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The Digimon Accel (デジモンアクセル Dejimon Akuseru), stylized as Digimon Accelerator on the cases, is a Digimon virtual pet with features like the Accel Grip, the Matrix Sensor that can scan DDP chips as well as your hand. It features the three-pronged connector, and a removable face plate allows you to change the paper skin underneath.


Version Release Date Digimon
Digimon Accel Justice Genome March 26, 2005 PopomonFrimonLiollmonAgumon (X-Antibody)KokabuterimonPiyomonOtamamonPatamonRevolmonLiamonGreymon (X-Antibody)Blade KuwagamonAquilamonCoelamonPegasmonDagomonLoader LeomonMetal Greymon (X-Antibody)Metallife KuwagamonVolcdramonGarudamon (X-Antibody)Holy AngemonChimairamonMetal EtemonBancho LeomonWar Greymon (X-Antibody)Tyrant KabuterimonHououmonOmegamon (X-Antibody)Chaosmon
Digimon Accel Evil Genome March 26, 2005 BommonMissimonCommandramonHagurumonDracumonGizamonPenmonTentomonDobermonSealsdramonMeramonSnimonSangloupmonThunderbirmonGekomonScorpiomonTankdramonMatadrmonZudomonHippogriffomonAngewomonVolcamonMarin DevimonMugendramonDarkdramonGran DracmonMarin AngemonSeraphimonDukemon (X-Antibody)Chaosmon
Digimon Accel Nature Genome July 30, 2005 PuwamonPinamonFalcomonMushmonGoburimonSwimmonGottsumonTerriermonDiatrymonIgamonSeahomonOrgemonNohemonTailmonTyranomonYatagaramonTriceramon (X-Antibody)Whamon PerfectGerbemonAndiramonMamemonJyagamonWere Garurumon (X-Antibody)ValdurmonSpinomonNeptunemonMercurymonRosemonUlforce V-dramon (X-Antibody)Chaosmon
Digimon Accel Ultimate Genome November 19, 2005 PafumonDodomonKyaromonDorimonKudamonImpmonCandmonPalmonDORUmonReppamonDevidramonFlare LizarmonTogemonSubmarimonDORUgamonTyilinmonCerberumonPiccolomonCyberdramonPumpmonDelumonDORUguremonSleipmonBeelzebumonMegidramonBolgmonBancho LeomonDarkdramonValdurmonChaosmonUltimate ChaosmonAlphamon

Image Gallery[edit]

Accel Justice 5.jpg Accel Justice.jpg Accel Evil 5.jpg Accel Evil.jpg
Accel Justice Genome Package Accel Justice Genome Accel Evil Genome Package Accel Evil Genome
Accel Nature1 5.jpg Accel Nature1.jpg 1000070752 2 5.jpg 1000070752 2.jpg
Accel Nature Genome Earth Orange Package Accel Nature Genome Earth Orange Accel Nature Genome Forest Green Package Accel Nature Genome Forest Green
Accel Nature3 5.jpg Accel Nature3.jpg Accel Nature4 5.jpg Accel Nature4.jpg
Accel Nature Genome Grand Blue Package Accel Nature Genome Grand Blue Accel Nature Genome Sky Blue Package Accel Nature Genome Sky Blue
Accel Ultimate1 5.jpg Accel Ultimate1.jpg 1000070232 1 5.jpg 1000070232 1.jpg
Accel Ultimate Hell Blue Package Accel Ultimate Hell Blue Accel Ultimate Royal Red Package Accel Ultimate Royal Red

Set-Up and Game Play[edit]

The device will prompt you to enter your name, birth date, and the time. After that, place the Matrix Sensor on your hand to get your Digitama.


There are 2 functions in scanning using the Matrix Sensor.

  • DNA Scan: Place the matrix sensor on your hand or something that conducts electricity to get DNA.
  • DDP Scan: Place the matrix sensor on the chip of DDPs to get food, DNA and weapons.

Digimon Command[edit]

You can view your Digimon's data here.

