Human Spirit of Ice

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Human Spirit of Ice
Human Spirit of Ice
Kanji/Kana 氷のヒューマンスピリット
Dub Name Human Spirit of Ice

The Human Spirit of Ice (氷のヒューマンスピリット Kōri no Hyūman Supiritto), also known as the Spirit of Ice H (氷のスピリットH Kōri no Supiritto Eichi) is one of the twenty Legendary Spirits. It contains the power of Ancient Megatheriumon of the Warrior Ten, and allows its user to evolve into the Human Form Hybrid Digimon Chackmon.



Digimon Frontier[edit]

The Human Spirit of Ice in Digimon Frontier.

The Human Spirit of Ice was created from Ancient Megatheriumon after his battle with Lucemon in the past. From there it passed to Ofanimon's keeping, where she hid it in an icy cave. When Cherubimon betrayed the Digital World and began his conquest of it, locking Seraphimon into an endless sleep and imprisoning Ofanimon in a prison of light, she was able to call Legendary Chosen to the Digital World. From them, the Spirit of Ice chose Tomoki to possess it, and so he was able to spirit evolve into Chackmon.

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(Note: Is called Spirit of Ice H in the TCG.)

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