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The Digital World, in the process of being restored.

In Digimon Frontier, the Digital World (デジタルワールド Dejitaru Wārudo) is a planet that is situated in its own outer space.



As recorded in the tunnel of the Digital World's history, the Digital World was born from the same data as the Legendary Spirits.[1]

In its ancient history, there was a war between Human Digimon and Beast Digimon, which ended when Lucemon appeared. Lucemon stopped the conflict, became the ruler of the Digital World, and ushered in an era of peace. Over time, he became a tyrant and caused great suffering to the Digimon. The Warrior Ten appeared and defeated Lucemon, and sealed him away in the Dark Area. After their battle with Lucemon, the Warrior Ten released the twenty Spirits and entrusted them to the Three Archangels, the new rulers of the Digital World, then vanished and/or entered a state of sleep.[2][1]

Each of the Three Archangels took possession of some of the Spirits.[1] Seraphimon was entrusted with upholding the Digital World's law and order, Cherubimon was entrusted with upholding knowledge and education, and Ofanimon was entrusted with upholding love and life. However, ideological differences arose between Cherubimon and the other two Archangels, who accused them of neglecting the interests of Beast Digimon (his own kind) in favor of the Human Digimon (to which Seraphimon and Ofanimon belonged).[2]


Everything in the Digital World, including the Digimon, is composed of Digicode, which is the source of all energy in the Digital World. Everything from mountains to towns has its own Digicode. It is possible to take, or "scan", the Digicode of a location in the Digital World and use it to empower oneself by physically destroying the location. However, some locations have safeguards which make the Digicode harder to access and therefore protect the area from being scanned, like the Digicode being hidden or locked within a particular object,[3] or by the Digicode being manually scrambled by the inhabitants.[4] If scanned Digicode for a location is retrieved, it can be released and will then return to its original location and restore the terrain as it was.[5]

The Dark Area, in which Lucemon is imprisoned, is situated at the core of the Digital World.[6]

The flow of data in the Digital World follows railway lines;[7] all of the Digital World's regions are connected by the Digirail railway network, on which the Trailmon operate. People may buy passes to ride the Trailmon.[8] Even when the terrain of the Digital World is scanned, the railways remain in place.[9]


The land surface of the Digital World is divided into several major continental regions, which are typically called areas (エリア eria) or lands (国kuni). The following areas are identified on-screen:

  • Flame Area (炎のエリア Honō no eria)
    A rocky region with varying amounts of plant life.[10]
  • Forest Land/Forest Area (森の国/森のエリア Mori no kuni/Mori no eria)
    A region that is mostly covered in dense forests.[11]
  • Ice Land/Ice Area (氷の国/氷のエリア Kōri no kuni/Kōri no eria)
    A northern continent that is largely covered in ice and snow.[12]
  • Dark Continent (闇の大陸 Yami no tairiku)
    A mysterious region about which nothing is documented. Trailmon fear it and will refuse to go there.[8]
  • Steel Area (鋼のエリア Hagane no eria)
    A mountainous region which is largely barren, but can be cultivated.[13][14]
  • Light Area (光のエリア Hikari no eria)
    A vast field of white flowers.[10]
  • Wandering Island (さまよえる島 Samayoeru shima)
    A floating landmass that wanders through gaps in the Digital World's dimension. It is where Ornismon was once sealed away by Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon, and it is inhabited by two communities of Digimon that are at war with each other.[15]
The Forest Area (surrounding areas scanned).
The Light Area (surrounding areas scanned).
The Ice Area (surrounding areas scanned).
Map of the Digital World
DF Website Map Annotated.png
Map from the Digimon Frontier official site.
Marker Image Location Region Description Episodes
01 Digimon frontier - episode 01 12.jpg Flame Town/Flame Terminal
Flame Area[10] A major settlement and Digirail station on a peninsula. Bokomon and Neamon's hometown. The Human Spirit of Fire is hidden here. Many episodes starting from "The Legendary Warrior! Agnimon of Flame"
02 Digimon frontier - episode 02 09.jpg Labyrinth
Flame Area[10] A network of tunnels and passages underneath Flame Town. The Human Spirit of Light is hidden here. "Wolfmon of Light, The Underground Labyrinth Battle!"
03 DF03 Location Candmon Village.jpg Candmon Village
(Unidentified) A small settlement inhabited by a group of Candmon, built at the bottom of a ravine along the banks of a stream. The Candmon guard a temple in this ravine, which features a mural that depicts Lucemon and the elements of the Warrior Ten. There is an ice cave along the stream, where the Human Spirit of Ice is hidden. "Bullying is Unforgivable! Evolve, Chackmon of Ice"
04 DF04 Location Soft Breeze Village.jpg Soft Breeze Village
(Unidentified) A village built in and around a giant tree, inhabited by Floramon and Mushmon. Experienced drought and desertification as a result of Cherubimon's magic manipulating the Mushmon, causing a downturn in tourists. The Human Spirit of Wind is hidden in the tree. "My Painful Kick! Female Warrior Fairymon"
05 DF05 Location Factory of Wind.jpg Factory of Wind, Inc.
(Unidentified) A wind power plant and fan manufacturer, where the Human Spirit of Thunder is hidden. Snimon and its Goburimon henchmen enslave a colony of Kokuwamon to generate power for them when there is insufficient wind to generate power. Destroyed after Shibayama Junpei takes the Spirit. "Thunder Power Shaking the Ground, Blitzmon!"
06 Karatsuki numemon mountain.jpg Karatuki Numemon Mountain
Main article: Karatuki Numemon Mountain

