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Kanji/Kana タクミ
Dub Name Teddy
Partner Digimon Many

Takumi (タクミ Takumi, dub: Teddy) is a supporting character in Digimon World 3.


Takumi is one of Atsushi's friend, along with Minori. He joins Atsushi and Minori in playing Digimon Online. A little clumsy, Takumi is often caught up between Atsushi and Minori's arguments. Takumi is knowledgeable about computer-related information, is very interested in the Matrix Chamber System「マトリックス・チェンバー・システム Matorikkusu Chenbā Shisutemu」technology used in Digimon Online, and aspires to become like the genius hacker Lucky Mouse.


Video Games[edit]

Digimon World 3[edit]

In Digimon Online, his account name is the same as his real name, because he is too lazy to think of another name. He becomes a great asset to Atsushi later through his knowledge of computers, eventually able to access the account code of Lucky Mouse to bring down the A.o.A.