Arbormon (Frontier)

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Kanji/Kana アルボルモン
Dub Name Arbormon
Master Cherubimon
Spirits Human and Beast Spirit of Wood
Voice Actor Japanese Nomura Kenji (乃村 健次)
English Richard Cansino

Arbormon is one of the antagonizing warriors siding with Cherubimon in Digimon Frontier.


Child ?
Human Arbormon
Beast Petaldramon
Fusion Form ?
Transcendent Form ?
Ultimate Ancient Troiamon[1][N 1]




Digimon Frontier[edit]

Cherubimon created Arbormon from the Human Spirit of Wood to steal the Digicode of the Digital World. At some point, he found the Beast Spirit of Wood, allowing him to slide evolve into Petaldramon. With the other evil hybrids, he goes to Seraphimon's caste to avenge the loss of Grottomon's beast spirit by the Legendary Chosen. He follows them into an underground cave and fights for a bit, but the cave collapses on top of him. When he wakes up, he promptly informs us that we should brush our teeth when we wake up and interrogates some Toucanmon and found out they had taken the Legendary Chosen's D-Scan and sold them at the Akiba Market. He calls the Nanomon they had sold it to tell him that he's going to pick it up. When he gets there, the Nanomon doesn't want to give them up, so he evolves to Petaldramon and wrecks the place. Tomoki gets his D-Scan back and spirit evolves into Blizzarmon, who is able to throw Petaldramon far away (with some help from the others).

In his last fight, he shows up to defend the Dark Continent when the Legendary Chosen were fist arriving there. He fights against them, but loses his beast spirit. After which, Duskmon backstabs him and scans him, taking his human spirit.

Additional Information[edit]

References Notes
  1. The consciousness of Ancient Troiamon eventually takes the form of Arbormon at the end of the Chosen Children's journey, giving them the support necessary to stand up and fight even in the face of Lucemon's incredible power.
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