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Program X (Xプログラム X Puroguramu) is a termination program initiated by Yggdrasill to eliminate 99% of Digimon as a result of the exponential growth of Digimon causing the Digital World to reach maximum capacity. When Program X was executed by Yggdrasill, 98% of the total Digimon population was eliminated. The remaining 2% were transferred to the New Digital World where Program X could not reach them. However, 1% of the original number of Digimon (1/2 of those surviving in the NEW Digital World), were strong enough to resist the effects of Program X and were able to survive by altering their Digicores. These Digimon were reborn in a form that could take in Program X and eventually it came to a point where a program that opposed Program X was installed into the Digicore - the X-Antibody.


Digital Monster X-evolution[edit]

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