Seraphimon (Frontier)

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Kanji/Kana セラフィモン
Dub Name Seraphimon
Voice Actor Japanese Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山 修之)
English Jamieson Price

Seraphimon is one of the Three Great Angels in Digimon Frontier.


Baby I  ?
Baby II  ?
Child Patamon
Adult  ?
Perfect  ?
Ultimate Seraphimon
Black Seraphimon (with Mercuremon)




Digimon Frontier[edit]

Seraphimon was one of the Three Great Angels who ruled the Digital World after the defeat of Lucemon. He was responsible for the Legendary Spirits of Light and Wind.

After Cherubimon's corruption, he was attacked and left unconscious in a crystal in his castle, guarded by Sorcerimon. At a certain moment, the Chosen Children are able to wake him up using the power of their Digivices. When awake, Seraphimon tries to send the children home, but they refuse. Soon after, the Evil Warriors invade the castle and wage a fight with Seraphimon, Sorcerimon and the children (except Izumi, who had her Spirits stolen by Grottemon). Seraphimon is killed in battle by Mercuremon, who reflected its own attack against him, turning into a DigiTama who is soon saved by Izumi, and who is under the care of Bokomon.

Seraphimon's DigiTama.

Seraphimon returns during the battle inside Sephirothmon. Mercuremon uses its data to fuse with him, becoming Black Seraphimon. He seems indestructible at first, but soon Seraphimon's DigiTama send powers to Takuya so he can evolve by combining both the Human and Beast Spirits, becoming Aldamon and defeating Black Seraphimon.

Seraphimon later reborn as Patamon, who acts as the son of Bokomon and accompanies the Chosen Children until the end of their journey.

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