A range of jagged mountains. Inhabited by a colony of Karatuki Numemon who have constructed dwellings in its peaks. Its Digicode is concealed in its central peak.

"The Five Legendary Warriors VS The New Warrior!"
07 DF07 Location Toy Town.jpg Toy Town
Main article: Toy Town

A city filled with toys and theme park, inhabited by Puppet Digimon who want to play with children. Converted into a flying island by a group of Toy Agumon (Black) who had been corrupted by Cherubimon's magic.

"Town Floating in the Sky! Toy Agumon Toy Country"
08 DF08 Location School.jpg Elementary school
(Unidentified) A school run by Togemon, which gets Baby II Digimon students from all over the Digital World. Located near a river and a field of tall flowers, near the boundaries of Forest Land (Bokomon calls the area "plains," to Orimoto Izumi's confusion). "Save Everyone! Evolve, Tunomon"
09 Forest of televisions.jpg Forest of Televisions
Forest Land
Main article: Forest of Televisions

A patch of forest where, on overcast nights, images of the Real World appear on the trunks of the trees. Bakumon lives here.

"Chackmon's the Enemy!? The Mysterious Forest of Televisions"
10 DF10 Location Gottsumon Village.jpg Gottsumon Village
Forest Land A settlement, inhabited by Gottsumon, that is built into a group of three monoliths. It is located near the cliffside where the Beast Spirit of Light is enshrined. "An Uncontrollable Beast Spirit!? Garummon's Evolution"
(N/A) DF10 Beast Spirit Statues 1.JPG Guardian deities
Forest Land Three statues built on a cliffside near the Gottsumon Village. The Beast Spirit of Light is buried here, and is released when, according to a local legend, "the three eyes" shine. The "eyes" of the statues mentioned in the legend are large rubies which, when all together, emit lasers that all converge on the location of the Beast Spirit and release it from the ground. "An Uncontrollable Beast Spirit!? Garummon's Evolution" and "Fight Together! Gottsumon and Kouji's Vow"
11 DF Website DF11 Village.jpg Fortune-teller Village
Forest Land A tent settlement that is built around a temple that houses the Beast Spirit of Fire. It is populated by Digimon who practice fortune-telling, although Bokomon insists that the only genuine fortune-teller among them is Shamamon, who inhabits the temple. There is a forest and lake nearby. "Defeat Me! Legendary Warrior Vritramon Runs Wild"
12 DF12 Location Hideout.jpg Enemy hideout
Forest Land[16] A tower in a ravine that the Evil Warriors use as their headquarters. Many episodes starting from "Roar Vritramon! Defeat Gigasmon!"
(N/A) DF13 Location Delusoba.jpg Delusoba
Forest Land A soba restaurant near Forest Terminal, operated by a Delumon. Offers free, but unpleasant, food. "Awaken Seraphimon! The Secret of The Ten Legendary Warriors"
(N/A) DF13 Location Forest Terminal.jpg Forest Terminal
Forest Land A major Digirail station, situated at the foot of a giant tree with stairways built into it. "Awaken Seraphimon! The Secret of The Ten Legendary Warriors" and "Fight Together! Gottsumon and Kouji's Vow"
13 DF13 Location Seraphimon Castle.jpg Seraphimon's Castle
Forest Land The personal residence of Seraphimon. Located at the top of the Forest Terminal tree stairway, but it and the last flight of stairs up to it are concealed and only become visible in response to D-Scanners. A crystal statue of the Three Archangels contains Forest Land's Digicode. "Awaken Seraphimon! The Secret of The Ten Legendary Warriors" and "Fight Together! Gottsumon and Kouji's Vow"
14 DF14 Location Blue Cave.jpg Blue Cave
(Unidentified) An underwater cave, connected to Seraphimon's castle by a hidden Digirail escape route. Whamon is trapped in here after Grottemon scans the Digicode of a nearby section of shoreline. Flooded after the defeat of Grottemon. "Thunder! Even Rock Breaks! Bolgmon's Do-or-Die Challenge"
15 DF15 Location Island.jpg (Unnamed) (Unidentified) A tropical island on which the Tocanmon operate the "Tocan Heaven" (トーカン天国 Tōkan tengoku) beach house. There is a shipwreck in the ocean nearby, where the Beast Spirit of Water is hidden. "Cool Beast Evolution! Calmaramon" and "Strength Does not Matter! The Beautiful Warrior, Shutumon"
16 DF16 Location Goma Island.jpg Goma Island
(Unidentified) A tropical island across the sea from the above island. It is surrounded by sheer cliffs, and the only way to enter by sea is through an inlet that leads to a beach that a colony of Gomamon call home. Due to the effects of Cherubimon's magic, the Beast Spirit of Wind is hidden in a clamshell on the seafloor nearby, and it generates powerful whirlpools that prevent the Gomamon from returning home for a time. "Strength Does not Matter! The Beautiful Warrior, Shutumon"
17 DF45 Akiba Market.jpg Akiba Market
Ice Land
Main article: Akiba Market

