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Formatting of pages for the Music category. (Under Construction)

Soundtrack Page[edit]


Title (title)[edit]

  • Title of soundtrack

Kanji/Kana (kan)[edit]

  • Title of soundtrack in kanji/kana

Romaji (rom)[edit]

  • Title of soundtrack in roman alphabet

Translation (trans)[edit]

  • Title of soundtrack translated

Additional Text (add)[edit]

  • Additional text to go after the title, such as Single.

Image (image)[edit]

  • Image of the soundtrack cover, usually in the format of the Code, but with an underscore.
    • ex: NECA_12345.jpg
    • ex:CD_noimage.jpg

Series (series) Not Yet Implemented[edit]

  • Anime series the soundtrack is from, usually corresponds to what section the CD is in on the Digimon Discography page. May be implemented as a logo above the CD's image.

Catalog Code (code)[edit]

  • Catalog code of the disk. Some soundtracks have more than one code, can be found on the Digimon Discography page.

Release Date (rdate)[edit]

  • Original release date of the soundtrack. usually has this listed.

Language (lang)[edit]

  • Language the soundtrack is in (Almost always Japanese).

Artist (artist)[edit]

  • Artist(s) performing on the CD.

Song Page[edit]