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For the Appmon species, see Cardmon (Appmon).

Cardmon (カードモン Kādomon) are an unusual Digimon species appearing in Digimon World 3. There is no Digimon literally called "Cardmon" in the original release of the game, however, this page summarizes their shared characteristics.


Cardmon-species are enemy Digimon that can only be found by special in-game means, and never through random encounters. They are easily distinguished from other Digimon by their design, with a main body consisting of a colored sphere with a face, surrounded by anywhere from one to four cards based on their rarity, which can be seen as analogous to an evolution level as it also determines their strength.

Among Cardmon-species, each has a suffix in its name that indicates their rarity and habitat;

"Cardmon (X)1" is a variant only encountered by kicking trees.

"Cardmon (X)2" is a variant only encountered by fishing. This is reflected in the cards around its body being arranged to resemble a sea-dwelling creature.

The rarity indicator of Cardmon-species, from weakest to strongest, is as follows:

Common < Uncommon < Rare < Super-rare or Special

Upon defeat, Cardmon will always drop a booster pack of cards for use in Digimon World 3's CCG mini-game. The pool of obtainable booster packs depends on the Cardmon variant, which itself depends on the area in which it was encountered.

Cardmon is the only enemy in Digimon World 3 that can inflict the "Curse" ailment on Atsushi's Digimon. This unique ailment lowers the Digimon's base parameters, as indicated by the number on its status screen turning purple, and can only be cured by resting at a Tailmon Inn.

Encountering Cardmon[edit]

Kicking Trees[edit]

The first step is to acquire a pair of Kicking Tree Boots from a V-mon NPC. Having done that, find Kicking Trees, palm-like trees with purple-and-blue trunks and green leaves. Upon being kicked, a radar-like indicator will appear showing how far away the nearest tree is that is populated with a Digimon, which is typically Cardmon, but can sometimes be another. A blue pulse means there are none nearby. Yellow indicates it is somewhere within the general area, and magenta means it is in very close proximity. If the tree holds a Digimon, a battle ensues immediately upon kicking.


Once you have acquired a Fishing Rod, you may fish at certain bodies of water, by approaching them and pushing X when the fishing speech bubble pops up. While fishing, a slider appears which stops upon pressing X again. There is some variance in the speed at which the slider moves and decelerates with each fishing attempt.

Depending on what color the slider lands upon, the result is either:

Purple: No bites.

Green: A battle with an appropriate aquatic Digimon.

Yellow (accompanied by a sound cue): A battle with a Cardmon.

After fishing within the same screen a certain amount of times, the bar will turn completely purple, making it impossible to reel in more opponents. This can be reset by simply exiting and re-entering the area.

List of Cardmon[edit]

Cardmon c1.png Cardmon U1.png Cardmon R1.png Cardmon S1.png
Cardmon C1 Cardmon U1 Cardmon R1 Cardmon S1
Cardmon c2.png Cardmon u2.png Cardmon R2.png Cardmon S2.png
Cardmon C2 Cardmon U2 Cardmon R2 Cardmon S2