A major market town. The central boiler contains a mechanism that allows for the Digicode of all of Ice Land to be manually scrambled as a protective measure against scanning.

"Blizzarmon, Blow the Snow, Call the Glaciers!" and "The Jumbled Data Plan! Defend Akiba Market"
18 DF18 Location City.jpg (Unnamed) (Unidentified) A major town that is the starting point of the Trailmon Race. It is surrounded by rugged land. "Choo-Choo! The Great Trailmon Race"
19 DF19 Location Burgermon Village.jpg Hamburger Digimon Village
(Unidentified) A small town where the Burgamon family runs a hamburger restaurant. "Save the Burgamon! Tomoki's Pure Heart"
(N/A) DF20 Location Dark Gate.jpg Dark Gate
Dark Continent A gate that marks the northern entrance to the Dark Continent. A Digirail line runs through it. "Mysterious Warrior Lurking in the Darkness, Duskmon!"
20 DF21 Location Forest.jpg Forest of the Dark Sun
Dark Continent A gloomy forest that is inhabited by some Pipismon. A species of glowing moss grows here. There is also a large ruined building. "Mysterious Warrior Lurking in the Darkness, Duskmon!" and "The Five Legendary Warriors Annihilated!? Terrifying Dark Power!"
21 DF22 Location Dark Terminal.jpg Dark Terminal
Dark Continent A Digirail station that the Trailmon of Darkness operates from. "The Five Legendary Warriors Annihilated!? Terrifying Dark Power!" and "My Home! Takuya's Lonely Return"
22 DF23 Location Old Castle.jpg Old Castle
Dark Continent An abandoned castle. Mercuremon and Ranamon use it as a base when they capture three of the Chosen Children. "Feel the Power of Digimon! Takuya's Full-Body Strategy"
24 DF31 Location Trailmon Graveyard.jpg Trailmon Graveyard
Dark Continent A place where dying Trailmon instinctively go to die in peace and quiet. "Sleep in Darkness, The Trailmon Graveyard"
(N/A) Rose Morning Star.jpg Rose Morning Star
Dark Continent
Main article: Rose Morning Star

An apparition in the sky that marks the location of Cherubimon's castle.

Many episodes starting from "Decisive Battle!! Rose Morning Star, Ophanimon's Rescue Plan"
(N/A) DF34 Location Cherubimon Castle.jpg Cherubimon's Castle
Dark Continent The personal residence of Cherubimon. It floats in the middle of a massive ravine, surrounded by floating chunks of land. There is an underground prison in the abyss beneath the castle, which once held Ice Devimon. The castle is destroyed and collapses into the ravine following the first battle with Cherubimon. Many episodes starting from "Decisive Battle!! Rose Morning Star, Ophanimon's Rescue Plan"
(N/A) DF38 Location Baromon Temple.jpg (Unnamed) (Unidentified) A temple inhabited by Baromon. From this temple, he stood guard over a nearby sacred mountain. Inside the temple is the tunnel of the Digital World's history, which contains records of the world's entire history which can be played back to visitors. "Endless Death Match! The Prelude of Lucemon's Revival"
(N/A) DF40 Location Steel City.jpg (Unnamed) Steel Area A modernized, metallic city. Facilities include a fruit garden and a Digirail terminal. "The Chosen Ones!? The Children who Manipulate Angemon!"
(N/A) DF41 Location Beanstalk Village.jpg Beanstalk Village
Steel Area A small village established by a tribe of Mamemon settlers. It is situated at the base of an enormous beanstalk, which grew relatively recently from seeds planted by Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki, Tetsuo, and Angemon. The roots of the beanstalk lock the area's Digicode in place, and to scan the Digicode, the beanstalk must be unlocked using the golden beans at its peak. "Don't Let Them Scan! The Beanstalk of Friendship"
(N/A) DF42 Location Village of Beginnings.jpg Village of Beginnings
Main article: Village of Beginnings

