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Kanji/Kana デジビートル

A DigiBeetle (デジビートル, Dejibītoru) is a mechanical tank-like device that is used as transport in Digimon World 2.



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Digimon World 2[edit]

The DigiBeetle is the main form of transport used to travel through different areas. The default name for Akira's DigiBeetle is Zero Gunner (ゼロガンナー, Zero Gannā; Dub: Gunner).


The DigiBeetle can be upgraded to have more HP to withstand booby traps such as land mines. You can also buy improved batteries so that the DigiBeetle can move longer distances. Its storage space can be increased by raising the amount of RAM so that you can bring more Digimon with you on your quest. Item boxes can be upgraded in order to bring more items with you into the domains. In order to use items during battle, cannons need to be installed on the DigiBeetle. One cannon fires healing items to restore digimon's health during battle, another one fires attack items, an additional cannon can be used to eliminate potential hazards such as electrical barriers. Also, it can be upgraded with tires that can go through acid swamps.


Many components for the DigiBeetle can be purchased in the shop, and also upgraded for a fee.

Name Price Function Compatible Body
Wolf EG-1 1000 HP 800 S-Body
Lion EG-1 2500 HP 1200 S-Body
Tiger EG-1 5000 HP 1600 S-Body
Pegasus EG-1 20000 HP 2000 S/T-Body
Griffin EG-1 30000 HP 2400 T-Body
Wyvern EG-1 40000 HP 2800 T-Body
Dragon EG-1 80000 HP 3200 T/A-Body
Giant EG-1 95000 HP 3600 A-Body
Name Price Function Compatible Body
Crab BAT-1 500 EP 100 S/T/A-Body
Turtle BAT-1 1000 EP 1000 S/T/A-Body
Shark BAT-1 3000 EP 2000 T/A-Body
Orca BAT-1 10000 EP 3000 A-Body
Name Price Function Compatible Body
Ant RAM 300 4 Digimon S/T/A-Body
Wasp RAM 5000 5 Digimon S/T/A-Body
Spider RAM 7000 6 Digimon S/T/A-Body
Mantis RAM 10000 7 Digimon T/A-Body
Hornet RAM 20000 8 Digimon A-Body
Name Price Function Compatible Body
Dodo BOX 500 8 Items S/T/A-Body
Crow BOX 3000 16 Items S/T/A-Body
Crane BOX 6000 24 Items S/T/A-Body
Stork BOX 10000 32 Items T/A-Body
Hawk BOX 20000 40 Items A-Body
Name Price Function Compatible Body
Ring TIRES 2000 Yel.Acid Swap Harm 0 STA-Body
Chain TIRES 4000 Grn.Acid Swap Harm 0 STA-Body
Plate TIRES 8000 Blue Acid Swap Harm 0 STA-Body
Aero TIRES 14000 Pur.Acid Swap Harm 0 T/A-Body
Gravi TIRES 22000 Red Acid Swamp Harm 0 A-Body
Name Price Function Compatible Body
Shovel ARM 3000 Disarm Yel.Mines STA-Body
Drill ARM 5000 Disarm Grn.Mines STA-Body
Jet ARM 9000 Disarm Blue Mines STA-Body
Laser ARM 15000 Disarm Purple Mine TA-Body
Magnum ARM 23000 Disarm Red Mines A-Body
Name Price Function Compatible Body
Shooter Gun 1000 Fires Disk, Driver, ROM, etc. Any
Bug Zapper 3000 ZAP Bit, EP, Return, Mem.Bugs Any
Missile Gun 3000 Mag., Drill, Wave Missiles Any
RCannon-1 2000 Fires Off. Level-C RayBomb Any
ZCannon-1 6000 Fires Off. Level-C Z-Bomb Any
Name Price Function Compatible Body
Mech HAND 1000 Disarm Treas.Box1 S/T/A-Body
Magnet HAND 2000 Disarm Treas.Box2 S/T/A-Body
Fantom HAND 4000 Disarm Treas.Box3 S/T/A-Body
Super HAND 8000 Disarm Treas.Box4 T/A-Body
Ultra HAND 16000 Disarm Treas.Box5 A-Body
Name Price Function Compatible Body
Mine SWEEP1 1000 Level E Mine Trap Any
Bug SWEEP-1 2000 Level C Bug Nest Any
Name Price Function Compatible Body
DMTransfer 10000 Transfer Digimon to Server Any


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