Mangrove Region

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Mangrove Region
Mangrove Region
Kanji/Kana マングローブ域
Part of: File Island: Tropical Jungle

Mangrove Region (マングローブ域 Mangurōbu Iki), also simply Mangrove (マングローブ Mangurōbu), is a small tropical region in the Tropical Jungle of File Island.


The Mangrove Region is where several Yanmamon and Modoki Betamon reside, creating an annoying atmosphere with the constant buzzing of Yanmamon, combining with the humid weather of the jungle.


  • Digimon World: Digital Card Battle


Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

In the Mangrove Region of the Tropical Jungle resides Betamon, who does not have anything to do and is just hanging around comfortably. One can easily convince it to join the city, where it can help establish the Item Shop of the Village of Beginnings.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[edit]

In order to traverse into the deeper reaches of Tropica Jungle, one must pass through the Mangrove. However, this region is occupied by Vegimon, who will only allow entry upon receiving a Rarity-type (yellow-bordered) card. By passing through the Mangrove, one will reach the Lott Woods, which serves as the entrance to the Ancient Dino Region.