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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Ragnarök Cannon [3] ラグナロク・キャノン Ragunaroku Kyanon Ragnarok Cannon Blasts a massive energy beam from its chest cannon at its foe.
Gimlet Gun [3] ギムレットガン Gimuretto Gan
Pierces the opponent with its tail.
Spaser [3] スペイザー Supeizā Space Laser Fires an enormous laser from its head.
Shuttle Scissors [3] シャトルシザーズ Shatoru Shizāzu
Seizes the enemy with its right arm and severs them.
Satellite Buster [3] サテライトバスター Sateraito Basutā
Picks off distant enemies with the gun barrels on its shoulders.
Fusionize [3] フュージョナイズ Fyūjyonaizu


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Video Games[edit]

Digimon World 3: The Door of A New Adventure[edit]

Ragnamon appears as the final boss in the game after Snatchmon evolved with the Gunslinger Satellite so it can wipe out all human life on Earth. It continues its master's plan to become the strongest Digimon Gaiamon by fusing the Earth, but failed as it is destroyed in the space after Atsushi and his Digimon's defeating the final enemy for good.

Ragnamon's body acts like three different foes (its tail, chest, and head). While its tail and head are the only two parts that can be attacked, its chest only appears to attack the player's Digimon with Ragnarök Cannon (leaving the player's Digimon with 1 HP) soon after the player defeats its tail. The chest part of Ragnamon cannot be battled and the head part can copy one of the Technique used by player's Digimon and can counterattack by evading the opposing attacks.

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  1. Although Gaiamon is defined by Snatchmon as the result of the fusion between Ragnamon and Earth itself, the fusion never actually happens in the game.