Ranamon (Frontier)

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Kanji/Kana ラーナモン
Dub Name Ranamon
Master Cherubimon
Spirits Human and Beast Spirit of Water
Voice Actor Japanese Terada Haruhi (寺田 はるひ)
English Peggy O'Neal

Ranamon is one of the antagonizing warriors siding with Cherubimon in Digimon Frontier.


Child ?
Human Ranamon
Beast Calmaramon
Fusion Form ?
Transcendent Form ?
Ultimate Ancient Mermaimon[1][N 1]




Digimon Frontier[edit]

She along with Arbormon and Mercuremon go along with Grottemon to assist him in retrieving the Beast Spirit of Earth. This leads them to Seraphimon's castle, where they confront the heroes. They gain an upper hand in the battle until the recently reawakened Seraphimon steps in and blasts them. However, when he tried it again Mercuremon reflects the attack back at Seraphimon defeating him. In the hero's retreat, Grottemon and Arbormon continue the chase, but Ranamon gives up the chase.

Later, Mercuremon mentions that Ranamon hasn't found her beast spirit yet and mentions how useless Grottemon became once he didn't have his. Ranamon becomes angry at him and insists that she doesn't need it. Mercuremon dismissed himself, leaving her alone. She immediately begins organizing her "fan club" to begin a search for it. Among the fans who answered were the Tocanmon who tricked the heroes and stole all but Izumi's D-Scan. Ranamon arrived at the scene and battled Izumi as Fairimon. Ranamon was winning the fight but in the midst of battle she sensed a beast spirit calling to her, immediate went to fetch it. She found the Beast Spirit of Water in a wrecked ship and slide evolved into Calamaramon, but would ultimately lose the battle because of her inexperience with a beast spirit. She fought Izumi again when they were on a raft in the ocean and through Fairimon into the ocean. But Izumi would find her beast spirit and evolve into Shutumon and defeat her. After the battle, she became very jealous that Izumi as Shutumon seemed more attractive than her beast form was.

After Duskmon defeated the heroes, but retreated from hearing Kouji's name, Ranamon and Mecuremon captured Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki. Ranamon subjected them to a "Tickle Torture" attack. She then attempted to finish Junpei off with her Jealousy Rain attack, but then Kouji arrived and battled them as Wolfmon. She quickly slide evolved to Calamaramon to fight. During the fight, she slide evolved back to Ranamon when Wolfmon was thrown through the roof of their headquarters to use her in Rain Stream to wash him out the front door, much to Mercuremon's complaint. She slide evolved back to Calamaramon when Takuya joined the battle, but would ultimately be forced to retreat.

Mercuremon would later use her jealousy of Izumi to trick her to battling Izumi inside an area of Sephirothmon. Use used another part of her fan club, a group of three Honeybeemon, to trick Izumi into eating a magic apple that caused her to become depressed. Ranamon told Izumi that her heart was ugly. But Izumi snapped out of it. A battle ensnared between them, but Izumi came out on top and defeated and scanned Ranamon.

When the Royal Knights attacked the Village of Beginnings, Ranamon's Digitama appeared with the other three ex-evil hybrids to help in fighting against the Royal Knights. They held them off long enough for the Digitama to be evacuated, but the Village itself was still scanned and used to power Lucemon's revival.

When Lucemon: Larva stung Susanoomon through the chest he split up into all of the human spirit hybrids, one of which was Ranamon, and each had a copy of Susanoomon's sword which they used to shred Lucemon: Larva to finish him off once and for all.

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  1. The consciousness of Ancient Mermaimon eventually takes the form of Ranamon at the end of the Chosen Children's journey, giving them the support necessary to stand up and fight even in the face of Lucemon's incredible power.
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