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A colossal Machine Digimon whose whole body has become a mass of weapons. The amount of weapons it has equipped rivals that of Metal Garurumon (Incidentally, while Metal Garurumon uses cold-based weapons, Saint Galgomon uses heat-based weapons). Each of its weapons, such as its lasers, missiles, bazookas, vulcans, and flamethrowers, are concealed. Although its speed is considerably slow, because it puts all of that energy into power, it possesses unbelievable destructive force. Because its lack of speed is compensated for by its weapons, it is able to cope with attacks from every direction without moving even a little. Its Special Moves are a volley firing of its firearms (Burst Shot) and firing a gigantic megaton-class missile from the gun turrets on its shoulders (Giant Missile).
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Giant Missile[N 1] [4] ジャイアントミサイル Jaianto Misairu Gargo Missile/Gargo Missiles/Giant Missile/Magna Blaster Fires gigantic megaton-class missiles from the gun turrets on its shoulders.
Burst Shot [4] バーストショット Bāsuto Shotto Mega Barrage/Burst Shot/Synchro-Blast Volley fires its firearms.
Saint Foot [7] セントフット Sento Futto
Butt-bounces the enemy while in midair.
Saint Upper [7] セントアッパー Sento Appā
Activates its thrusters in midair to do an uppercut.
Saint Tackle [7] セントタックル Sento Takkuru
Rams with its shoulder while dashing with its thrusters.
Saint Punch [7] セントパンチ Sento Panchi Power Pummel Punches, sending a wave of fiery explosions from its fist.
Saint Jet [7] セントジェット Sento Jetto
Uses its thrusters to slow its descent.
Mega Twister [8] メガ・ツイスター Mega Tsuisutā
Charges the opponent, then lifts them up and spins rapidly before tossing them.


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Saint Galgomon is the partner of Lee Jianliang.

Saint Galgomon from Digimon Tamers.

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References Notes
  1. Also known as Giant Bazooka 『ジャイアントバズーカ』(Jaianto Bazūka).[6]
  2. BT17-102 (DCG) treats Greymon's name as the same name as any Lv.3 or lower Digimon in its evolution cards, which could be any Lv.3 or lower card in the game.
  3. BT11-043 (DCG) can turn EX4-033 (DCG) into a Scumon whose name is also treated as Terriermon.
  4. EX4-033 (DCG) Terriermon Assistant is also treated as being named Terriermon.