  • Digimon: Here, you can view your Digimon's Name, Age, Weight, DNA Type, Level, Attribute, whether you can Battle and Jogress, the Hunger Status, the Strength Status, the DP (Digimon Points) Gauge, the Win Ratio, X Points (If you win a battle against a Pendulum X, the X Point Gauge will go up by 1), and DNA Code (the Digimon's data in numerical form).
  • DNA: Here, you can see the DNA Gauges for the 3 types of DNA items your Digimon can take.
  • X Points: Battle with the Pendulum X and if the Pendulum X is at the Perfect or Ultimate level, a victory will give you one point (two points if you win by a Tera Hit). If you are a Perfect or Ultimate Digimon when the gauge is filled you will evolve into Omegamon X (Justice Genome), Dukemon X (Evil Genome), or AlforceV-Dramon X (Nature Genome). In the Ultimate Genome, this is replaced with Mini Points, and the points are obtained by battling with a Digimon Mini; this unlocks DORUmon's line.

Tamer Command[edit]

You can see your Name, Birthdate and Tamer Level. In the Nature and Ultimate Genomes, your name affects the DNA code for every Digimon. Higher levels allow you to get more DNA Items from DNA Scanning. Check the DNA Scanning page for more information. The Tamer Level info is below:

     Level Requirements
     1 	-
     2 	50 Battles Fought
     3 	100 Battles Fought


In this section, you have all the items you have received from scanning. There are 3 types of items:

  • Food Items: These are used outside of battle to treat your Digimon. You can hold up to 3 of each.
  • DNA: There are 8 types of DNA Items. These are used outside of battle and will increase the DNA gauges. Unlike Food and Weapon Items, you can hold up to 9 of each DNA Item. These have influence on evolution.
  • Weapon Items: There are 18 weapons and these are only usable before a battle to aid your Digimon. You can hold up to 3 of each.

Training Command[edit]

his is where your Digimon will train. A successful training session will increase your Digimon's strength naturally. Before battle, you are shown the Accel Bar, which is a bar graph you can increase by continuously pressing the Accel Grip. By doing this, you will increase the number of times the Digi-Core revolves. This is shown by the RPM counter. If you stop at a certain position when doing so, you may be able to Blast Evolve. Unlike the Pen X 3.0, your Digimon stays in the same form, but its appearance changes to make it look more menacing. Blast evolution uses 30 DP and only occurs at the Perfect and Ultimate stage. Your Digimon's attack power will double, and the Hyper Hit becomes a One-Hit-Kill. Now, there are two options here as well.

  • Normal: This training will be similar to the Pendulum Progress and Pendulum X series, continuously press the accel grip and the RPM counter will determine your points in a series of 5 shots. The structure is as follows:
    • Single Shot = 0 points
    • Double Shot = 1 point
    • Triple Shot = 2 points
    • Hyper Hit = 4 points

It is required you get 5 Points or higher to increase your Strength hearts. A series of 5 sequential Double Shots earns you a "Mega Hit", a series of 5 Triple Shots will get you a "Giga Hit" and a series of 5 Hyper Hits will earn you a "Tera Hit". Training will decrease your DP level. When DP is depleted, you will not be able to train or battle.

  • Quest Mode: In this method, you battle opponents throughout a 4 area map, each with 10 Digimon to battle. Victories and losses are both counted. You have 10 bars of health. A Single Shot will remove 1 bar of health, a Double Shot 2 bars, a Triple Shot 3 bars, and the Hyper Hit 4 bars. You will face a pre-programmed set of enemy Digimon, which can be viewed on the Quest Mode section. Each enemy Digimon drops an item when defeated. You can choose any of the 4 areas at any time and fight the sequence of 10.

Care Command[edit]

Here, you can wipe the screen clear when your Digimon poops and turn the lights off when your is ready to sleep. A full 8 hours' sleep is necessary to refill the DP Gauge.

Connect Command[edit]

The Digimon Accel has three options for connecting:

  • Battle: You are able to battle Digimon Accels and other three-pronged pets. You can only use a weapon when battling against Digimon Accels.
  • Trade: You can trade items with other Digimon Accels.
  • Jogress: Jogress your Digimon with other Digimon Accels.

Pause Option[edit]

Unlike previous V-Pets, the Digimon Accel has no Pause Option. Like the D-Scanner, the Digimon Accel has a save function. It will automatically save when your Digimon evolves so you are able to "load" the data back if you happen to have to change batteries. So you can just stick the plastic tab back in to disconnect the battery if you are not going to use it for a period of time. The Digimon will reset to its state at the time immediately following its last evolution.


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