Ancient Bone Swamp

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Ancient Bone Swamp (古代骨の沼 Kodaihone no Numa) is a swamp on the east of Signpost Woods, where the Ancient Dino Region once was.


Ancient Bone Swamp an impressive swamp held together symbolically by giant skeleton data. There are many pits in the swamp where Digimon can fall in and get stuck. The Ancient Bone Swamp leads to Signpost Woods towards the west, the Underground Waterway Labyrinth towards the northwest, and Night Canyon towards the north.


  • Canyon (峡谷 Kyoukoku)
  • Center of Swamp (沼の中心 Numa no Chūshin)
  • Dinosaur's Ribcage (竜の肋骨 Ryū no Rokkotsu)
  • Dinosaur's Stomach (竜の胃袋 Ryū no Ibukuro)
  • Waterway (水路 Suiro)
  • Woods (森 Mori)



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