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Box Art
Digimon World 3: The Door of A New Adventure Box Art
Digimon World 3 Digimon World 2003 Box Art
Name Digimon World 3: The Door of A New Adventure
Usa.png Digimon World 3
Europe Digimon World 2003
System PlayStation
Release Date JapanJuly 4, 2002
United StatesJune 5, 2002
EuropeNovember 29, 2002
Language Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian

Digimon World 3: The Door of A New Adventure (デジモンワールド3 新たなる冒険の扉, Dejimon Wārudo 3 Aratanaru Bouken no Tobira) is a video game.


Digimon Online (デジモン・オンライン), the first virtual online game utilized by Matrix Chamber (マトリクス・チェンバー) and maintained by MAGAMI (マガミ), is open for business and Atsushi is ready to play. The tale of a young boy and his friends begins as they travel throughout the Asuka Server, raising and battling alongside their partner Digimon.

Suddenly, the maintenance of Digimon Online is announced and all humans inside are unable to return to the Real World. From the depths of the Amaterasu Server, the terrorist organization A.o.A emerges, trying to take over both the Digital World and the Real World. It’s up to Atsushi to stop them in their tracks and keep the peace before their server becomes corrupted forever.

After peace returns to the Digital World, Digimon Online is reconstructed with only the Central and East Sectors of Amaterasu Server accessible. Atsushi can finally challenge the real leaders of Amaterasu Server by collecting all 5 Epic Items (エピックアイテム). Only then will the World Champ (ワールドチャンプ) reveal his identity, and Atsushi will have to earn that title by finishing the final battle.


Digimon World 3 is a traditional RPG that focuses on battle and mostly exploration. The battle system is a single battle with up to 3 Digimon in the party. The player can command his Digimon by attacking the enemy without MP or using Techniques. Any attacks may result in a critical hit and can be evaded randomly. The player can also switch out his Digimon or run away from wild Digimon. When a Digimon is switched with a compatible Digimon, they can do a temporary Jogress Evolution and use its Signature Technique.

The natural evolution system of partner Digimon is based on level: LV 5 for Adult, LV 20 for Perfect, and LV 40 for Ultimate. The additional evolution depends on the partner Digimon and the requirement of certain stats. Certain Techniques can be learned and loaded to other evolutions by reaching certain Digimon's LV Skill. Any partner Digimon as Child stage already have their Signature Technique, but is unable to use any loaded Techniques. Each partner Digimon can have up to 3 different evolutions at a time, and up to 3 loaded Techniques per evolution. These can only be changed by Dr. Kadomatsu or any Piccolomon in the Digimon Lab.

Evolution of partner Digimon can be set before the battle and can be performed during the battle. However, partner Digimon may devolved when they are ambushed, thus cannot attack for on the first turn. Every partner Digimon also have a Blast Gauge. When the Blast Gauge is full, the Digimon will evolve into a higher level stage and can use its Signature Technique and any Loaded Techniques for 3 turns without needing MP. Blast Gauge can only be raised by receiving damage of at least 30% of a Digimon's HP.

Equipment can be equipped on certain Digimon to enhance their stats and have an additional effect, but some of them can have drawbacks. The equipment slots of the partner Digimon are Head, Body, Left Hand, Right Hand, and a pair of Accessories. Certain equipment can be bought from shops, found in treasure chests, or by defeating certain Digimon. However, the enhanced stats of these equipments are ignored for evolution requirements.

There are 8 partner Digimon in total, which can be obtained by using the Digimon's DDNA, which can be obtained by defeating the Perfect form of their respective Digimon. The Digimon's DDNA can be brought to the DDNA Agents, thus the player can have their newborn Digimon appear in the Digimon Lab.

Digimon Stats[edit]

  • HP: A Digimon's health points, which causes the Digimon faint if it is reduced to 0.
  • MP: A Digimon's energy points, which is used as a cost for any Techniques.
  • Strength (つよさ): A stat that increases the damage results on the enemies by any regular attacks and physical Techniquess.
  • Defense (まもり): A stat that decreases the damage results taken by any regular attacks and physical Techniques.
  • Spirit (せいしん): A stat that affects the damage results by any magical Techniques on the enemies, as well as the damage results taken by any magical Techniques.
  • Wisdom (かしこさ): A stat that affects the accuracy and the evasion of any magical Techniques.
  • Speed (すばやさ): A stat that affects the accuracy and the evasion of regular attacks and physical Techniques. It also determines the turn by acting faster and acting twice in a row.
  • Charisma (かっこよさ): A stat that required to trigger either an optional Digimon Battle or Card Battle by talking to any Tamer.
  • Tolerances (ていこう): A stat that reduces the damage results taken by an appropriate elemental attacks, as well as the chance of higher damage caused by an appropriate elemental magical attacks. The elemental effects are Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Thunder, Machine, and Darkness (ほのお・みず・こおり・かぜ・かみなり・きかい・やみ).

