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Appmon (アプモン, Apumon), short for Appli Monster (アプリモンスター, Apuri Monsutā; Dub: App Monster), are a type of digital creature based on smartphone apps. Possessing artificial intelligence, being able to think and act independently, they are "app lifeforms" that were born within the boundary between the Real World and digital space, lurking within the Net Ocean. Sources differ as to whether or not Appmon are a specialized form of Digimon. They share several similarities to Digimon but have specific features exclusive to them. Appmon are found in the "Common network", they are the "Apps" that humankind use everyday. They exist in this middle ground between the humans' physical world and the "Deeper network" of Digimon, commonly known as the Net[1]. There are as many different species of Appmon as many apps exist.


In the Real World, Appmon exist in the form of an Appmon Chip, and are able to appliarise from them through the use of a device such as the Appli Drive. They also each have two retractable Plugs attached to them, which they use to applink with other Appmon.


Unlike Digimon who exist within deeper layers of the Network known as Digital World, Appmon exists in the middle ground between our physical world and the deeper Network, in the form of the "Mobile apps" that people use everyday. The setting of Appmon is inspired by the OSI model.

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Both Digimon and Appmon are made of data; while the former are made of Binary code and wireframe, the latter are a combination of more complex coding language.

WarGreymon Charismon DUAM.jpg
WarGreymon Globemon DUAM.jpg
WarGreymon Warudamon DUAM.jpg


Appmon evolve via AppGattai (アプ合体, Apugattai; lit. "App Fusion"). This occurs if Appmon applink in a specific combination. AppGattai can sometimes result in failure; the failed AppGattai of two Standard-grade Appmon will result in forming Sukasimon, of two Super-grade Appmon, Damedamon.



Like Digimon, Appmon species are also given several different classifications. Although some of the parameters used to classify them differ from those used for Digimon, they can be seen as equivalences.


Appmon represent different type of apps, possessing the abilities of those apps. They each have a unique icon called an "Appli Icon" (アプリアイコン, Apuri Aikon), similar to the app icon on smartphone, displayed on the back of their Appmon Chips.


Appmon species are classified by "Grade" (グレード, Gurēdo). This is analogous to a Digimon's Level:

Main article: Evolution Stage
Appmon grades tease.png


Analogous to a Digimon's Attribute, Appmon species are classified into eight "Types" (属性, Zokusei), each of which represents the genre of the app that they are based on:

Type Japanese Icon Strong Against Weak Against
Social ソシャール Social icon.png Navi Life
Navi ナビ Navi icon.png Tool Social
Tool ツール Tool icon.png System Navi
System システム System icon.png Game Tool
Game ゲーム Game icon.png Entertainment System
Entertainment エンタメ Entertainment icon.png Life Game
Life ライフ Life icon.png Social Entertainment
God ゴッド God icon.png

Power Chart[edit]

Appmon types power chart.png
Appmon Types Power Chart[N 1]


Appmon can have a Buddy (バディ, Badi), a human with whom the Appmon has a partner relationship and is analogous to partner Digimon:

Main article: Buddy Appmon


List of Appmon[edit]

