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Kanji/Kana アツシ
Dub Name Junior
Age 12
Partner Digimon Many

Atsushi (アツシ Atsushi, dub: Junior) is the protagonist of Digimon World 3.


Atsushi is the protagonist of Digimon World 3, whom the player assumes the role of within the game. He loves everything about Digimon and is enthusiastic to join his friends Takumi and Minori in playing Digimon Online in the Digital World.


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Video Games[edit]

Digimon World 3[edit]

In Digimon Online, the player gets to choose Atsushi's account name, and he will be called as such throughout the entire game from that point onward. Atsushi's goal is to become the Server Champ of Asuka Server in order to enter the tournament to become the top player of the game.