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The Digimon Reference Book (デジモン図鑑, Dejimon Zukan), previously named Digimon Dictionary, is a subsection of Digimon Web focused on providing both the official names and profiles of Digimon which include ones that were never released on any of Digimon Web's other subsites or in general. The site was launched on June 25, 2007, the eve of the Digimon 10th Anniversary. and has since been usually updated every week with the addition of two new profiles. However, since April 6, 2012, only one profile has been added a week. Exceptions were made on both December 7 and 14 of the same year, when two profiles were added at once each time.

As of September 18, 2020, there are currently 1002 Digimon pages available on the Digimon Reference Book.



Profiles are categorized in two different ways and can be viewed accordingly upon the viewer's preference. They are listed alphabetically, subdivided into ten sections. This system is also incorporated in the URL of a Digimon's page:

Tabs listing pages alphabetically (left) or by evolution stage (right) located at the top-left of the page.
  • 01-a 「ア」
  • 02-ka 「カ」
  • 03-sa 「サ」
  • 04-ta 「タ」
  • 05-na 「ナ」
  • 06-ha 「ハ」
  • 07-ma 「マ」
  • 08-ya 「ヤ」
  • 09-ra 「ラ」
  • 10-wa 「ワ」

They are also listed by evolution stage:

Example of a newly released profile at a particular time (Tyumon, December 9, 2008).
Level Kanji/Kana Romanization
Baby 1 幼年期1 Younenki 1
Baby 2 幼年期2 Younenki 2
Child 成長期 Seichouki
Adult 成熟期 Seijukuki
Perfect 完全体 Kanzentai
Ultimate 究極体 Kyūkyokutai
Armor アーマー体 Āmātai
Hybrid ハイブリッド体 Haiburiddotai
Xros Wars クロスウォーズ Kurosuuōzu
Unknown 不明 Fumei

As of June 4, 2010, a new subcategory, "Xros Wars", was added for Digimon introduced in Digimon Xros Wars. The sections for Armor and Hybrid Digimon were added on April 27, 2012. The new section "???" was added for Unknown level on December 26, 2017, due to the introduction of N.E.O.

All Digimon in subcategory Xros Wars for Digimon introduced in Digimon Xros Wars gained a new level named "Xros Wars" on December 26, 2017.

Reference Book XW Before December 2017.jpg
Reference Book XW After December 2017.jpg

When new profiles are added, they are indicated by having the word "NEW!!" temporarily placed to the left of a Digimon's name until a new set of profiles are unveiled. Originally, there was also a field that listed the year a Digimon was active from 「活躍した年 katsuyakushita nen」, however although there were a few Digimon listed with given dates, namely those that were added near the time of Digimon Reference Book's opening, this seemed to cease when newer, more recent profiles were released. With Digimon Web's revamp in June 2010, the year field was removed entirely.

Page Format[edit]

Digimon dictionary cap3.jpg

Digimon (Kana)

▼ Level ▼ Type ▼ Attribute

Special Move(s)



▼ レベル ▼ 型(タイプ) ▼ 属性





Digimon names labeled with the X-Antibody affix retain the same name as their counterparts, labeled merely for distinction and not amalgamated into its main name - e.g Greymon X-Antibody's name is "Greymon" as opposed to "Greymon X-Antibody". Similarly, the same situation applies to the majority of recolors, i.e those of subspecies, and level changes.


While the majority of the images are displayed in high quality, with a standardized size of 320 x 320 pixels, for a brief time - between April 18 and June 6, 2008 - there were a number of images released that were below the current standard. Although the quality of images released prior to this returned to normal, with the exception of five pages (Labramon, Ancient Volcamon, Giga Seadramon, Vademon (X-Antibody), and Zudomon), the remaining low quality images still exist on their pages.

Pages with "below-standard quality" images

Digimon Accel Digimon Reference Book
Comparison of images showing improvement in quality



Kanji Language Abbreviation
Latin Lat
西 Spanish (Español) Esp
French (Français) Fra
German (Deutsch) Deu
English Eng
Italian (Italiano) Ita

Example of a completely altered profile (Pukamon):

Digimon Pendulum (Ver. 2)
ちょっと見ただけでは、水に住んでいた恐りゅうの子供のような外観を持つデジモン。その動きも現実の世界のタツノオトシゴのように軽みょうで、見ている者を思わず楽しくさせてくれるひょうきんなものだ。ただし、性格的にはピチモンだった頃のような人なつっこさはなくしてしまっているので、誰かが近よってもすぐににげ出してしまう。かわいいからといって友達になろうとするのは、意外とむずかしいようだ。また、一見強そうに見えるその外皮は、まだまだ成長期の段階にあるので非常に弱い。そのため、深海の水圧と低温にはたえられず、あまり深い場所にはもぐっている時間もかぎられている。 この段階では、必殺技もまだおぼえていない。

Digimon Reference Book

Example of a profile with extra information (Rosemon):

Digimon Accel (Nature Genome)

Digimon Reference Book

The profiles of Digimon whose counterparts are affected by the X-Antibody retain the format of pages displayed on the Pendulum X site. The overall profile is a combination of the original profile of the precedent followed by its own.

General syntax:

  • Original profile
  • X抗体による_______のデジコアへの影響 (The effect on _______'s Digicore due to the X-Antibody)
  • X-Antibody counterpart's profile

Example of an X-Antibody counterpart's profile (Vademon (X-Antibody)):

Digimon Reference Book
“ 不良宇宙人”。一説では地球侵略のためにやってきたベーダモンだが、逆に地球の文化に影響されてしまった姿が表れている。自分はより強く進化していると考えているが風貌だけであり、サングラスも本当は見え難い。しかし、敵のデジモンを脅すコツを身に付け、地球侵略のために一歩近づいたのかもしれない。微笑みながら敵の足元を蹴る『天使のローキック』は、敵を逆上させてしまう恐ろしい技だ。

Following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, a few profiles were shortened. More specifically, all mentions of earthquakes and tsunamis were removed. Independent of that, information has also been removed from some other profiles, such as translation aids for attack names. See Digimon with updated profiles on Digimon Reference Book for a list of altered profiles.

Example of a shortened profile (Ancient Mermaimon):

Original profile


Current profile


Bandai-Asia Digimon Reference Book[edit]