Huanglong Ore

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Huanglong Ore (ファンロン鉱, Fanron-kou) is a naturally occurring ore in the Digital World from which Chrondigizoit Metal is derived.[1]

It is a virtual ore that boasts of absolute hardness. Only Huanglong Ore is able to actually scratch Huanglong Ore, and because it cannot be compared with other minerals and metals, it is impossible to measure its hardness. Despite this extreme hardness, its weight is extremely great, so it is not suitable for things like weapons or armor. Chrondigizoit Metal resolves these weaknesses, and is said to be a more excellent rare metal.[1]

Its scarcity is also great, so it can only be found deep underground. It is known that Groundramon, who lurk within the tunnels they carve deep underground, tend to prefer to inhabit veins of the rare Huanglong Ore.[2]

Also, it is said that it requires many, many years, more than those since the age of myth, in order to unify Huanglong Ore with living things. Originally, there had not been any other Digimon discovered to have unified with this super-hard ore other than Huanglongmon[1]; however, due to Groundramon's nature, there is a high likelihood of finding the elements of Huanglong Ore comprising the scales covering its body.[2]

List of Digimon with Huanglong Ore[edit]

Digimon Location
Groundramon Scales
Huanglongmon Scales