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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Yatsuka Senbaku [1] Eight Bundles of Dyed Restraints 八束染縛(やつかせんばく) N/A Restrains the enemy with spider thread it spits from the mouth of its lower body, then spews toxic liquid.[1]
Majin Byōtan [1] Demon Dust Calabash 魔塵瓢箪(まじんびょうたん) N/A Spreads a poisonous gas by throwing the cylinders equipped to its abdomen.[1]
Senhō Tsuchigumo [1] Thousand Cannon Tsuchigumo 千砲土蜘蛛(せんほうつちぐも) N/A Attacks distant opponents with the Senhō Tsuchigumo" on its left arm.[1]


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Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

Ryudamon arrived in the Real World but turned into a small Gyukimon soon after, though without losing control of himself. In "Contagion Island", he sought Amanokawa Hiro's help, as he was told by his dad, Amanokawa Hokuto, to do so if he needed it. Hiro agreed to help him in spite of the objections of Angoramon, who explained that Gyukimon are dangerous Digimon that reproduce by biting others and turning them into new Gyukimon. While he was meant to stay with Bakumon during Hiro's travel to an island for a school trip, he instead travelled alongside him, which Higashimitarai Kiyoshiro and Jellymon were not okay with. That night Ryudamon began to lose control of himself. Upon arriving at the island, he began succumbing to Gyukimon's instincts, knocking out and injecting Nijima, Nomura Kotaro, and other students with the substance in the canisters on his back, turning them into Gyukimon and causing him to grow in size until he became as big as a standard Gyukimon.

Betel Gammamon and Tesla Jellymon fought against Gyukimon, with the former and Hiro desperately wanting to turn him back into Ryudamon, though no one knew if it would be possible. Symbare Angoramon and Bakumon arrived afterwards and confirmed they could turn him back through using the Digivice-V-, in the same way their own partner Digimon returned to their Child levels after evolving. Betel Gammamon was beaten and thrown away by Gyukimon, but he evolved into Canoweissmon, and in that form caused Ryudamon's Digicore Interface to appear over Gyukimon's brow, which he then headbutted, causing both of them to be covered in an explosion of light. This led Gammamon into Ryudamon's consciousness, where he removed the darkness of Gyukimon and freed Ryudamon, who returned back to his original form.

The humans turned into Gyukimon were then purified by Bakumon, who also removed their memories of the event.


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  1. This happened to Ryudamon, Nijima, Nomura Kotaro and several students from the Hazakura Academy in "Digimon Ghost Game: Contagion Island".