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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Shippo Binta [1] Tail Slap シッポビンタ N/A Uses the centrifugal force in its tail to attack the enemy.


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Digimon Adventure:[edit]

While hiding from the black rays caused by Millenniumon in "Mon-mon Park in the Fog", a group of Xiaomon, Frimon and Puroromon found the Mon-Mon Park in a forest, ruled by Opossummon. After spending time in the park, Opossummon revealed itself to be an evil Digimon and caused Waru Monzaemon, the mascot of Mon-mon Park hidden in a Monzaemon statue, to swallow all visitors to the park. Inside Waru Monzaemon, their lives were absorbed by balloons and they lost hope, but they were ultimately snapped out of it by Takaishi Takeru and recovered their hope, which then allowed Patamon to evolve once again into Angemon. Ishida Yamato and Were Garurumon: Sagittarius Mode, alongside Takeru and Angemon, broke them out of Waru Monzaemon afterwards, and then they helped the Chosen Ones and their Partner Digimon defeat Waru Monzaemon.

Several Frimon were some of the Digimon that lost their home to Millenniumon's rampage and helped Takaishi Takeru push El Doradimon to Cloud Continent in "A Place to Return To". Two other Frimon travelled with Lopmon, other Digimon who had lost their home, and Leomon's allies (two Peckmon, Falcomon and Spadamon) on a grey Komondomon, searching for a new place to live.

Lopmon, Spadamon, Falcomon, a Xiaomon, a Frimon and a Puroromon, riding the grey Komondomon, reacted to the attack of a group of Soundbirdmon in "The Angels' Determination".

After Negamon was finally defeated in "The End of the Adventure", Monzaemon went to the park, where it gave balloons to a Puroromon who was part of a group formed by another Puroromon, some Frimon and two Xiaomon; the Digimon that had been in the park before, as well as an Elecmon, a Tocanmon, a Toy Agumon and a Karatuki Numemon.

Xiaomon, Puroromon and Frimon in Digimon Adventure:

Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

In "Gluttony", a Frimon was amongst the Baby Digimon Quartzmon gave energy to inside its body.


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Digimon Accel Justice Genome[edit]

Evolves from Popomon. Can evolve to Agumon (X-Antibody), Kokabuterimon, Liollmon, Otamamon, Patamon, or Piyomon.

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