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Death Meramon is the partner of Jousaki Shinichirou as one of the forms of his Deathmon, having gained it from the data loaded from an unnamed child's Meramon which it beat at the beginning of the one-shot.

After Shinichirou decided to finish his battle with Kamon Kentarou and Bun, he had Death Metal Greymon become Death Meramon. The blond kid wondered why Deathmon had turned into Meramon, but Kentarou was clearly affected by it, as Makoto realized something was wrong with him. Shinichirou then explained that he had researched Kentarou, about how he disliked fire as, when he was a kid, a fire caused by someone's cigarette butt had taken the life of Kentarou's dog, which made Kentarou so sad that he would not let himself get close to animals. Makoto then realized that that was why he'd get into fights over cigarette butts and pretended to hate animals. Kentarou asked Shinichirou what was the point in researching that, and Shinichirou admitted there was none, it was just a precaution, but Kentarou's "interesting" past had let him come up with his plan to burn Bun to death, which Death Meramon attempted to do. Kentarou then explained to Makoto that he realized while training Bun that its personality was just like his dog's, and how his dog had died, but Bun was a battle monster and as such he wanted to raise it as a strong monster that wouldn't die. He accepted Makoto's plan was a good one, but he wanted to train Bun at its own pace. The blond kid then asked Kentarou what to do, as Bun did not have any strong attacks that could blow away Death Meramon's flames. Shinichirou laughed at Kentarou, pointing out how a defect would always be a defect, and how Kentarou's dog was also called Bun and was a stupid dog that could do nothing but wag its tail, and how the Digimon Bun would burn just like the dog did. Kentarou, however, said that Shinchirou's research was wrong, and the dog Bun was not dumb, since it had died a noble death by dragging the unconscious Kentarou to safety from the fire, which left Kentarou with the scar on his left arm. This shocked everyone else, and Kentarou continued by saying that Bun wasn't usually very reliable, but it could be counted on, and then cheered the Digimon Bun on, telling it how it was small but it was still a battle monster. Bun then fanned the flames away with its tail wag, and Kentarou commanded him to jump and blow away the flames of death with its Spinning Tail Cyclone, which finally defeated Deathmon.

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