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Although it looks like a Bird-type, it is a Plant Digimon whose body is packed with juices with high sugar content like that of a fruit. For that reason, it has many natural predators such as Bird and Insect Digimon. Despite having wings, it is mainly active on land because its flight speed is so slow that it becomes defenseless.
When it senses danger, it protects itself with "Rapid Seed", in which it spits out countless seed-like bullets from its mouth. Its "Fruits Rush", where it curls up and speeds off, is often used as a means of escape rather than an attack.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Rapid Seed [2] ラピッドシード Rapiddo Sīdo Spits out countless seed-like bullets from its mouth.
Fruits Rush [2] フルーツラッシュ Furūtsu Rasshu Curls up and speeds off.


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Digimon Adventure:[edit]

In "Strike! The Killer Shot", several Pomumon were hunted and turned into fruit by Toropiamon and its Flymon underlings. One was saved by Takenouchi Sora and Birdramon, and from there, the Pomumon rescued several others, and all joined forces to kill a Flymon and stop Toropiamon's Tropical Venom by sealing its mouth with their Rapid Seed and Sora's soccer shot, letting Garudamon and Metal Greymon finish it off.

The Pomumon reappeared in "The Tears of Shakkoumon". They joined with a group of Funbeemon, as well as Neamon's group (Labramon, Bearmon and several Kyaromon) and Junkmon, and were creating a new village, helped by Takenouchi Sora and Piyomon. Furthermore, their flight abilities improved thanks to Sora and Piyomon. After Shakkoumon was calmed down, the Pomumon and Funbeemon attempted to stop Sora from leaving, but ultimately accepted her doing so.

After Negamon was finally defeated in "The End of the Adventure", the village, which now included Neamon, Junkmon, Bearmon, Labramon, Shakkoumon, the Funbeemon, the Pomumon, the Kyaromon and a Grottemon, were shown tending to their crops.

Pomumon in Digimon Adventure:
Pomumon in Digimon Adventure:


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