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Chrome Digizoid metal (unrefined)

Chrome Digizoid (クロンデジゾイド Kuron Dejizoido) is a super-rare and super-strong type of metal found in some Digimon. It is obtained from Chrondigizoit metal, which itself is a derivative of the scarce Huanglong Ore.

Other Types of Chrome Digizoid[edit]

  • Blue Digizoid: is a light-weight type which allows the Digimon to move at high speeds.[1][2]
  • Red Digizoid: is even stronger than Chrome Digizoid, and gives the Digimon a very high defense. [3]
  • Gold Digizoid gives the Digimon maximum offensive strength while maintaining the user's speed. [4][5]
  • Black Digizoid: allows the Digimon to store the data of its weapons in it.[6]
  • Obsidian Digizoid: the sharpest kind of digizoid.[7]
  • Brown Digizoid: extremely flexible.[8]

Digimon/Others with Chrome Digizoid[edit]

Digimon Type Location
Aegisdramon Basic Body
Black Megalo Growmon Basic Armor and its weapons, the Pendulum Blades and Assault Balancers
Blade Kuwagamon Basic Body
Chaosdramon Red Body
Chaosdramon X-Antibody Red Body
Chaos Dukemon Basic Armor
Craniummon Black Armor
Cres Garurumon Chrondigizoid Armor
Crossmon Chrondigizoid Armor
Duftmon X-Antibody Brown Armor
Dukemon Basic Armor and its weapons, Gram and Aegis
Dukemon X-Antibody Red, Blue & Gold Armor and its weapons, Gram and Aegis
Dynasmon Basic Armor
Examon Basic Its armour Caledfwlch
Hi Andromon Basic Body
Kaiser Leomon Obsidian Armor
Knightmon Basic Armor and its weapon, the Berserk Sword
Magnamon Basic Armor
Magnamon X-Antibody Basic/Gold Armor
Maildramon Basic Armor
Megalo Growmon Basic Armor and its weapons, the Pendulum Blades and Assault Balancers
Megidramon Basic Body
Metal Etemon Basic Armor
Metal Greymon Basic Armor and its weapon Trident Arm
Metal Seadramon Chrondigizoid Body
Mirage Gaogamon Basic Armor
Neptunemon Blue Body
Peacockmon Basic Armor
Pukumon Chrondigizoid Spikes
Raptor Sparrowmon Basic Body
Raptordramon Basic Armor
Ravmon Basic Wings
Rize Greymon Basic Armor and its weapon Trident Revolver
Sagittarimon Basic Bow and Arrows
Slayerdramon Basic Armor
Sleipmon Red Armor
Shoutmon DX Gold Armor
Tyrant Kabuterimon Basic Exoskeleton
Ulforce V-dramon Blue Armor
Victory Greymon Basic Armor and Dramon Breaker
War Greymon Basic Armor and Dramon Killers
Zeke Greymon Gold Armor
ZERO ARMS: Grani Basic Body
Zudomon Chrondigizoid Thor's Hammer


Image Gallery[edit]

Stainless chrondigizoid metal collectors.jpg Chrondigizoid collectors.jpg Gold digizoid collectors.jpg
Pure Chrome Digizoid Metal Chrome Digizoid Alloy (CHO-Alloy) Gold Digizoid