A nursery in which Digimon are born, and to which all Digitama return.

"Protect the Digitama! The Miracle of Disappearing Life"
(N/A) DF46 Location Ofanimon Castle.jpg Ofanimon's Castle
Light Area The personal residence of Ofanimon. All knowledge in the Digital World is sent to its library. The caretaker of the castle, Nefertimon, is the key to the Digicode for the entire Light Area. "Digital World Annihilated!? Lucemon's Dark Rule"

Outer space[edit]

The Digital World is orbited by three moons.

  • The blue moon (Dub: Seraphimoon) is inhabited by a colony of Starmons and their commander, Super Starmon, who operate an observatory called Moon Base. Other inhabitants include a group of Insekimon and a group of Burgamon.[6]
  • The red moon (Dub: Cherubimoon) is never visited.
  • The yellow moon (Dub: Ophanimoon) is shrouded in clouds that glow gold. There is a large field of flowers on its surface.

The Digital World planet is shielded by an electromagnetic stream, which also affects the direction of the three moons' gravity. It usually prevents anybody from moving to and from the Digital World and the moons. However, when an eclipse of two of the moons occurs, it creates a path through the electromagnetic stream that can be ridden.[6]



Digimon Frontier[edit]

The Digital World, after having had much of its Digicode taken.

In order to free himself from imprisonment in the Dark Area, Lucemon corrupts Cherubimon and compels him to begin harvesting the Digital World's Digicode. Lucemon's aim is to obtain all of the Digicode so that he can be released.[1] Under his influence, Cherubimon attacks and dethrones the other Archangels and sends his minions, including the Evil Warriors that he created from the Legendary Spirits in his possession, to harvest Digicode.[2]

In response to this, Ofanimon sends out a call to the Real World to recruit Chosen Children to stop Cherubimon.[2] The Chosen Children travel the Digital World, fight Cherubimon's minions and the Evil Warriors, collect Spirits to use, and follow Ofanimon's guidance to several major destinations, including the Forest Terminal[17] (where they meet Seraphimon) and the Rose Morning Star[18] (where they face Cherubimon at his castle).

After Cherubimon's defeat, all of the Digicode that he had harvested is sent to Lucemon in the Dark Area. Lucemon sends the Royal Knights, Dynasmon and Lord Knightmon, to continue scanning all of the world's Digicode.[19] The Chosen Children repeatedly attempt to stop them with the assistance of locals from the areas that they are defending, but are always defeated, and one by one, areas are scanned. The last surviving area is the Light Area, and when the Royal Knights also scan it following a battle at Ofanimon's Castle, Lucemon is revived.[20]

The three moons are also destroyed in a battle between the Chosen Children, the Royal Knights and Lucemon: Falldown Mode.[21]

When Susanoomon destroys Lucemon: Larva, all of the scanned Digicode is released and returned to its original place, restoring the Digital World.[22]


Video Games[edit]

Battle Spirit: Digimon Frontier[edit]

Battle Spirit: Digimon Frontier is a loose adaptation of the Digimon Frontier anime, and features seven stages set in the Digital World. Some of them resemble locations from Frontier.

Virtual Pets[edit]

D-Tector Toy[edit]

The D-Tector toy line's quest is a loose adaptation of the Digimon Frontier anime. The player explores the Digital World and travels to destinations across four maps by shaking the pedometer. Each version of the toy line features a new map design.

The Southeast Asian D-Tector Digivice Version 4.0 features the Wandering Island as a fifth map in addition to the four Digital World maps. The game's final cutscene depicts the Digital World being restored when Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode (Lucemon: Satan Mode) is defeated.

TectorUSV1 Map.gif TectorASV4 Map.gif
D-Tector ("Version 1") (Western release) D-Tector Digivice Version 4.0 (SEA release)/
D-Tector Version 4 (Oceanian release)

Additional Information[edit]

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