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Kanji/Kana 勝春
Dub Name Katsuharu
Voice Actor Japanese Itou Kentarou (伊藤 健太郎)
English Brad MacDonald


A boy who bullied Tomoki in the Trailmon and goes in another Trailmon to the Digital World.



Digimon Frontier[edit]

Katsuharu and Teppei were bullying Tomoki in the first episode. They are responsible for making Tomoki forcibly go to the Digital World. After that, they took another Trailmon and went to the Digital World after Tomoki. Together with Teppei, Chiaki and Tetsuo, Katsuharu decided to stay in the Digital World and explore it even after they weren't chosen to inherit any Legendary Spirit. Angemon was sent by Ofanimon to protect the group.

While the Chosen Children are fighting the Royal Knights, Katsuharu and his group are saved by Tomoki and his friends from a Centalmon-army commanded by Saggitarimon. Katsuharu along with Teppei tried to bully Tomoki some more, but he wouldn't stand for it, having grown more self-reliant and confident with time. He ended up respecting more Tomoki after being saved by him. After Angemon's death, his group are captured by Lord Knightmon, and taken to the village of Mamemon. There, after the destruction of the village, the Chosen Children convince them to return to the real world.

He reappears in the last episode, in the reflection of Tomoki, playing soccer with him, Teppei and other boys.

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