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Armor (アーマー体, Āmā-tai) is an alternate path of evolution some Digimon can take.

Originally, using a Digimental, a Child Digimon could evolve into a special armor form unique to the combination of the Digimental. This is useful if there are any factors prohibiting normal evolution. Eventually, however, Armor Digimon began to be treated the same way as Adult Digimon, and most of them can be considered Adult Phase Digimon.

In general, if a Digimon used a Digimental to evolve to the form, its considered Armor Body - while attaining it naturally makes it Adult Phase. Although usually Child Digimon evolve into Armor forms, other Digimon such as Adults (Tailmon for instance) or Hybrids (Agnimon) can evolve into Armor forms. Generally, Armor Digimon can eventually evolve into Perfect, just like Adult Digimon.


  • In Digimon Story, Armor Digimon evolve from Adults, and are placed as Perfect Digimon in evolution trees, but are considered their own level.
  • For Armor evolutions, see Table of Armor Digimon.

DigiTamaBaby IBaby IIChildAdultPerfectUltimate
Armor, Hybrid
Evolution Stage