Appmon Icon App Grade Type Power
Addmon Addmon icon.png Address Book (アドレス帳) Standard Social 320
Aidmon Aidmon icon.png Rescue (救命) Standard Life 490
Auctiomon Auctiomon icon.png Auction (オークション) Standard Life 130
Batterimon Batterimon icon.png Battery (バッテリー) Standard System 190
Beautymon Beautymon icon.png Beauty (美容) Ultimate Life 45000
Biomon Biomon icon.png Life (ライフ) Ultimate Life 70000
Bookmon Bookmon icon.png eBook (電子書籍) Standard Entertainment 620
Bootmon Bootmon icon.png Super Boot (超起動) Ultimate Tool 57000
Bramon Bramon icon.png Brain Training (脳トレ) Super Game 5000
Calcumon Calcumon icon.png Calculator (電卓) Standard Tool 220
Calendamon Calendamon icon.png Calendar (カレンダー) Standard Tool 170
Callmon Callmon icon.png Phone (電話) Standard Social 520
Cameramon Cameramon icon.png Camera (カメラ) Standard Tool 1200
Cardmon Cardmon icon.png Card (カード) Standard Game 650
Charismon Charismon icon.png Mind Control (マインドコントロール) Ultimate Social 55000
Coachmon Coachmon icon.png Training (育成) Super Game 6000
Cometmon Cometmon icon.png Astrology (天体) Ultimate Navi 65000
Compassmon Compassmon icon.png Compass (コンパス) Standard Navi 230
Consulmon Consulmon icon.png Saving (節約) Super Life 6400
Cookmon Cookmon icon.png Cook (お料理) Standard Entertainment 200
Coordemon Coordemon icon.png Coordinate (コーディネート) Super Entertainment 9600
Copipemon Copipemon icon.png Copy & Paste (コピペ) Standard System 710
Craftmon Craftmon icon.png Design (設計) Super Tool 7200
Damedamon Damedamon icon.png Dame Dame (ダメダメ) Ultimate Social 38000
Dancemon Dancemon icon.png Rhythm (リズム) Standard Game 440
Dantemon 50px Open (開放) 77777
Denpamon Denpamon icon.png Communication (通信) Standard System 680
Deusmon Deusmon icon.png Omnipotence (全能) God God 340000
Dezipmon Dezipmon icon.png Zip/Unzip (圧縮解凍) Super System 10500
Diarimon Diarimon icon.png Diary (日記帳) Standard Tool 180
Dicemon Dicemon icon.png Dice (サイコロ) Standard Entertainment 120
Docmon Docmon icon.png Doctor (ドクター) Super Life 8800
Dogamon Dogamon icon.png Video (動画) Standard Entertainment 740
Dogatchmon Dogatchmon icon.png Super Search (超検索) Super Social 7500
Dokamon Dokamon icon.png Action (アクション) Standard Game 900
Dopemon Dopemon icon.png Enhancement (増強) Standard Life 360
Dosukomon Dosukomon icon.png Fighting (格闘) Super Game 11000
Drawmon Drawmon icon.png Paint (ペイント) Standard Entertainment 800
Dreammon Dreammon icon.png Dream (夢) Super Entertainment 7800
Dressmon Dressmon icon.png Fashion (ファッション) Standard Entertainment 240
Ecomon Ecomon icon.png Energy Saving (省エネ) Standard System 100
Effecmon Effecmon icon.png Effect (エフェクト) Super Entertainment 7000
Entermon Entermon icon.png Entertainment (エンターテイメント) Ultimate Entertainment 42000
Fakemon Fakemon icon.png Camouflage (偽装) Ultimate Tool 50000
Flickmon Flickmon social icon.png
Flick (フリック) Standard 8
Gaiamon Gaiamon icon.png Creation (創造) God God 300000
Gashamon Gashamon icon.png Gasha (ガシャ) Standard Entertainment 300
Gatchmon Gatchmon icon.png Search (検索) Standard Social 1000
Gengomon Gengomon icon.png Translation (翻訳) Standard Social 460
Globemon Globemon icon.png Global (グローバル) Ultimate Social 60000
Gomimon Gomimon icon.png Trashbin (ゴミ箱) Standard Tool 10
Gossipmon Gossipmon icon.png Gossip (ゴシップ) Super Social 4800
Gugumon 50px Search (検索) Standard Social 1100
Hackmon Hackmon icon.png Hacking (ハッキング) Standard System 1400
Hadesmon Hadesmon icon.png Variation (変化) God God 315000
Jammingmon Jammingmon icon.png Jamming (ジャミング) Standard Tool 930
Jetmon Jetmon icon.png Flight (フライト) Standard Navi 1100
Jishomon Jishomon icon.png Dictionary (辞書) Standard Life 680
Jumpplusmon 50px Jumpplus (ジャンプ+) Standard Entertainment 550
Kabemon Kabemon icon.png Wallpaper (壁紙) Standard System 140
Kaimon Kaimon icon.png Shopping (ショッピング) Standard Life 330
Kakeimon Kakeimon icon.png Account Book (家計簿) Standard Life 210
Kosomon Kosomon icon.png Gossip Review (裏口コミ) Standard Social 230
Libramon Libramon icon.png Library (図書館) Super Life 5400
Lightmon Lightmon icon.png Light (ライト) Standard Tool 150
Logamon Logamon icon.png Logoff (ログオフ) Super Social 7200
Logimon Logimon icon.png Login (ログイン) Super Social 7200
Luckmon Luckmon icon.png Slot (スロット) Standard Entertainment 777
Mailmon Mailmon icon.png Mail (メール) Standard Social 510
Mcmon Mcmon icon.png Broadcasting (実況) Standard Navi 780
Mediamon Mediamon icon.png Media Player (メディアプレーヤー) Super Entertainment 5800
Medicmon Medicmon icon.png Medical (メディカル) Super Life 8000
Messemon Messemon icon.png Message (メッセージ) Standard Social 500
Mienumon Mienumon icon.png Stealth (ステルス) Super System 8400
Mirrormon Mirrormon icon.png Mirror (ミラー) Standard Tool 700
