Cross Tamer who tells Akira about a rare Metal Greymon.
Gururumon, Saberdramon, Shima Unimon
Blanc Weissman
Blanc weissman.png
A high-rank Silver Cross Tamer who often worries about Esmeralda.
Aero V-dramon, Garudamon, Mammon

Blue Falcon[edit]

Leader of the Blue Falcon Guard Tamers.
Holydramon, Jijimon, Marine Angemon
A Blue Falcons Guard Team and Akira's mentor during the Training Mission.
Blossomon, Delumon, Lilimon, Mega Seadramon, Pumpmon, Triceramon
A Blue Falcon Tamer who usually hangs around with her Palmon.
J Mojyamon, Mamemon, Mori Shellmon, Togemon
A Blue Falcon Tamer who tries to be very aggressive but fails.
Centalmon, Elecmon, Floramon, Gottsumon, Monochromon, Tyranomon
Ben Oldman
Ben Oldman.png
The former leader of the Blue Falcon that went into hiding after the Blood Knights incident. He held the secret to reaching File Island.
Centalmon, Meramon, Metal Mamemon

Black Sword[edit]

Leader of the Black Sword Guard Tamers.
Hagurumon, Pico Devimon, Pinochimon
Ototate Shina
Ototate shina.png
A Black Sword Tamer who appears to be a shy girl.
Devimon, Gazimon, Gesomon, Guardromon, Otamamon, Pico Devimon
Klong Gander
Klong gander.png
A middle-aged Black Sword Tamer with a silent personality.
Bakemon, Fantomon, Megadramon, Soulmon, Vamdemon, Woodmon
Kiruri Bait
Kiruri bait.png
A high-rank Black Sword Tamer with somewhat rough personality.
Megadramon, Tekkamon, Waru Monzaemon

City Officials[edit]

Mission Chief Carol
Mission Chief Carol.png
An adminstrator of Digital City who is responsible for managing the safety of Guard Tamers.
Factory Manager Maisto
A chief director who is specializing in DigiBeetle and various machines.
Estina Violet
A mysterious lady who seems to be involved to GAIA.

Device Dome Officials[edit]

A mini robot built by Ayumi from parts she found in Domains. However, it is revealed that it was built by the malicious program of Overlord GAIA.
A girl from the Device Dome who loves engineering. At first, she suspected to be infiltrate the city and steal the Generator Parts, but turns out that she only borrowing the Generator Parts for a new invention.
Wizarmon, Seadramon, Akatorimon
Ayumi's sister who produces inventions in the Device Dome.
Professor Hyotto
Professor Piyotte.png
An expert in Digimon and knows a great deal about Digimon's evolution and Jogress.


Silver Guardian
Silver Guardian.png
The patron of the Silver Cross Guard Team, which specializes in Vaccine-type Digimon.
Blue Guardian
Blue Guardian.png
The patron of the Blue Falcon Guard Team, which specializes in Data-type Digimon.
Black Guardian
Black Guardian.png
The patron of the Black Sword Guard Team, which specializes in Virus-type Digimon.


Overload GAIA
OverLord GAIA.png
A mother computer used in a project named GAIA, and a self-aware artificial intelligence with powerful abilities. It continued the experiment to further evolve itself by starting a war and chaos in the Digital World.

Blood Knights[edit]

The mastermind and the leader of the Blood Knights. Originally a respected Guard Tamer of the Digital City, but became obsessed to an unknown life form known as GAIA.
Ex-Tyranomon, Skull Mammon, Deltamon, Vamdemon, Venom Vamdemon, Pumpmon
Neo Crimson
Neo Crimson.png
Crimson transforms himself into a powerful digital life form by using the DNA of Chaos-Series Digimon and Chaos Lord.
A high-ranking officer of the Blood Knights, and has known Crimson for a long time and considers him his friend.
Platinum Scumon, Waru Monzaemon, Nanimon, Etemon, Jyureimon, Orgemon, Atlur Kabuterimon, Pinochimon, Red Vegimon, Gerbemon, Gran Kuwagamon, Ex-Tyranomon

Digimon Characters[edit]


Obtainable Digimon[edit]

Depending on its Guard Team, Akira can only choose 1 partner Digimon in the beginning of the game.



Unobtainable Digimon[edit]


Directory Continent[edit]

File Island[edit]

Kernel Zone[edit]

Sound Effects[edit]

Satoshi Ishikawa


  • Pre-orders of this game came with the Hyper Colosseum card Dw-4.

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