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"100% Tamer!!"
Japanese "100% Tamer!!"
Kanji/Kana 100%テイマー!!
Romanization "100% Teimaa!!"
Release Date November 21, 1998
"Reversal Combination"

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Chapter #1 of V-Tamer



After Taichi is disqualified from the D-1 Grand Prix tournament because his digimon Zero wasn't programmed into the game, he is transported to the Digital World while inspecting his Digital Monster v-pet. There, he meets his V-dramon, Zeromaru, who turns out to be a never-before-seen type a digimon. The two begin a journey to find a way back to the real world.

While traveling the two encounter various wild digimon, and after defeating a Greymon, they find an injured Gabumon, Gabou who is on his was to Holy Angel Castle. After having his injuries patched up by Taichi, Gabou explains that he was on his was there when he was attacked by wild digimon and had to flee. They group is then ambushed by a wild Tortamon who is much more difficult to defeat than anticipated. Flipping through Taichi's Zukan, he realizes that Taichi and Zero only have experience fighting File Island monsters that are no match against the Folder Continent ones.

Taichi realizes he's heard of that... but that they're in the new Digimon Pendulum toy... that he has never played. However, Taichi sees an opening in Tortamon's defense and orders Zero to attack as a split opens in their opponents shell, defeating them. Gabou realizes this is the advantage to having a Tamer that a wild digimon would never have.