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Box Art
Digital Monster Battle Junction Box Art
Name Digital Monster Battle Junction
System Home Console
Release Date Japan November 23, 2006
Language Japanese

Digital Monster Battle Junction (デジタルモンスター バトルジャンクション, Dejitaru Monsutā Batoru Jankushon) is a video game.


Digital Monster Battle Junction (デジタルモンスター バトルジャンクション, Dejitaru Monsutā Batoru Jankushon) is a portable video game part of the Let's! Play TV series by Bandai. It can be used in cooperation with the Digivice iC as a home version of the Digimon Battle Terminal Arcade game. It can be obtained more than 101 Digimon by unlocking them and using the QR codes displayed on the backs of Digimon Battle Terminal cards

More than 101 Digimon can be obtained in-game by either defeating them in battle or scanning barcodes located at the bottom of cards from the Battle Terminal series of Digital Monster Card Game Alpha.



The Battle Junction's stand-out feature is the two-player battle colosseum, which allows players to battle using Digimon from either their in-game Quest Data, the game's Digimon library, or downloaded directly from the players' Digivice iC. At also features a Single-Player Quest Mode, a Data Library, Mini-games and unlockable extra modes.


Battles follow a combination of 'scissors-paper-rock' and 'Simon Says.' At the start of each turn, each player/CPU chooses between rock, scissors or paper. If both players choose the same action, they both receive a Charge Boost and the cycle begins again until somebody loses. The winner is then given a semi-randomised list of buttons to press within a short time limit (the number of buttons varies depending on which attack is being used) - the fewer mistakes made during this time limit, the stronger the attack. This cycle continues until one player's HP reaches zero.

Game Modes[edit]

Quest Mode[edit]

In Quest Mode, you select one of five Child-level Digimon as a partner to work through stages with (although a sixth is unlockable later in the game). Your partner begins walking through a stage in semi-3d (behind-camera POV utilising depth-of-field sprite effects), and you guide them in avoiding trip hazards and collecting DigiSoul fragments. Along the route, random battles may ensue - defeating Digimon in these battles unlocks a monochrome image of them in the Data Library. On occasion, defeated Digimon may drop a Colored DigiTama - these unlock their full-color image in the Data Library, along with their attack data. This also makes them usable in Battle Mode. Partner Digimon may also evolve during Quest Mode after collecting enough DigiSoul.

Battle Mode[edit]

Battle Mode is the arcade-style Battle Colosseum function. Initially, you are asked whether you wish to play against another human (2P) or an AI (COM). Afterwards, you are presented with the option of how you will summon your Digimon:

  • Quest Data (using data from a partner you've used in Quest Mode)
  • Card (you can slash a Digimon Card from Digital Monster Card Game Alpha to summon that Digimon for battle)
  • Digivice (you can use the IR sensor located in the middle of the Battle Junction device to scan your current partner Digimon from your Digivice iC
  • Data Library (You can select any Digimon already unlocked in your library, with no penalty for Evolution Stage or strength)
  • Random (Allow the device to randomly select a Digimon for you from the Data Library)

Once both players have chosen their partners (in the case of a COM opponent, you will still need to select their partner Digimon), the battle will begin as above. Once a player's partner HP reaches zero, you will be given the option of retrying the battle, changing the Digimon involved, or returning to the main screen.

Mini Games[edit]


Data Library[edit]





Survival Mode[edit]

Data currently unavailable.



Obtainable Digimon[edit]




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