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The Statistics Template[edit]

Name & Etymology



|name= Digimon's name (ex: Shoutmon) Often left blank unless there are multiple official names. (ex: Tunomon, also translated as Tsunomon)
|kan= Name in Katakana (ex: シャウトモン)
|kan2= Some digimon have multiple sets of Katakana spelling, such as ones with abbreviations. (ex: Sparrowmon AB, スパロウモン(アフター バー ナー)) |rom= Romanized (ex: Shautomon)
|ipa= International Phonetic Alphabet. (ex: /ʃaʊtmɒn/ or /skʌlnaɪtmɒnˌkævəˈlɪərˌmoʊd/)
|da= DigiLetters in Japanese (ex: {{DigiAlph|sha|u|to|mon}} )
|da2= DigiLetters in English script (ex: {{DigiAlph2|s|h|o|u|t|mon}})
|dub= English Dub name
|dref= reference for above
|dub2= Additional English Dub name
|d2ref= reference for above


|image= Primary image, usually Bandai artwork (ex: Shoutmon.jpg) Please follow the image naming rules.
|image2= Secondary image, usually a variant. Can be seen on Yatagaramon's page.
|imagesize= Changes the size of the image. This should usually be set as 320.


|l1= Level (ex: Adult)
|l1ref= reference for above
|l2= Additional Levels (ex: Armor)
|l2ref= reference for above
|c= Class, usually exclusive to Hybrid level digimon. (ex: Adult)
|a1= Attribute
|a1ref= reference for above
|t1= Type
|t1ref= reference for above
|f1= Field/Family
|f1ref= reference for above
|w= Weight (ex: 30)
|wref= reference for above
|g1= Group
|g1ref= reference for above
|s1= Subspecies, listed in alphabetical order.

  • Note: Additional slots can be added to any of the statistics by adding a new number (ex: s1, s2, s3 and so on)


|wp= Weapon image (ex: Gungir.png)
|wps= Weapon size (ex: 35)
|wpd= Weapon name (ex: Gungir)
|wp2= Additional Weapon image (ex: Blutgang.png)
|wp2s= Additional Weapon size (ex: 80)
|wp2d= Additional Weapon name (ex: Blutgang)


|pn= profile name (DRB, DL, etc) |pe= translated into English
|pj= original Japanese text
|pu= Digimon Dictionary profile url
|d= Dictionary categorization. Corresponds to the which katakana it is listed under (ex: a, ka, sa, ta)

Adding Multiple Profile Sources[edit]

A huge pain in the ass coming soon!


|ety= Name origins of a Digimon and can also be used for its Equipment. At the very least, contains the language origin (if available) and the portion of the name leaving off "mon".


More examples coming soon!
English | Grey
1) adj., Possible misspelling & shortening(?) of greatグレイGureito」.
2) v.intr., Meaning old or ancient.

Language abbreviations[edit]

Language Template abbreviation Result
Arabic {{ARA}} Arabic |
Assyrian {{ASS}} Assyrian |
Balinese {{BAL}} Balinese |
Breton {{BR}} Breton |
Chinese {{ZHO}} Chinese (中文) |
Dutch {{DUT}} Dutch/Nederlands |
Egyptian {{EGY}} Egyptian |
English {{ENG}} English |
Etruscan {{ETR}} Etruscan |
Finnish {{FIN}} Finnish |
French {{FRA}} French (Français) |
Old Gaelic {{GA}} Old Gaelic |
German {{DEU}} German (Deutsch) |
Greek {{GRE}} Greek (Ελληνικά) |
Hebrew {{HEB}} Hebrew |
Italian {{ITA}} Italian (Italiano) |
Japanese {{JP}} Japanese |
Korean {{KOR}} Korean (한국어) |
Latin {{LAT}} Latin |
Māori {{MAO}} Māori |
Old Norse {{NRS}} Old Norse |
Persian {{PER}} Persian |
Portuguese {{PRT}} Portuguese (Português) |
Romanian {{ROM}} Romanian (Română) |
Russian {{RUS}} Russian |
Sanskrit {{SAN}} Sanskrit (संस्कृतम्) |
Spanish {{ESP}} Spain |
Sumerian {{SUM}} Sumerian |
Welsh {{CY}} Welsh |

Debut / Appearances[edit]

|yd= Year released (ex: 2011)
|ydr=reference for above
, must reference the earliest appearance, and often links off-site.
|ad= Anime or Manga appearance. Can also be used for magazine scans like V-Jump. Generally formatted to include the series and episode/chapter title. (ex: {{hdr|Digimon Xros Wars - Episode 01|Digimon Xros Wars: "Taiki, Go to Another World!"}})
|gd= Video Game or Virtual Pet appearance. (ex: {{hdr|Digimon World}})
|cd= Card appearance. (ex: Bo-1)

Quotations (q)[edit]

This is intended for producing a compilation of card blurbs, along with Digimon Analyzer information from various series applicable to a particular Digimon. (under construction)

Design & Analysis[edit]

Somewhat related to Etymology, the Analysis section is reserved for observations on the design origins and trivia of a particular digimon. A good example of this would be Duftmon's page.
|analysis= (ex: Dorulumon has a similar body build and marking distribution resembling that of the Maned Wolf.