Card Battle[edit]

Card Battle is an optional mini-game that is unrelated to the storyline, which can played by obtaining the "Folder Bag" (フォルダ・バッグ) first. The player can have a set of three decks called as Folder, and each Folder has 40 cards with the same card that is limited to 4 copies. The player can collect Digimon cards by defeating Cardmon appear at the trees or in the water after obtaining the "Tree-Kicking Boots" (きけりブーツ) and the "Fishing Rod" (つりざお), respectively, or by challenging certain Tamers into Card Battles, with the combined partner Digimon's Charisma stats as a requirement.

Card Type[edit]

There are 314 cards that can be collected, which can be classified by the color: White, Blue, Green, Red, Black, and Brown (シロ・アオ・ミドリ・アカ・クロ・チャ). With exception of Brown, these cards increase the number of D-Energy (Dエネルギー) by one each.

  • Digimon Card (デジモンカード): A card that can be played on the field normally during the Summon Phase, which has the number of AT (Attack Points) and PT (Protect Points). With exception of Brown, they have a D-Energy cost that is required to appear on the field. If a Digimon's PP goes to 0, it is discarded to the Trash.
  • Program Card (プログラムカード or PGカード): A card that can be played during Load Phase or Compile Phase. They cannot be played during the Summon Phase.

They are discard to the Trash after the use. Their activations can be only chained until the first player's second card.


The Card Battle has a three matches, which is divided by 6 phases.

  • Initiative Phase (イニシアチブ・フェイズ): A challenger must draw either a face-down Culumon or Impmon card. By drawing Culumon card, the player goes first.
  • Draw Phase (ドロー・フェイズ): Both players must draw 6 cards from their own Folder. The player can have maximum 10 cards on the hand. Each card that player draw determines the number of D-Energy collected.
  • Load Phase (ロード・フェイズ): Both players may use Option Card(s) to enhances and/or disrupts their resources, with the player that draw Culumon card goes first.
  • Summon Phase (サモン・フェイズ): Both players select the Digimon Card(s) to appear on the field, with maximum 6 cards. The selected Digimon Card(s) subtracted the D-Energy depending on the appropriate cost.
  • Compile Phase (コンパイル・フェイズ): Both players may use Option Card(s) to enhances and/or disrupts their resources and/or their Digimon Cards on the field, with the player that draw Culumon card goes first.
  • Battle Phase (バトル・フェイズ): The number of AT and PT of both players are summed altogether and each number of a player's PT are subtracted by another player's AT. The winner of the match is decided by having the higher number of a player's PT. However, if it ties, the challenger always lose the match.
    • Combo: The player can also make the combo having at least 3 same Digimon Cards, which summed up the AT and PT of same Digimon Cards. If a player has more than 4 same cards, the combo is summed up the AT and PT of the same Digimon Card plus 20 AT and 20 PT instead. The combo is capped to 99, making the maximum AT or PT results are 792.
    • Winning Condition: The winner of two matches wins the game. If a player cannot draw 6 cards during the Draw Phase, another player wins the game.



  • Atsushi
  • Minori
  • Takumi
  • Keith
  • Nick
  • Lisa
  • Kūto / Lucky Mouse
  • Gen-jii
  • Dr. Kadomatsu
  • Seiryu Leader
  • Suzaku Leader
  • Byakko Leader
  • Genbu Leader
  • Lyon
  • Chuck
  • Ice Witch
  • Fire Knight
  • Dark Knight
  • Ice Master
  • Fire Master
  • Dark Master
  • Qing Long Leader
  • Zhu Qiao Leader
  • Bai Hu Leader
  • Xuan Wu Leader


  • A.o.A Generals
  • A.o.A Troopers
  • Game Master
  • Qing Long Chief
  • Zhu Qiao Chief
  • Bai Hu Chief
  • Xuan Wu Chief
  • Royal Guard
  • MAGAMI President / Chief Officer
  • Lord Megadeath



Obtainable Digimon[edit]

At first, the player can choose one of 3 Starter Pack (3 Digimon per Pack) listed below as his partner Digimon.

As the story progressed, it is possible to obtain all 8 partner Digimon by collecting their respective DDNA and giving them to certain DDNA Agents. This is the only the way to obtain V-mon in this game.

