Akiba Market

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Akiba Market (アキバマーケット Akiba Māketto) is a town located in the northern part of the Digital World. (Dub: Autumn Leaf Fair)


This is a marketplace within the Digital World's arctic. It's main spot is a giant furnace that keeps the place warm.


Also seen are silhouettes of Angewomon, Mojyamon, and Vamdemon



Digimon Frontier[edit]

Two of the Toucanmon brought the stolen D-Scanners to Nanomon's shop in exchange for a camera. The Legendary Warriors pursued them there and Tomoki managed to get evidence that the Toucanmon stole them from him. Arbormon later attacked the village only for him as Petaldramon to lose to Blizzarmon. Later on, Lord Knightmon and Dynasmon attacked the Akiba Market (which was recently evacuated) and managed to claim it's Digicode.