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Formatting of pages for the Digital Monster Card Game. (Under Construction)

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The Hyper Colosseum Digimon Card Template[edit]

Under Construction
Sorry for our appearance, but this article currently needs a lot of work.


|n= Digimon's name

  • If the digimon is a particular variation, but keeps the same name (ex: Agumon (Black) use:


  • If an X-Antibody Digimon, but does not have (X抗体) in their name, use:



|series= Series card is from (ex: Booster 1, Starter Ver. 1)
|sn= Set abbreviation (St, Bo, etc.)
|prev= Previous Card number (# only)
|next= Next Card number (# only)
|bt= Card's Battle type, found in the top left corner (A, B or C)

Requirements & Evolution[edit]

|rq= Requirements to put card into play. Can be Evolution (e 進化条件), Fusion (f 融合条件) or Appearance (a 出現条件)
|e= Creates requirements without turning text into a link. If ={{LV3}} is used, inserts information for Child level digimon.
|e1= |e1a= |e2= |e2a= |e3= |e3a=

Evolution (e)[edit]

  • Normal Evolution:

|e1a= ((X))

  • Evolution requiring an Option/Program:

|e1a=Winning Percentage: 40%!

  • Jogress Evolution


Fusion (f)[edit]

  • Armor Evolution

|e1a=Digimental of Courage

  • Spirit Evolution

|e1a=Spirit of Fire H

Appearance (a)[edit]

|e=If your Millenniumon loses the battle, send it to the Dark Area and take this card from your hand, place it directly in the Digimon Box, and continue the battle.


Text unrelated to gameplay, usually small blurbs about the character. Not all cards have Quotations added.
|d= Quotation in English
|dj= Quotation in Japanese
Note: Use {{j| Kanji | Romaji }} for the dj entry.


Level |t=
Type |at=
Attribute |f1=



Special Abilities[edit]

|ext= |s1= |s2=

Lost Points[edit]

|lp= Points lost when defeated in battle. (ex: 3321)


frame= Differentiates from normal blue frame cards and the X-Antibody red frame cards.

  • Blue (b)
  • Red (r)

Year of Manufacture[edit]

|yom= Year the card was first printed. Can usually be found at the bottom right of the card in the abilities box or right below the Attack Techniques box.
Note: Some card sets were reprinted in different years. Check the Card Set page for the correct year.

Notes (note)[edit]

|note= Optional. D-Arc IDs, usually found with a symbol of the Digimon Alphabet followed by a 3-digit number, illustrators, amongst others.


  • (l) Level
    • Child
    • Adult
    • Perfect
    • Ultimate
    • Hybrid
  • (at) Attribute
    • Data
    • Vaccine
    • Virus
    • Variable (when inputted will display "Variable (same as the opponent)")
    • Unknown
  • (f1) Field (to add extra fields write "|f2=", "|f3=" and so on.)
    • Dark Area
    • Deep Savers
    • Nature Spirits
    • Nightmare Soldiers
    • Unknown
    • Virus Busters
    • Wind Guardians

Attack Techniques[edit]

  • (a) A Technique
  • (apt) A Points
  • (b) B Technique
  • (bpt) B Points
  • (c) C Technique
    • This attack is almost always Guard/Protect, so use {{grd}}
  • (cpt) C Points

Extra (ext)[edit]

Extra comments on the digimon, often restrictions, special effects. Can be found in the box area directly below the Digmon's Level and Field.

Special Abilities (s)[edit]

  • Digimon's abilities, found in the light colored box to the right of the Attacks. Additional abilities, i.e. support abilities are also placed here.
Ability Template abbreviation Result
Sky {{SKY}} Has the ability "sky".
Gale {{GLE}} Has the ability "gale".
Grappling/Fighting/Combat {{GRPL}} Has the ability "grappling".
Flame {{FLA}} Has the ability "flame".
Freeze {{FRZ}} Has the ability "freezing".
Hungry {{HNG}} Has the ability "hungry".
Proud {{PRD}} Has the ability "proud".
Underground {{UNDGRD}} Has the ability "underground".
Underwater {{UNDWTR}} Has the ability "underwater".