Tropical Jungle

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Tropical Jungle
Tropical Jungle
Kanji/Kana トロピカルジャングル
Debut "Adrift? The Island of Adventure!"
Part of: File Island
Amida Forest
Great Canyon Entrance
Invisible Bridge
Mangrove Region
Naked Beach

Tropical Jungle (トロピカルジャングル Toropikaru Janguru), also Tropica Jungle (トロピカジャングル Toropika Janguru), is a huge jungle on the eastern portion of File Island.


Tropical Jungle is directly east of Unwavering Forest, which is connected to it by the Digi Bridge. The humid weather on this side is drastically different from that of Unwavering Forest. To its north is the Overdell wasteland, as well as the entrance to the Great Canyon... across a huge chasm.


Great Canyon Entrance
  • Amida Forest
  • Great Canyon Entrance (グレートキャニオン入り口 Gurēto Kyanion Iriguchi)
  • Invisible Bridge (見えない橋 Mienai Hashi)
  • Mangrove Region
  • Naked Beach (まるだしビーチ Marudashi Bīchi)




Digimon Adventure[edit]

First appeared in "Adrift? The Island of Adventure!", the Tropical Jungle makes an unnamed appearance as the jungle where the Chosen Children first arrived to in File Island. It has trees which are actually just holograms projecting the image of one. It is here that they met each of their partner Digimon, which evolved from Baby level to Child level to defend the Chosen Children from a wild Kuwagamon.

The jungle's Naked Beach makes an unnamed appearance as well in "Explosive Evolution! Greymon", as a beach with many telephone booths, with none of the phones working properly. The beach is the territory of a Shellmon. It is here that Taichi's partner Digimon, Agumon, evolved for the first time into Greymon and fended off the Shellmon when it attacks the group for intruding on its territory.

In "Centalmon the Guardian!", Mimi lands on a portion of Tropical Jungle across from the portion with the Ancient Dino Region after Devimon splits up File Island. Scumon and Tyumon attempts to rob her, but they turn good once they come in contact with Mimi's Digivice. Mimi then goes to Ancient Dino Region with the help of Palmon's Poison Ivy.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

Tropical Jungle is very loud during daytime, with screams that resemble that of tribesmen. If one is lucky enough, he or she will be able to see Piccolomon at the Naked Beach, flapping its wings. If challenged, be prepared for a difficult battle. However, if it is defeated, it can be convinced to join the city. There has been reports of a strange plant in the middle of the jungle, which grows once in a while and has an eerie odor. If it is watered, it may grow into something more. Also, in the Mangrove Region a Betamon seems to be unoccupied, and can be easily convinced to join the city as well.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[edit]

Tropica Jungle lies on the eastern side of File Island, and can be reached via the Digi Bridge in Unwavering Forest. Its Naked Beach is said to look just like a seaside resort, and is a great spot for sunbathing. To get to the deeper reaches of the jungle, one must past through the Mangrove.

Digimon Adventure[edit]

First appeared in the first episode of the game, "Adrift? The Island of Adventure!" (漂流?冒険の島! Houryū? Bouken no Shima!), the Chosen Children arrives to File Island in Tropical Jungle, where they are soon attacked by a Kuwagamon.

In the episode "Explosive Evolution! Greymon" (爆裂進化!グレイモン Bakuretsu Shinka! Gureimon), the Chosen Children arrives to the jungle's beach, which has 5 phone booths, none of which is working properly. They are soon attacked by a Shellmon.