Digimon Liberator - Episode 00

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"Welcome to LACUNA"
Japanese "Welcome to LACUNA"
Kanji/Kana N/A
Romanization "N/A"
English "Welcome to LACUNA"
Release Date Japan April 25, 2024[N 1]
English April 25, 2024[N 1]
"DigitalGate Open"

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Chapter #00 of Digimon Liberator



Kazama Shoto excitedly watched on his phone the beginning of the finals of the Digimon Card Game World Championship. The announcer introduced the participants: the defending champion, Owen Dreadnought, and the challenger, Zenith. With a call of "Digital Gate, Open", the players set up their decks, Security and hands. The card game began with Owen playing an Agumon. The battle then moved to the end, Zenith and a Ragnamon defeating Owen and his War Greymon, to Shoto's dismay.

Receiving his trophy from a person in an Agumon suit, Zenith told the interviewer that he needed to beat Owen to reach the top and was glad to accomplish that. Asked about his next goal, he answered that he would aim to be the top Digimon Liberator player. The announcer asked if Digimon Liberator was the game that recently finished its year-long closed beta, and Zenith explained that he had been part of said beta, which he found amazing, with a big grin on his face. It was then announced that the next World Championship would be held in Liberator. Shoto was unhappy about it, and wondered if everyone would join. He was then called by Kinosaki Arisa, who got annoyed at Shoto's lack of interest in her. Shoto asked her if she called him to mock him for Owen, his favourite card game player's, defeat. However, Arisa's goal wasn't that, but to get Shoto into Liberator, though he immediately refused, as he didn't feel ready for a virtual reality game. Arisa tried to convince him by saying Zenith played it. Shoto called her out as a Zenith fangirl, which angered her and she asked him if he had watched the interview to the end, as Owen, Shoto's favourite, had also joined Liberator, with him being shown entering LACUNA. This shocked Shoto and convinced him to give it a try, as he looked at a Beginner's Guide for Digimon Liberator. Arisa told him to get his deck ready and meet her at the arcade.

In the arcade, the two went to a Translation Another Life Engine, or T.A.L.E., metaverse pods available at amusement facilities nationwide. They set their D-Storages in the machine and put on VR goggles to activate the Full Dive, entering LACUNA from the sky as welcome messages appeared in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese Simplified. As he fell, Shoto saw an orb with two crossing rings, and screamed in terror as he kept falling. He managed to land on his feet, and saw his D-Storage in the ground shaking before it opened and released a card which he took. He then met Arisa and her Partner Digimon, Junkmon, who waved at him, much to his surprise. Arisa explained to Shoto how the D-Storage worked, overwhelming him with too much information at once. Shoto then summoned his own Partner Digimon, Muchomon, and hugged and pet it. A blond girl with curled pigtails partnered with a Ghostmon, a spiky-haired man drawing on his computer, a woman with long, brown hair and glasses, Zenith, Owen, and a woman with long, purple hair and purple eyes, with a collar and a chain on her neck; were then shown; as Shoto narrated that he entered Digimon Liberator thanks to Arisa, and now the game put them on a once-in-a-lifetime path to a new story. Shoto then looked at the city of LACUNA with a peaceful, happy expression, alongside Muchomon.

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