Moneymon Moneymon icon.png eMoney (電子マネー) Standard Life 110
Musclemon Musclemon icon.png Muscle Training (筋トレ) Standard Life 920
Musimon Musimon icon.png Music (音楽) Standard Entertainment 880
Navimon Navimon icon.png Navi (ナビ) Standard Navi 560
Newsmon Newsmon icon.png News (ニュース) Standard Navi 390
Offmon Offmon icon.png Offline (オフライン) Standard Game 950
Onmon Onmon icon.png Online (オンライン) Standard Game 950
Onpamon Onpamon icon.png Ultrasound (超音波) Standard Tool 580
Oujamon Oujamon icon.png Battle (戦闘) Ultimate Game 95000
Ouranosmon Ouranosmon icon.png Arousal (覚醒) God God 290000
Pekomon Pekomon icon.png Compression (圧縮) Standard System 80
Perorimon Perorimon icon.png Gourmet (グルメ) Standard Entertainment 690
Pipomon Pipomon icon.png Warning (注意報) Standard System 950
Pokomon Pokomon icon.png Decompression (解凍) Standard System 80
Poseidomon Poseidomon icon.png Invincible (無敵) God God 270000
Protecmon Protecmon icon.png Security (セキュリティ) Standard System 750
Puzzlemon Puzzlemon icon.png Puzzle (パズル) Standard Game 350
Racemon Racemon icon.png Race (レース) Standard Game 550
Raidramon Raidramon icon.png Super Hacking (超ハッキング) Super System 12500
Rebootmon Rebootmon icon.png Reboot (再起動) God God 280000
Recomon Recomon icon.png Recording (録音) Standard Tool 290
Resshamon Resshamon icon.png Transfer (乗換) Standard Navi 720
Reviewmon Reviewmon icon.png Review (口コミ) Standard Social 250
Revivemon Revivemon icon.png Restoration (復元) Ultimate System 78000
Roamon Roamon icon.png Voice Change (ボイスチェンジ) Super Tool 4400
Rocketmon Rocketmon icon.png Rocket (ロケット) Standard Navi 1600
Ropuremon Ropuremon icon.png Ropure (ロープレ) Standard Game 1500
Sakusimon Sakusimon icon.png Simulation (シミュレーション) Super Game 14000
Santamon 50px Christmas (クリスマス) Super Entertainment 12250
Sateramon Sateramon icon.png GPS (GPS) Ultimate Navi 100000
Savemon Savemon icon.png Backup (バックアップ) Standard System 1100
Scorpmon Scorpmon icon.png Monitoring (監視) Super Tool 13000
Setmon Setmon icon.png Setup (設定) Standard Social 50
Shotmon Shotmon icon.png Shooting (シューティング) Standard Game 1300
Shutmon Shutmon icon.png Forced Termination (強制終了) Ultimate Tool 57000
Sleepmon Sleepmon icon.png Sleep (睡眠) Standard Life 270
Sociamon Sociamon icon.png SNS (SNS) Super Social 6800
Spamon Spamon icon.png Spa (温泉) Standard Life 260
Speciamon 50px Secret (機密) Ultimate Navi 100000
Sukasimon Sukasimon icon.png Failed (スカ) Super Social 4000
Supermon 50px Super (スーパー) Super System 10000
Supplemon Supplemon icon.png Supple (サプリ) Standard Life 310
Swipemon 50px
Swipemon game icon.png
Swipe (スワイプ) Standard 8
Tapmon 50px
Tapmon navi icon.png
Tapmon entertainment icon.png
Tap (タップ) Standard 8
Tarotmon Tarotmon icon.png Super Fortune Telling (超占い) Super Entertainment 11500
Tellermon Tellermon icon.png Fortune Telling (占い) Standard Entertainment 400
Timemon Timemon icon.png Time Slip (タイムスリップ) Super Tool 10000
Trickmon Trickmon icon.png Trick (手品) Standard Entertainment 530
Tripmon Tripmon icon.png Trip (旅行) Super Navi 6200
Tubumon Tubumon icon.png Tweet (つぶやき) Standard Social 480
Tutomon Tutomon icon.png Commentary (解説) Standard Navi 200
Uratekumon Uratekumon icon.png Hints and Tips (攻略) Super Game 9000
Vegasmon Vegasmon icon.png Roulette (ルーレット) Super Entertainment 9800
Virusmon Virusmon icon.png Virus (ウィルス) Standard Life 640
Vjumpmon 50px V Jump (Vジャンプ) Super Game 5500
Warpmon Warpmon icon.png Transmission (転送) Super System 12000
Warudamon Warudamon icon.png Strategy (策略) Ultimate System 88000
Watchmon Watchmon icon.png Watch (時計) Standard Tool 160
Weatherdramon Weatherdramon icon.png Weather (天気) Super Navi 15000
Weathermon Weathermon icon.png Weather (天気) Standard Navi 1050
Yadomon Yadomon icon.png Hotel (ホテル) Standard Navi 470


  • During an interview in April 2016, one month before the reveal of the Appmon Project in May 2016, Seki Hiromi first talked about the idea of the next generation of Digimon being smartphone apps. Some time later, this premise was confirmed by Yoshiaki Orihara, the instigator of the Appmon Project.
  • During a livestream dedicated to Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory, Habu Kazumasa, Kakudou Hiroyuki and Watanabe Koji mentioned Appmon as an example of the adaptation of Digimon to the new digital age and mass access to the Network, while centering around the implications that this new concept would entail in the definition of Digimon and the Digital World itself. The staff coins this new parallel world created around the digital theme as "Digital Parallel".

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