Enemy Digimon[edit]

In this game, several enemy Digimon have their own recolored version that share the same name, which mostly are usually stronger than regular ones. The number of recolored Digimon below are marked with asterisks.

None available

None available

Non-Playable Character Digimon[edit]

These Digimon listed below appears in the game or are mentioned but cannot be battled in the game.

Obtainable Cards[edit]

  • Sacred Spear (セイクリッドスピア)
  • Summon Angemon (サモン・エンジェモン)
  • Holy Aura (ホーリーオーラ)
  • Protect Aura (プロテクトオーラ)
  • White Power (ホワイトパワー)
  • Summon Patamon (サモン・パタモン)
  • Tidal Wave (タイダルウェブ)
  • Control Parts (コントロールパツ)
  • Freeze Bug (フリーズバグ)
  • Eclipse Undo (エクリプスアンドゥ)
  • Blue Power (ブルーパワー)
  • Summon Gomamon (サモン・ゴマモン)
  • Wild Aura (ワイルドオーラ)
  • Eco Recycle (エコリサイクル)
  • Green Force (グリーンフォース)
  • Beast Energy (ビーストエナジー)
  • Green Power (グリーンパワー)
  • Summon Palmon (サモン・パルモン)
  • Volcanic Cannon (ヴォルカニックカノン)
  • Blazing Curse (ブレイジングカース)
  • Flame Gatling (フレイムガトリング)
  • Fire Cannon (ファイアカノン)
  • Red Power (レッドパワー)
  • Summon Goblimon (サモン・ゴブリモン)
  • Darkness Gale (ダークネスゲイル)
  • Deceive Cloak (ディシヴクローク)
  • Chaos Virus (カオスウィルス)
  • Vicious Hacking (ヴィシャスハッキング)
  • Black Power (ブラックパワー)
  • Summon Devimon (サモン・デビモン)
  • Delete Matrix (デリートマトリクス)
  • Fortune Gate (フォーチュンゲート)
  • Misery Gate (ミザリィゲート)
  • Desire Access (デザイヤーアクセス)
  • Anti-Power (アンチパワー)
  • Revival Charge (リバイバルチャージ)
  • Chrono Balance (クロノバランス)
  • Security Hole (セキュリティホール)
  • Absolute Barrier (アブソリュートバリア)
  • Scramble Up (スカランブルアップ)
  • Powered Metal (パワードメタル)
  • Charge Terminal (チャージターミナル)
  • Digimon Charge (デジモンチャージ)
  • Program Charge (プログラムチャージ)
  • Trade Charge (トレードチャージ)
  • Illegal Access (イリーガルアクセス)
  • Break Launcher (ブレイクランチャー)
  • Cancel Wheel (キャンセルホイール)
  • Rusty Dust (ラスティダスト)
  • Summon Hagurumon (サモン・ハグルモン)
  • Remove White (リマーブホワイト)
  • Remove Blue (リマーブブルー)
  • Remove Green (リマーブグリー)
  • Remove Red (リマーブレッド)
  • Remove Black (リマーブブラック)
  • Summon Cancel (サモンキャンセル)
  • Berserk Energy (バーサークエナジー)
  • Disturb Gear (ディスターブギア)
  • Protect Armor (プロテクトアーマー)
  • Assault Armor (アサルトアーマー)


Real World[edit]

Kusanagi City[edit]

Kusanagi City (くさなぎシティ) is the city where the MAGAMI company has the Online Center for Digimon Online. Atsushi and his friends met at a street corner in the city in order to play Digimon Online together.


Magasta (マガスタ) is a military base used by A.o.A to complete the Real World domination plan by using Destromon, a BEMmon that was infused with the Juggernaut (ジャガーノート), a weaponized ship on the sea.


Gunslinger (ガンスリンガー) is a satellite on the space used by Lord Megadeath to turn every human on earth into Buumon and destroy the mankind. Although the plan was foiled, Snatchmon, an evolved BEMmon later fused itself with the Gunslinger into Ragnamon and planned to fuse again with earth to become Gaiamon.

Digital World[edit]

Asuka Server[edit]

Asuka Server (アスカ・サーバ) is the server that Atsushi is assigned to for Digimon Online. The first half of the game takes place on this server.

Central Sector[edit]

East Sector[edit]

South Sector[edit]

West Sector[edit]

North Sector[edit]

Amaterasu Server[edit]

Amaterasu Server (アマテラス・サーバ) is another server for Digimon Online. Trouble is brewing in this server as the terrorist group A.o.A. takes over this server and attempts to take over the rest of the servers of Digimon Online.

