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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Holy Flare [1] ホーリーフレア Hōrī Furea Holy Flare Annihilates one zone with a pillar of light.
Poison Hole [1] ポイゾンホール Poizon Hōru Venom Ball Attacks one zone with a poisonous vortex.
Dread Night [1] ドレッドナイト Doreddo Naito Dreadful Night Unleashes nightmares on one zone, draining life.
Dark Banish [1] ダークバニッシュ Dāku Banisshu Vanishing Touch Devastates three zones with a swarm of bats made from dark energy.
Finger Bomb [1] フィンガーボム Fingā Bomu Finger Bomb Firebombs one zone.
Ghoul Bind [1] グールバインド Gūru Baindo Ghoulish Bind Binds one zone with dark power, inflicting paralysis.
Wind Blade [1] ウィンドブレード Windo Burēdo Gusty Blade Slices one zone with a wind blade.
Corona [1] コロナ Korona Corona Immolates all zones with an explosive beam of fire.
Call Avenger [1] コールアヴェンジャー Kōru Avuenjā Avenger Increases its own speed.
Play of God [1] プレイオブゴッド Purei obu Goddo Sacred Game Heals itself.
Power Sink [1] パワーシンク Pawā Shinku Power Sucker Uses dark power to decrease attack in one zone.


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Digimon Story[edit]

Alphamon and Kain awaken Chronomon Destroy Mode
Chronomon Destroy Mode fully awakens

After defeating Armagemon, the Player finds Alphamon and Kain in front of the Healing Plant, where the Super Ultimate Digimon, Chronomon Destroy Mode, slept. Having charged Culumon's energy on the machine, Alphamon orders Kain to awaken Chronomon, as a Tamer. The Player attempts to stop them, but Kain keeps chanting to Chronomon, making the Player realize Alphamon brainwashed him too, which Alphamon confirms. Alphamon gets in the Player's way, allowing Chronomon to finally awaken, then orders Kain to order Chronomon to destroy the area, but Chronomon refuses to take orders from anyone. Alphamon argues they gave him life so he must obey them, but Chronomon refuses to listen and lets loose an energy wave, knocking Kain out and pushing Alphamon back. Clavis Angemon then arrives, and Alphamon asks him what's happening since Chronomon should be the legendary Digimon. Clavis Angemon confirms he is, but he can't reach his full potential without an excellent human Tamer, because despite his power, he lacks heart, so when he awakens, he senses and reflects his Tamer's heart, so Chronomon's heart is currently a reflection of Kain's, and because Alphamon took over Kain, the latter's darkness was now instilled in Chronomon's heart, turning the legendary Digimon into a demonic destroyer with an evil heart that would destroy the entire Digital World. Alphamon complains about how he merely wanted to make the Digital World a better place for Digimon, acknowledges he's to blame, and decides to stop Chronomon. Clavis Angemon joins in and both attack the Healing Plant, but Chronomon defeats them both. Alphamon thinks there's no way of stopping Chronomon, but Clavis Angemon says there is one: the bond between Tamer and Digimon, which can cause miracles. While Alphamon doesn't believe it possible, Clavis Angemon puts his trust in the Player who attacks the Healing Plant. While the Player thought the battle was over after destroying its four elemental pods, Alphamon still felt Chronomon, who broke out of the middle pod. Chronomon proclaimed he'd destroy everything other than himself, starting from the people in front of him and this world.

After the Player defeats Chronomon Destroy Mode, Kain reawakens. A light is left where Chronomon used to be, which reforms as Chronomon Holy Mode.

Chronomon is an unobtainable Dark-type Digimon. As a boss, he occupies three spaces on the battlefield.

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