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First appeared in C'mon Digimon

Deathmon from C'mon Digimon

C'mon Digimon[edit]

Deathmon is the partner of Jousaki Shinichirou. It was created by him as the strongest monster who would grow stronger by loading in the data of the other monsters it defeated in death battles.

At the start of the manga, Deathmon fought against a Meramon in Josaki Electronic Laboratories. Meramon attacked it with Fire Fist, but said attack was easily destroyed by Deathmon's beam, which defeated Meramon as well. Meramon's data was then extracted and loaded into Deathmon.

Later on, in a van outside of Kamon Kentarou's school, Deathmon killed Abe Makoto's Hard Armor III despite the latter being the strongest Digimon in the region, amd said Greymon's data was also then loaded into Deathmon.

Deathmon's final battle would be at Josaki Electronics Institute, against Kentarou and his Bun, with Shinichirou wanting Deathmon to put Bun out of its misery as a "badmon". The blond kid pointed out how Deathmon looked even more evil than before, to which Shinichirou answered that Deathmon was now a complete "convertible" monster. The children were confused at that, and Shinichirou asked them why they thought he input the data of all the monsters Deathmon beat, explaining that it was so Deathmon would gain their strength. To show it, Shinichirou had Deathmon change into Death Airdramon, the first of many transformations it'd take.

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