Central Sector[edit]

East Sector[edit]

South Sector[edit]

West Sector[edit]

North Sector[edit]

Izumo Server[edit]

Izumo Server (イズモ・サーバ) is one of the five servers that Digimon Online is administered on. It is not visited during the game.

Yamato Server[edit]

Yamato Server (ヤマト・サーバ) is one of the five servers that Digimon Online is administered on. It is not visited during the game.

Ikaruga Server[edit]

Ikaruga Server (イカルガ・サーバ) is one of the five servers that Digimon Online is administered on. It is not visited during the game.


Underground (アンダーグラウンド) is the subterranean space under the servers of Digimon Online.


Seabed (かいてい) are paths used to travel between the sectors of a server. They can be only accessed by using Digimental of Sincerity to summon Submarimon. The player have to hold X (Japanese) or Triangle (English) to control Submarimon.


Underground (ちてい, dub: Circuit Board) are paths used to travel between the sectors and the servers. They can be only accessed by using Digimental of Knowledge to summon Digmon. These paths have simple obstacles but can be difficult to remember. Several Digimon here can give information of the current location and the paths that connect to it.

Network Interstice[edit]

Network Interstice (ネットワークのはざま, dub: Optical Network) is the network space between the servers of Digimon Online.

Bug Maze[edit]

Bug Maze (バグメイズ) is an optical network that is destroyed by Valvemon as a path for A.o.A to travel across the servers of Digimon Online. It cannot be accessed after Digimon Online has been reconstructed.

Sound Effects[edit]

  • Satoshi Ishikawa
  • Koji Yamada


According to Famitsu, the game sold 35,469 copies and landed on 3rd place during its first week in Japan.[1] During the second week, the game sold 11,378 copies, thus making total of 46,847 copies. During the third week, the game sold 6,865 copies, thus making total of 53,712 copies, and landed on the 26th place.[2] The game left the Famitsu charts on the fourth week.


Beta screenshot of Digimon World 3
  • Digimon World 3 is the first non regional-exclusive game that was released for North America before Japan.
  • There is a possibly beta screenshot of Digimon World 3 with the battle between the characters from Digimon World 2, Akira and a Bloody Knight member. The battle scene resembles to Digimon World 3, and Akira also have a XV-mon, which is obtainable in Digimon World 3.
  • There are two Battle Mode soundtracks from Digimon World 2, which specifically can be heard in the Legendary Gym and when battles against friendly Tamer. The soundtracks of Tailmon's Hotel and Yellow Cruiser/Lamb Chop are remixed version of two different Andromon's Fusion Shop in Digimon World: Digital Card Arena.
  • Some card illustrations are derived from the Digimon World: Digital Card Arena, with some modifications.
  • In the evolution charts of obtainable Digimon that can be seen in the Digimon Lab, there is an error where Seraphimon is depicted as Black Seraphimon.
  • Nanimon card is misnamed as Bomber Nanimon in all localized versions of the game.
  • There are two Tamers in Chrome Mine (Tamer Brown and Makoto) that share the same Digimon party (Brachimon, Deltamon, and Metal Tyranomon), and there is an unused roster that was programmed into the game (brown Cockatrimon, Jyureimon, and white Seadramon). Accroding to the Japanese guide, Tamer Brown is supposed to have the unused roster, rather than sharing the same roster.
  • The North America version of Digimon World 3 has several difference compared to the Japanese and the European releases of the game.
    • The storyline ended without having a epilogue quests, thus unable to progress the optional quests such as the Card Battle at the very beginning. The auction items in the Asuka City's Cargo Tower is still available, although it is hard to understand the people's dialogues and the obtained items.
    • The damage is not capped to 4 digits (9999), and reaches at least 5 digits (99999).
    • Counter Board (カウンターボード) and Multiple Board (マルチプルボード) will activate without fail, as oppossed to work 50% of the time.
  • The elemental field items were named after the Field attributes:
    • Virus Busters Field (VBフィーリド) or Flame Field
    • Deep Savers Field (DSフィーリド) or Water Field
    • Nightmare Soldiers Field (NSoフィーリド) or Ice Field
    • Wind Guardians Field (WGフィーリド) or Wind Field
    • Nature Spirits Field (NSフィーリド) or Thunder Field
    • Metal Empire Field (MEフィーリド) or Machine Field
    • Dark Area Field (DAフィーリド) or Dark Field
    • Unknown Field (UKフィーリド)
  • In the Japanese version, the opening cutscene is accompanied with the Miracle Maker song. This special cutscene can be only played for the first time before starting the game, and after that the ordinary cutscene will be played instead.
  • The First Pressing of this game came with a Hyper Colosseum card Dw-6.



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