Amida Forest

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Amida Forest
Amida Forest
Kanji/Kana あみだの森
Part of: File Island: Tropical Jungle

Amida Forest (あみだの森 Amida no Mori, also Lott Woods) is a peculiar forest that serves as the entrance to the Ancient Dino Region from Tropical Jungle.


Amida Forest is a peculiar forest with many stone walls and seemingly three straight paths, giving many places for one to make turns. The height of the stone walls provide slight cover from gunfire, but they also serve to make the forest look more like a maze. It also serves as the only entrance to the Ancient Dino Region.



Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

Amida Forest seems to simply be three straight paths, but if one were to just go straight, the guardian of the forest will shoot the intruder down. Since going through the forest is the only way to reach the Ancient Dino Region, many travelers have tried to walk through cluelessly, ending up in getting many injuries and gaining no entry to the Ancient Dino Region. The name Amida Forest suggests that for one to pass through safely, one must use the method of Amidakuji, which suggests choosing a path, going straight forward, turning whenever possible. Using this method, not only will one avoid gunfire, but also if one reaches the true entrance in the end, the guardian of the forest will be impressed and join the city, as well as granting entry to the Ancient Dino Region.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[edit]

By passing through the Mangrove of Tropica Jungle, one will reach the Lott Woods. The Lott Woods serve as the entrance to the Ancient Dino Region, but the guardian of the forest currently bars all passage to the region. Only by defeating the guardian will passage be granted.