Signpost Woods

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Signpost Woods

Signpost Woods (道標の森 Michishirube no Mori) is the forest on the eastern portion of File Island, where Tropical Jungle once was.


Signpost Woods is a forest with many signposts, gauges and pipes, and trees towering high above, blocking out most sunlight. The roots of the trees are twisted onto the pipes, creating walkways. There are also several waterfalls. Signpost Woods lead to the Village of Beginnings towards the west, the Underground Waterway Labyrinth towards the north, the Ancient Bone Swamp towards the east, and the Submerged Ruins towards the south.


  • Center of Woods (森の中心 Mori no Chūshin)
  • Coast (海岸 Kaigan)
  • Marshland (沼地 Numachi)
  • Outskirts (街はずれ Machi Hazure)



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